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Spiritual Transformation Blog: How to Disconnect from the World but not Yourself

(Tips on how to do Solitude “Right”) by Jean Walters There are moments – we’ve all had them – when the only way to maintain sanity is to disconnect from the world. You know – the times when your head is going to blow up if the phone rings one more time; or, one more person needs something and you are tapped to take care of it; when your head is buzzing and your ears are ringing with too much to do. That is the instant when the cabin in the woods, the “sitting” tree, or the dark, quiet room calls. It would be good to heed the call. Let’s get clear… solitude does not mean retiring to a cave to live with bats or cutting off your phone service, although those ideas might be appealing if you wait too long. The truth is that our neurology needs quiet. It is the way we recover and stay healthy. That is why hospitals tend to be quiet. Recognizing the moment and seeking solitude are two different things. For many, the idea of pursuing alone time is scary. It requires being alone. Yikes! Most people fear being alone. They do not understand that psychically they NEED it, plus there are treasures to be found in spending time with yourself. You might find out that you are quite companionable. We live in an over-stimulated world. Each person has three or more devices, each one ringing or chirping or, in some way, demanding a response. And when we aren’t talking or texting or reading, there are the other distractions – television, play station, youtube; you name it! Bottom line: Your nervous system can’t take it. After a while you start twitching, shaking, and scratching because you don’t know what to do with all the crazy energy coming at you. These are signs! Take them seriously. Take Diane, for instance. Diane is a nice, normal lady who goes off to work at a busy office where the phones are ringing all day, people are needing this and that, and there are tasks to complete and tempers to sooth and paperwork to file and lots of other stuff to do. Essentially, she is the answer person to lots of folks. From there Diane hops in her car, picks up her kids from after school care (who are often over stimulated, tired, hungry, or cranky). She arrives home to cook dinner, water the plants, do the laundry, answer the mail, pay the bills, and spend quality time with her family, which includes helping with homework, correcting, admonishing, instructing, drying tears, and kissing and hugging and bed time. And who knows what else she does before collapsing in bed for a few hours to start all over the next day. But the thing Diane doesn’t do, the thing that is at the very bottom of her “to-do” list, is to give herself quality time by herself to read a book, take a walk, meditate, or just sit and stare. So, you get the point. Diane NEEDS QUIET TIME and so do you! (Are you Diane?) We think that being focused in the material world with all its noise and chaos is the place to be. “I am bored. I need noise, distraction, and stimulus.” But that is not true. The constantly stimulated mind becomes agitated. When your focus is always out there where drama after drama unfolds, the only way to find balance is to turn everything off and focus within to the stillness (more on that later). The idea of leaving the world, even for an hour, frightens the ego as it craves drama. Hence, all the police and political dramas on television these days. Thus you develop fear of aloneness. Here are the ego messages they keep you uptight. See if you recognize any of them. “What is wrong with you – you are alone. You must be unloved and unloveable. This proves that no one wants to be with you. You are a loser.” These are reasons people avoid solitude. This ego babble is how you are convinced that being alone is dangerous. Yes, you might miss something and it will probably be a nervous breakdown. The issue is that we have constructed an identity – a false one – that is dependent on the material world. It starts with your name, then your circumstances. You call yourself a male or female, an American, Indian, European or South Sea Islander, or some locational signature. You also identity all sorts of material conditioning such as tall/short, blonde, grey, or redheaded and various religious ethnicities – Hindu, Jew, Muslim, to name a few. These are external distinctions and designed to fool you in believing that this physical being is who you are. The whole identity fiasco will run you until you go deeper into your psyche and gift yourself the adventure of aloneness. The first inclination when spending time alone is to get busy. Do something. Why? Because you don’t now how to be with yourself and you are running from the unknown. Do something quick; don’t just be. Wash windows, clean something, sort papers, make phone calls. The mind is indoctrinated with busyness, and freaks out when asked to be still. It can even become depressed…. “You are useless, a bum, lazy, good for nothing, blah, blah, blah.” These are fear thoughts that are conjured from old programs planted in your subconscious mind from long ago. They relate to some past identity you have taken on that now rules you. As you calm down and get grounded, you will get pass the ego and all its lies. Now it is time to enter the natural world. Nature is still and rhythmic and primarily peaceful. Go into nature as Jesus or Buddha went to the mountain, the desert, or the Bodhi tree. Go where there is emptiness. That is how you can release stress and noise and rest your mind. Stay for an hour or linger longer. Stay until your mind quiets and then stay longer. Remain until your body relaxes and begins to breathe and then stay even longer. Now you are beginning to experience your inner world. It is in rhythm with nature. In our Western world achieving stillness is monumental. Not so much in Eastern countries where silence is cultivated. Just grant yourself permission and put solitude on your calendar. In time you will get the hang of it and it will nourish you. Even heal you. Remain in solitude until you have forgotten all the roles you play and the ways you clothe yourself with identity. Stay until you become empty. This is peace. Loneliness is not the same as solitude or aloneness. Loneliness is always questing after something. It is painful and demoralizing. It is the feeling of never being or having enough. When you cultivate aloneness, you are at peace. It is like dropping all the makings of the world and listening deeply. There is something that would speak to you. Have you created the inner space for it? Have you opened your heart to receive it? Take time to practice. It will put everything in perspective because when you are alone, nothing else exists. It is like the contentment of the womb. Everything is provided and you are safe and nourished. No wonder babies cry when they leave the peace of the womb. They are essentially leaving the Garden of Eden, where there is love and no stress. As you get stronger, the craziness of the world dissolves and what remains is YOU – vast and still like the forest at dusk or a clear, calm mountain lake. As Socrates said, “Know thyself.” Jean Walters books can be found on - Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! - Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others Have and You can too! and Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy

