Monday, February 12, 2018

Clear out the Cobwebs to your Dynamic Self

Clean out the Mental Debris to become your Dynamic Self! To find or create your image of a fulfilled and joyful life, you must meet the challenge of looking with eyes of love. The first place you are to cast your vision is on yourself. Can you see the Light that radiates from your eyes, face, being? Can you feel its beauty, its elegance? It is not wrong to see the radiance that you are. No! But it is wrong to disavow it because your radiance is the God Force flowing within you. To love yourself (your light) requires discipline to take daily action toward that goal! Shining your light could be as easy as smiling at people, giving a sincere compliment, or telling someone your appreciate him. Everyone has a beautiful light within. By ignoring the chattering ego, you can move toward that light and allow its radiance to guide you. It is a choice – listen to your God voice of love, or the ego voice of confusion, dissension, and fretfulness. Either way, you place your attention where you want it to be. When you get focused and discover (and admit) that you are a dynamic, powerful (spiritual) being, you also realize that you have tremendous creative potential as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Madame Curie, great song writers, engineers, technology wizards, genius business people and all the other amazing folks that have shined their light. Why have you not done this? What has gotten in the way? The answer is fear and small mindedness. Fear: What if I fail? So, what if you do. The answer: start over! What if people don’t like my success? Then, let them not like it and get new friends. Or, what if I outgrow “my raising?” Then either your family adjusts to the new you or they don’t. Either way, you keep moving. There are people ahead ready to celebrate you! Guilt: What if I outgrow my friends and family? Realize outgrowing means growing into your God Being. They can do the same whenever they want. Keep moving! A story: When I was in third grade. My twin sister and I were in a meeting with my mother and teacher. The adults were discussing the possibility of me skipping a grade. The teacher told my mom that I could easily skip the next grade and it would make school more interesting for me, but that it would not be a good idea because my sister, Jane, would feel bad about herself. Thus it was decided that I would not skip the next grade. As far as I was concerned I didn’t care if I skipped the next grade or not. What did I know... 4th grade? 5th grade? What did bother me was that they made the decision based on it troubling my sister. In other words, there was no consideration for what was best for me. Thus the family dynamic was “keep yourself small so that your bigness won’t upset anyone.” I found the whole scenario offensive and I was mad, but there was nothing I could do at the time.That is when I started dimming my light to compensate for others’ smallness, inadequacies and bad feelings. (What was the point of me being my brilliance?) Why am I telling you this… because in some way, you have done the same thing - made the same decision. In order to get by (get along), I will dim my light (my talent, my genius, my natural skills) so that no one is upset.) Thus the question, are you ready to turn up the volume on your light? Are you ready to blast your light out into the world like the brilliant sun it was meant to be and not care if people like it or not? Are you ready to become the dynamic self you were designed to be? What are your talents, skills, and abilities? In what way have you toned them down? What is the step you need to take right now to ramp up to dynamism? There is nothing you have ever done or been that needs to get in your way. The past is over; the future is not here. You have the present moment and that is all. Be your incredible self in this moment. What are you being urged to do? What creative impulse are you to follow? How can you beam your light brighter and spread the love that is within you in a greater way? Find the passion you have inside. Focus on your greatest desire or goal and use each day to expand toward it - a time to discover your limits and be all that you are capable of being! Jean Walters is the author of Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and You can too! and Dreams and the Symbology of Life (as Jean Walters-Lucy) all available on You can reach her at and 314 991 8439 office. For coaching call 314 991 8439

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How to Raise Grateful Children and all about Gratitude!

They call themselves the Mom-Preneurs and they are the creative team behind a new Thanksgiving craze. They have created a "Turkey on the Table" kit that comes with a turkey (not flesh and blood), double-sided feathers that are replacable, a marker, and a storybook on "how to make the most of your bird" that is sure to spark creativity and gratitude. Of course, when I read the article, I immediate converted the methods to be used all year long. We know that during the holidays it is easy to get caught up in gifts and forget the reason for the season. So these bright moms created a way to make gratitude the focus. They wanted to make sure their collective five kids grew up realizing how fortunate they are. They approached Thanksgiving with each child writing something he/she was grateful for on one of the blank turkey tail feathers. (This could be a picture, a word, or a story.) Then he stuck the feather on the bird. By Thanksgiving, the turkey was fully dressed and made a fine table decoration. These gals were inventive enough to create kits that were sold at 1600 stores including Bed Bath & Beyond. And, even more important, their children were excited to write gratitudes each day. Now, if we take this concept a bit further we can come up with other ways to include gratitude in our day. You can have a gratitude jar and each time your child demonstrates he is grateful, you put a marble in the jar and when the jar is full, take him out for a treat. And you can come up with others ways to accomplish the same purpose. What if we practice gratitude all the time? The reason I loved the idea of teaching thankfulness to children is that gratitude is a HIGH spiritual energy and when we express and FEEL it, we attract more of the things for which we are grateful. Gratitude is a magnetic force and can be used for GOOD!! If you listen to people closely, you notice that many have "victim" stories. I am always amazed at how they choose to express how bad things are when we live in such an abundant world. ( I had the flu; my son/daughter lost his/her job; My plumbing needs to be fixed; I slipped and fell.) Of course, when they do this, they lower their energy and if you get involved with their stories, you lower yours as well. Thus consider your choices - raise your energy to experience a better life and more blessings or lower your energy to live in upset and fear. That choice should make it clear! Gratitude is the way!! Jean Walters is best selling author: Set yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! and Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! You can reach her for Akashic Readings or Coaching at

