Wednesday, December 7, 2016

There are Heroes Everywhere Einstein’s Unified Field theory states that the Universe is made up of energy. Everything is energy (your body, furniture, books, car, house, ideas, thoughts) and everything is part of the Universe or the Unified Field. All energy equivocates to possibilities. We live in a magnificent field of possibilities. Yes, anything is possible until we create blocks and become resistant. This means we can do or be anything until we hold ourselves in a status quo or negative pattern and refuse to change. People become glued, hypnotized, into a set of possibilities that keeps them in stasis. They repeat the same thing year after year… same thought process, same behaviors, same outcomes. They say this is how it is; this is who I AM. It is their mental hypnosis. Creating just one crack in that veil can open the mind to greater possibilities. To say, Why do I have to do it this way? Why do I have to believe this or accept that? This questioning begins the crack. To stay in a repetitive pattern that does not produce joy, excitement, abundance, love, and clarity is disavowing the field of possibilities. Do something different. If you always vacation in the mountains, go to the beach instead. Or more boldly, leave the country. If you always eat hamburgers and pizza, order squid or Thai food. Jump out of the mold. Shake up your consciousness. Explore your adventurous Self. It is there. Wake up. There is more to life. Right about now the ego is saying, this gal is delusional. I am being practical, living within my means. I am following the rules and being a good person. That is what living the illusion is all about. Doing the same thing year after year and expecting a different result (joy, happiness) is the definition of insanity. Perhaps you have defined yourself into a corner. The corner has no light and no possibilities. Decide! Decide if this is enough. IF IT IS SO BE IT. IF NOT, do something different. Ask to be shown greater possibilities. Be willing to cross the line to an expanded life. The field of possibilities is vast.
There are Heroes Everywhere There really are heroes everywhere, and, each one of us, in our own way, is a hero. Yet, if that is not your belief, and you are looking for heroes, you need look no further than the movies. Currently, there is a movie playing called Hacksaw Ridge. It is a true story about a soldier, Desmond Doss, a pacifist, who personally and under heavy gunfire saved numerous lives. Many of these folks were cruel to him. I would call this movie, Redemption, except I think that name was already used. Doss was a Seventh Day Adventist from Lynchburg, Virginia, who wanted to serve his country as a medic. As a religious person, Doss had strong beliefs about killing. He did not want to do it. In his words, “in the midst of so much being torn apart, what’s wrong with wanting to help patch some of the pieces back together.” Throughout the film, Doss is judged a coward and bullied, threatened, beaten up, and thrown in jail for defying an order to carry a gun. At one point he is arrested for insubordination and put on trial so he could be disposed of and discharged from the Army. In a dramatic moment, his estranged father barges into the courtroom with a letter from his (the father’s) former commanding officer stating that his son’s refusal to carry a firearm is protected by the US Constitution. Needless to say, Desmond Doss stayed in the Army and instead of a gun, carried a medic’s bag when his unit went into battle at Hacksaw Ridge in Okanawa. Because of his bravery and refusal to relinquish to fear, he did not leave when his unit was ordered to pull back. Doss stayed and located dozens of wounded men that he ministered to and then single handedly lowered on ropes over the ridge to safety. They were saved because of his determination to live his faith. This is a powerful story about love, compassion, bravery and dedication to higher values. Throughout Doss is alone in his beliefs in non-violence. Yet he never relinquishes them regardless of the harsh treatment administered by others. This is a film for today. In the world’s transformation from the harsh aggressive values of the past, to the current shift to heart-felt principles of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and love, it is a story for each of us. The question is who do you identify with in this story? Doss, who refused to relinquish his values; those who judged him without asking him why; his commanding officer who believes everyone must follow a certain code; or the ones who enjoin him to give up the fight? In the end, Doss saved 75 soldiers He kept saying to God, “One more please.” And he would find another wounded soldier and minister to him before lowering him to the ground below the ridge. His own wounds were so severe he was unable to hold a job after the war. In the end, Doss's bravery was honored. He was the first Conscientious Objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor. I am hoping this movie sets a tone for the holidays and for our nation as we move into a new cycle of leadership. Jean Walters 314 991 8439 office 314 566 5231 cell