Spiritual Transformation Blog: Compassion

Compassion is key. That is the lesson now...compassion with everyone. You are in a process. We pass through different phases as we grow and you are to learn how to work with each phase. To be unattached from negative energy is necessary. Negative energy is attack energy and a defense against love. So you are to “see” what is happening and accept it. You can even have compassion for another’s need for drama, confusion, and distraction because that is the phase they are experiencing. Marion and Laura were in conflict. It seemed that Laura was a wounded child and Marion, the adult. They each desired partnership but went about it in completely different ways. Laura acted out as a wounded child and when she didn’t get her way became self-destructive. (By the way, this is not an unusual reaction.) Marion picked up the pieces but withdrew a bit more with each tantrum. She wanted a partner, not a sullen child to raise. Then a miracle happened, Laura was in a car accident and the dynamic and energy between the two changed. Laura was paralyzed and Marion became the caregiver and they aligned in mutual purpose. Laura rose in adult interaction and finally there was partnership. Then each moved to a new state of mind. Laura’s needs are still the focus (she is physically disabled), but that is okay because she has matured and provided Marion with a thoughtful companion. Marion does not need much – just a partner to share her life and adult communication. She is spiritually focused and self-replenishing for the most part. Laura, having been the wounded child (not nurtured as a child), was loved by Marion who provided safety and compassion. Laura never had that. Thus they grew together. Marion stood up to help and Laura lifted herself to receive and both rose in love. People are trapped by different things…. beliefs to be sure – guilt, obligation, fear, anger, shame, self-blame and sabotage. They react from these self-made prisons. They internalize events and become wounded and frail. Partnership is off the table as long as one is imprisoned in self-blame and denial. There cannot be equanimity because wounds take up so much time and attention. Marion and Laura are great examples. Even though there are physical limitations, there is spiritual healing. The one who was spiritually centered elevated in love. That made it safe for her partner to heal her childhood wound and mature. We are to move on, to be in the space of God (love) and allow ourselves to be led. This is the lesson. There is purpose in each interaction and event. You are guided as you keep your heart open. Listen with your soul. Let go of heaviness, judgment, blame, and unfairness. So life seems unfair – so what! Maybe it is unfair when you look at with human eyes and maybe it is totally fair, abundant and glorified when you seek a deeper meaning. Laura and Marion each got what she wanted. It just came in a way no one would have imagined. ____________________________ Would you like to have a deeper understanding of Biblical teachings regarding love, healing, how to claim your inheritance as a child of God? All of this is available in the book: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! by Jean Walters · Symbolism in the Bible & other holy books · The supremacy, power and potential of love as the energy of change · What are your demons (fears)? How to release them. · Tools to free yourself · Personal Transformation and claiming your inheritance You can order through; rdreedpublishers; and my website: Questions: Jean Walters 314 991 8439 office / 314 566 5231 cell _________________________________