Simple Practice: Bring more love into your life! Babies radiate love. People are drawn to these beautiful little physical beings that know only love. We connect with them and want to experience the simple joy of a baby. Puppies have the same effect. They automatically love you. You don’t have to do anything to earn their love. It is unconditional and holds no bounds. This is our true state - radiant love without bounds. But what happens to reduce and diminish us to a consciousness of fear and restriction, of distrust and anger. Somehow we forget who we are. Instead of expanding our love to include everything and everyone, we start to retract and become selective. You love your ethnic group, family, tribe, your religious sect and close out those who seem different. We are afraid of folks who look, dress, or speak in dissimilar dialects. Soon we are retracted into balls of opinions, delusions, judgments, and preferences where before there was radiance. As thinking, rational beings we have the ability to make choices. We can look at the outer shell and project our own insecurities, fear, and unknowing, or we can see the light in each person and recognize that the outer form is just a defense and definition. Inside there is light (love) beaming its boundlessness and desire to share. Holding in love when it needs expression is painful. Why? Because we are going against who we are – our natural state. We are still babies ready to grin, giggle, and share our inner essence. Let’s return to that state of innocence and purity by making it a practice to smile at people. That is what babies do. Tell them (mentally, if you wish) how much you love them. You love their light. You love the purity of their essence. Even if they have lost sight of it themselves,. See it for them. This can be your practice with each person you encounter. See their inner essence of radiant light and love. Bless them with a smile. And, guess what, through the law of cause and effect, what cycles back to you will be love! Take the restraints off and guess what – fear and restriction disappear. It is a choice 314 991 8439 office 314 566 5231 cell
The Power & Joy of Givingness Sometimes people approach the holidays with resentment. They feel the season’s been commercialized; they focus on the buying and doing aspect of the holidays and lose the possibility of joy. Yet the principle of giving is inherent in the season, thus the potential for learning how to give is an immediate undertaking for everyone. It would seem that re-framing the way we interpret the quality of giving could change our response to the holidays. Happiness lies in the spirit of giving. Often this feeling of the givingness is apparent more around the holidays than any other time, and this can be a wonderful thing. Yet, we don’t have to limit our experience for we could make every day a kind of giving holiday. The confusion lies in the idea that we must give “things.” For often with the giving of things, there are strings attached, and these strings destroy joy. However when we give freely, without conditions, reservations, recriminations, or attachment, we become the greatest recipients of our gifts because that kind of giving is accompanied by feelings of great joy. Here is a story of a man who owned a flooring store. We shall call him Joe. Joe was very fortunate for he had experienced a great year and much abundance and he felt it in his heart to give from his abundance. Joe was aware of a single mom with three children that lived in his area. It appeared that she was struggling. So Joe went to the bank and got five one hundred dollar bills and put them in an envelope with her name on it. Then that night he went to her house and rang the doorbell. When he heard footsteps coming to the door he quickly placed the envelope in clear sight and disappeared behind a bush. The woman answered the door and spotted the envelope with her name on it and upon opening it let out a loud Wow!!! And Thank You!!!! into the night air. Joe stayed behind the bush as he wished to remain anonymous, but his heart was bursting with joy. He was so excited he felt like he was going to burst. Months later when he told me the story, he was still beaming with excitement and gratitude. What was Joe grateful for you ask? In his attitude of givingness, Joe received the greatest gift – joy! And whenever he thinks of that night, his joy is reignited. Giving from the heart is the key to happiness. We have many opportunities to give our gifts – talent, enthusiasm, kindness, encouragement, wisdom. The fact is that givingness fills you. May you enjoy this holiday season. jean walters - 314 991 8439 office 314 566 5231 cell
The Power of Love There was a great story in 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids Sports. The "kids of the year" was brothers Conner and Cayden Long. They were celebrated at a star-studded event in New York City. The event itself was to honor Miami Heat Star LeBron James and there were a lot of other celebrities present as well -- Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Duke coach, Mike Kryzewski. Yet the stars were shining on Conner's and Cayden's accomplishments. Here is the story: Cayden suffers from cerebral Palsy but that is no hindrance for Conner because he includes his brother in all his sports. The two compete in triathlons together with Conner pulling Cayden behind in a raft during the swimming leg, and towing him behind his bike during the cycling portion, and pushing him during the run. These triathlons have been a great way for the brothers to come together and, at the same time, have provided inspiration to everyone that watches or hears about their interaction. Coach K was inspired by Conner and Cayden's story and he said that they have scholarships to Duke waiting for them when they get older. LeBron said that the brothers should get ready for the private plane that is going to take them from their home in Tennessee to Miami to meet "the guys." Even Jay-Z and Beyonce wanted to shake hands with Connor and Cayden. The Long brothers illustrate the power of love. When you love someone, you don't care what state they are in, you just love them. That is the nature of love. I wish that for you! Jean Walters - 314 991 8439 office 314 566 5231 cell