Monday, August 7, 2017

Stay Calm, no matter what Managing Emotions for Peace of Mind There is a story about a rider and horse that came galloping rapidly down the road. It seemed as though the rider had somewhere important to go. Another fellow, standing on the roadside, shouted, “Where are you going?” The man on the horse answered, “I don’t know. Ask the horse.” The horse symbolizes our habitual energy. The story depicts how we usually live at the mercy of old habitual energies that have been established by our surroundings and mindlessness, but not by conscious intention. Thus, our horse, our habits pull us along, making us run here and there without even knowing why. If you stop and ask yourself, “Why am I running around so much?”, you might have an answer, but it is never a good one. You are just used to it. That is how all of us have been taught to live. If you ask people why they are a Lutheran, a Baptist, a Pentecostal, a Presbyterian, a Democrat, a Republican, a blue-color worker, a business owner, a horseback rider, a poker player, or anything else, much of the time the answer will be because their parents were or because they were raised that way. In other words, they don’t have a good reason. They are simply following the habits of their upbringing. As much as they gallop here or there, proclaiming this or that, it gets them nowhere. You need to take the reins and let the horse know who is in charge. You are the boss. You have always been the boss. So, start acting like it. This story is also a metaphor for the way we let our emotions run away from us. We have established habits of reacting to things without clear, focused intention. To be the boss, we have to govern, not suppress our emotions. We have to calculate when and how we react. To do this, we must discover the bigger picture of emotional management. Our thoughts are electrically charged and our feelings are magnetically charged. Our brains evolved biologically from the past and are rigidly programmed with tribal beliefs and memories. Consequently, our emotional reactions are also programmed from past orientation. We tend to repeat the same circumstances over and over because they are the ones imprinted in our psyche. If you want to expand your present and future, you must change the pictures in your mind. If, for instance, you would like to be rewarded more abundantly at work but relate to an old image of low wages and being passed over for promotion, you would have to create an impassioned, deeply felt new mental movie of being applauded at work and abundantly rewarded. You would have to feel jubilation when you receive your paycheck and internally experience the pride of promotion. You would have to feel yourself smiling, joyously dancing in celebration. This new magnetic-feeling energy would have to be repeated until you have replaced the old images of lack and discouragement. As you go through this mental movie, you are altering your neurology and, as your neurology adjusts, your body functions better. Overall, your health improves. The body was made to operate in high energy, in joy. Notice that babies are happy until taught otherwise. The happier you become, the better you feel. An interesting fact is that the mind and body do not know the difference between a real and an imagined experience. So, as you live in this new movie/broadcast of great reward and abundance, your mind, body, and neurological system accept it as real. The more you enter and feel the movie, the closer you identify with these new circumstances, and you will, ultimately, see the manifested results in your life as opportunities show up to fulfill your desires. Many people won’t imagine a new life because they are afraid. They are so used to living a certain way, even though it is not a happy existence. They are intimidated with newness and will not venture into the unknown to create something new, even though they really want it. It does take courage to gamble on a new way or to travel a new path. Sometimes, the situation has to be so bad that a resistant person finally gives in and tries a new way. That is the painful approach. Changing Your Emotional Identification People tend to identify themselves by their emotions. Angry people have a hard time believing they can be peaceful. Depressed people identify with sadness and spend little or no time remembering happy moments. Instead, they take pills to adjust their neurology. Consequently, the same repeated memories keep them trapped. To shift to a new paradigm may seem daunting, but it can be done and is done all the time. It starts with training. What are you willing to dream? Can you dream a new reality and become impassioned by it? Just as I described doing the candle concentration exercise to develop strong concentration skills in the beginning of this book, you can do an identical process to adjust your emotional, magnetic resonance. You hold your attention on what you want and feel it. You keep your mind focused and, in so doing, lay down the tracks for future life experiences. This practice has to be repeated until it becomes your natural, default way of thinking. You are creating new neural pathways. It is the same as pulling up weeds. To keep that space clean, you consistently plant new seeds. The seeds eventually take hold, and you become a new person with a new reality. Jean Walters' books are available on - Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too - live your bliss. AND Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy You can find her at

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Sweet story about a Heroic Dad This story is about a heroic dad who “heals” his six-year-old daughter’s beloved stuffed doggie, Toto. This dad knows how to listen and act with compassion. Toto was a small white dog with a red tongue and stuffing of the same color – red. When his seams began to split beneath his knitted collar, it appeared that Toto was bleeding. To a six-year-old, Toto was in grave danger. She went crying to her dad, who happened to be a physician. Dad, Toto is dying. Can you heal him? Dad inspected Toto’s wound and assured his daughter that he will be able to help Toto. That night dad wrapped Toto in a blanket and left for his shift in the emergency room at the hospital where he was the doctor on duty. The next day, he brought Toto home with a big bandage on his neck. He showed his daughter the x-rays and Polaroid photographs of the surgery and surgical team. Beneath the bandage on Toto’s neck was a clean row of stitches. To this day, the daughter, now grown, has saved the polaroid photos and injury report on her beloved Toto. And in her mind, dad is a hero. Perhaps it is the simple things we do that make us heroes. Books by Jean Walters: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! and Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! Available on - search for author's name Also: Dreams and the Symbology of Life - by Jean Walters-Lucy Also available on - search for Jean Walters-Lucy website -
Big solar eclipse to present on August 21st There is lots of excitement these days about the solar eclipse coming up on August 21st This blog is to enlighten (sorry) you as to what to expect. We, in the Midwest, are particularly lucky as we are right in the line of being able to observe the eclipse for a long period of time – depending on where you are located it could be 2:36 to :44 minutes in length. Definitely be prepared with the right equipment so you don’t damage your eyes. The physical element is simply that the moon will move in front of the sun and block out the sun. You will notice a beautiful corona if you are able to look at the event. Nearly one billion people live in the path of the Great American Eclipse, but only 12 U. S. states will get to see the total solar eclipse. If you think of the sun as the center of our solar system and even consider it symbolically – the center of our being or God – this event will carry great significance. Be sure to pay attention to your emotional reactions during the event. You could cry or feel elated, or depressed, or who knows?? Perhaps a great epiphany! It is also good to know that a solar eclipse happens once every 500 years. Thus the next one will be in 2505. Wow! We probably won’t be around for that one. :-) Astrologically, eclipses signal change and since this is a big one – solar eclipse – it will probably suggest a big change for each of us. Pay attention to what in your life needs to change. Have you hesitated on bringing that change about? Is it time to take action? No doubt there will be a situation that will surprise you as well. Maybe a raise in pay, or a new friend shows up, or your child lands a scholarship he wasn’t expecting, or you find just the right house to purchase??? Point being – stay open and keep your mind focused on the positive. The Universe is always generous in offering grandiose blessings. Just pay attention and you will recognize what is being gifted to you. I will be outside checking it out. If you want to know the exact moment the eclipse will occur in your location, be sure to google it or listen to the news. ENJOY! Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! and Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! (find your passion) books are available on - Google author: Jean Walters