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Blog: Superwoman's Demise The other day a friend called and exclaimed how exhausted she was. As her scenario unfolded, she was fatigued of work, family, obligations, responsibilities, and even social activities. Hortense was just plain tired. As we conversed, I heard a repeated phrase, I can’t do anything about it. It became apparent that Hortense’s fatigue related to feeling out of control. She had exaggerated her responsibilities and placed unrealistic demands on herself. Hortense placed herself in charge of everyone’s happiness, feelings of worth and success (except her own, of course). This over dramatization increased her obligations to others, her inability to fulfill these requirements, and exacerbated her guilt. Superman would have buckled under these demands and would most likely have hung up his cape in the attempt to meet them. Hortense’s exhaustion was the result of setting impossible demands and expectations for herself. Do you do the same? Ask yourself, What can I control? Answering this question honestly can dramatically change ones perception of responsibility. Filling your life with meaningless obligation complicates things. It results in no time for activities and relationships that add value, depth and meaning. Trying to make other people happy is psychological arm-twisting. The smiles produced are superficial and have no lasting value. You can’t MAKE someone happy any more than someone can MAKE you happy. Happiness is a choice. You are the one in control of your state of happiness as others are in control of theirs. Doing things that encourages feeling good, useful, accomplished, and fulfilled, produces happiness. These behaviors further set an example of practical responsibility for others. People learn to cause their own good feelings; they model the same; and the word spreads. As each person chooses to be in charge of his own happiness, instead of waiting for someone else to supply it, a relationship weight is lifted, and, Walla! You feel energized. Plus, with this burden gone, relationships have a greater chance of being healthy! Enjoy! Much love, Jean My books will change your life: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! Dreams and the Symbology of Life! All are available on
Blog: Is your Intuition Powerful? Dr. Elmer R. Gates of Chevy Chase, Maryland, thought so. He used it to create useful patents. He became one of the great scientists in the world. In his years of cultivating and using his creative faculty, he produced more than 200 patents. He used a unique method to tap into his creative genius, a method that could be adopted by anyone desiring inspired results. In his laboratory, Gates created what he termed his personal communication room. This was a soundproofed room, furnished meagerly with a table and a tablet on which to write. A push-button on the wall controlled the lighting. When he chose to tap into his creative imagination, he entered this room and turned off the lights. There, he concentrated on the invention he was developing. He would sit until ideas relative to his project began to flash across his mind. There were occasions when his mind was so prolific, he wrote for hours. He wrote until his mind ran dry, so to speak. Through this process, his creative imagination produced minute descriptions of ideas and principles that were not yet known to the scientific world. This was the manner in which he produced his patents. He basically made his living by sitting for ideas. He did this for some of the major corporations in America, as well. Edison and Gates shared the use of this creative faculty, although each had their own way of accessing it. Edison made use of a cot situated in his laboratory. When he got stuck on a project, not sure what to do next, he would lie down on the cot and take a nap. He did this while holding a piece of metal. As he relaxed, the metal would drop from his hand and clink as it hit the floor. This would wake him from his sleep and he would write down the ideas that flowed from his mind. Genius has its ways. The information that came through the minds of these great men superseded the reasoning mind’s capacity. These thoughts came directly from Source, the Universe. In contrast, the intellect is incredibly limited in its supply. If you depend on reasoning alone, you are sometimes misled, since there is great disparage in how you perceive information, often tainted with the biases you hold. By working with your creative faculty, you open yourself to unlimited potential. It is your vast, unfettered, pure resource. __________________________________________________________ My books: Read them and you will never be the same. Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! Dreams and the Symbology of Life! All are available on