Monday, July 10, 2017

What to do when squeezed by life Psychologist, Wayne Dyer used a metaphor to describe what happens when a person is squeezed as in stressful situations – being caught in traffic, a fight with a friend or spouse, not getting the raise, overwhelmed at work. His illustration was that when you squeeze a lemon what comes out of it is lemon juice. The reason for that is simple – what is inside the lemon is lemon juice. By the same token, when you are squeezed by life – experience stress what comes out of you? Anger, hate, compassion, empathy, patience, love? The spiritual teacher, Osho, states the precept a bit differently. He says we can build an appearance of morality, culture, kindness, and following the rules of our tribe or religion, but when faced with challenge, such as being insulted, the façade disappears and what comes forth is the hidden anger or animalistic tendencies. In other words, you can become a volcano concentrated only on violence, revenge, and getting even. Once the threat goes away, the animal nature submerges into its underground cave and the belief is that I am calm and will never be angry, greedy, jealous, hateful again. What you have really done is constructed an illusory self. Your hidden egoic, animalistic self awaits the next confrontation. Who you are when under stress is who you have constructed yourself to be without the façade of good manners and appropriateness. What is to be done, you ask? Creating an illusory self is easy. We were taught to do that as children. Be respectful to elders; have manners; say please and thank you, restrain yourself. To go beyond the ego and shape, educate, and cultivate your real self is a lot of work. It can be arduous, but well worth the effort. To do so you must face your ego, reactionary self, or your wound/ inner pain. That means when you find yourself reacting with negative emotion, stop, wait, breathe and ask yourself what you are feeling and what is the purpose? This stopping gives you a moment to relax into your true self, or compassionate self. The person that requires compassion at that moment is YOU. The pain your animal nature reacts to is illusory. Someone’s insult relates to him and not you. Taking a moment can bring you back to center to realize this truth. You are a being centered in love. The person in front of you is operating out of pain. This has nothing to do with you. There are many people occupying the earth with wounds from the past – situations they have taken personally and have erroneously believed have some bearing on their own sense of self. Developing “victim” mentality is a given in our world as we are continually confronted with stories of people who have lost some battle, got the short end of the stick, live in sorry conditions, have had a rough life. We buy into these stories, become indignant, and place our attention on helplessness rather than empowerment. We can shift our attention to responsibility, self-empowerment and love whenever we wish. This is a basic change that must be made to develop self-honesty and remain centered. Once you have created a calm self with real energy it cannot be shattered. Emotion can be transformed to love by facing the fear that presents itself as anger, jealousy, guilt, shame. We face it and reeducate ourselves. You cannot stop doing something, but you can start doing something else. It is akin to the metaphor used in the Bible when Jesus instructs that if you pull weeds from a plot of ground, but do not plant something else in their place, the weeds will return bigger and stronger than ever. We must plant new ideas, beliefs, and understandings that relate to love instead of fear. It is about training, not suppressing. Our animal nature rules until we rise to the higher energy of love. When confronted with difficulty, the Buddhist monk replies, “Good, this will allow me to practice.” He uses these moments to practice his techniques for centering – staying in his true self of love and compassion. We have the same possibility. Life is constantly offering opportunities to grow. Growth is not about burying your true nature of love while you meet the world with a glossed over personality displaying propriety but not compassion. It is about bringing forth the love you have inside and living from it. Our true nature is love. Love is of the soul. Anger is the animal self or ego. At any time we can choose love. This blog is an excerpt from my book: The Keys to the Kingdom: Techniques to achieve Self Mastery - books available on or

Monday, July 3, 2017

Here is an Empowerment Rule to Live by!!! The saying goes, “God does not make junk.” In other words, you are valuable. Remind yourself daily. Talk to yourself out loud and affirm your value. As a child, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Brian Grazer was informed that he was not a good student. This occurred at a time before learning disorders were diagnosed. He was programmed with the idea that he was not smart. His report cards reinforced this as well. His saving grace was his grandmother, who readily reminded him that he was special. The 2007 Entertainment Weekly’s “The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood” listed Glazer as Number 11. So much for not being smart! Also in 2007, Grazer was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most influential People in the World. Brian Glazer credits his success to curiosity. Throughout his life, he turned his insatiable curiosity to connecting with people and learning their stories. These stories inspired his award-winning movies and television shows. He comments, “I like learning stuff. The more information you can get about a person or a subject, the more you can pour into a potential project. I made a decision to do different things, I want to do things that have a better chance of being thought of as original. I do everything I can to disrupt my comfort zone.” Glazer outlined his use of curiosity in his book, A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. Glazer has made movies and television programs for more than twenty-five years. Over his career, his movies and television shows have been nominated for a total of fifty-two Oscars and ninety-four Emmys. His movies have generated more than $13.5 billion in worldwide theatrical, musical, and video grosses. Consequently, if you start doubting your worth, remember Brian Glazer. He did not let his teacher’s opinion define him. Glazer admittedly loves challenging himself and the results are tangible. What you focus on increases. Therefore, focus on your worth and it will increase. Decide what makes sense for you and do it! Fulfill your curiosity. What others think reflects on them and not you. Choose self-empowerment by following your own soul urgings. This blog was taken from the book: Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others Have and You Can too! (Available on or go to to order.) Services offered by Jean Walters: Transformational Coaching, Akashic Readings, Spiritual and Personal Growth Classes, and Inspirational books. All available at: 314 991 8439