How to Learn to Trust (People, Your Intuition, Life)

Can I Trust My Partner? Many people ask , “How can I learn to trust my partner / friend / spouse etcetera? Yet, the real question is not about trusting others, but learning to trust yourself. Long ago we were handed a set of beliefs and we accepted them without question. Children don’t know how to analyze an idea to determine its truth, but they do know how to feel. For the most part, the concept of intuiting truth or determining what feels right and what doesn’t has been disavowed. In other words, we are taught to believe what we are told and we observe what our parents do, and that becomes out guidance rather than trusting our own feelings. A wisened soul may secretly recognize deception, whereas most folks just go by the rules and do as they are told while ignoring the queasy feeling in their gut that speaks of something being wrong. Hence a problem develops because we buy in to family dynamics and belief systems that are debilitating, limiting, and just WRONG. Here is an example; I am your mother, father, sister, brother, best friend so you should believe what I am telling you. From there you are offered an uninformed opinion or judgment that skews a situation to fit their idea of truth or makes that person look good. Perhaps you ignore your gut feeling that screams, that doesn’t feel right. Thus you go along with their “program” to insure your acceptance in that particular tribe or group. And that is when you destroyed your self-trust. Because you have put others opinions and beliefs ahead of your own, you have lost touch with yourself and the still small voice of intuition that resides within you. The voice is still present, but ignored. You have put the concern for what others think of you higher in your preferences than the guidance that comes from within. Getting back to the theme of how to trust others, we find ourselves in a quandary of mixed thoughts and emotions. You have lost the ability to trust because you have lost your integrity in listening to and following your higher energy (intuition). Because you have not learned to trust yourself, you don’t know how to trust others. Put simply, trust yourself so that you know who else you can trust. The answer is within you. Your still small voice will tell you. Your job is to listen. To take this a bit further, because you have a history of ignoring higher (intuitive) intelligence, you rationalize reasons for being in or staying with unhealthy relationships. In other words, you make up stories: I’ve know Joe (or Julie or Estelle or whoever) since kindergarten (so therefore I should trust her/him). Or my parent told me this, so therefore it is the way to go (even their parent lives an ineffective life). Or, you “wisely” decided that Jim was a good guy because he has a lot of friends and is seemingly well liked. And you naively conclude that if others approve of him and find him trustworthy, then he must be. As a consequence you are letting others do your thinking for you and you have determined a person’s trustworthiness based on his friends. Really! You have not seriously observed his connection with his buds. You are taking everything on face value and you wonder why you end up disappointed. Do they enjoy each other because they play well together? Are these folks a true support system that shows up in difficult times or a play group or good old boys club? Is it that they have grown up together and are still holding on to childhood relationships or sharing in adult concerns? Do they have a common higher purpose that they explore together or is it Monday night football? In other words, what is the nature of Jim’s relationships? No judgment; just observation. As you learn to observe people and relationships, the truth becomes obvious. That is, it becomes clear to you and trusting your own observations helps you develop willingness to be open and honest with yourself. Thus you begin the journey to self trust and drawing your own conclusions based on observation or actions, words, and intention, but not judgment. When people don’t trust themselves, they quickly judge circumstances and people so they can feel safe. Of course there is no safety in hiding and protecting. It is just another avoidance behavior. And when we default into judging, we will never have the life or love we desire. Moving this a bit deeper into self-trust, every person has a connection to their inner guidance as it is always present and available. We call this intuition. This guidance is always active and speaking to us. It can come through as a gut feeling, an image (you hit every STOP light at every intersection), a sign (like a book falls on your head), or a knowing. (an absolute definite feeling of how things are). Intuition is a feeling of lightness and being more alive. As you listen and act on this intuitive voice, it grows in strength and supports you in your hopes and dreams. When you go against it you feel heavy, lack energy, and feel a kind of deadness. People say, “I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do or think.” Primarily that means they have gotten their “instructions” but are afraid to go against what they were taught to believe, so now they are stuck. Afraid to move forward, they are stuck in the past. Generally “stuckness” indicates it is time to do something different, brash, courageous -- take a step in a new direction. If you feel stuck, ask yourself, “What has my still small voice (feelings) been urging or prompting me to do?” Is there some sort of “break-out” required. It will always involve looking at your situation with new eyes. That means asking some appropriate questions – what is this situation trying to tell me? (Cue: it has to be a propulsion forward; it is never a put-down.) What is the change I am being asked to make? What fear am I challenging? What is the next step toward my highest good? You can even write these questions down and ask for guidance. By being open, your answers will come and, be aware, they will not be what you anticipated. You will always be guided toward a higher expression, not necessarily what you would be considered safe. Yet, when you follow this guidance, you will end up exactly wehre you wanted to go or BETTER. The secret is learning how to listen. Remember, you are listening to HIGHER energy. You are not being asked to jump off a cliff. You might be encouraged to make a phone call, set up an interview, take a class, show up at an event, and, in general, become more visible. As you listen and follow, your life force will flow, your intuition will get stronger, and your energy will be renewed. Then you will know how to trust yourself and how much to trust others. Jean Walters is a best selling author on Her books are Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others Have and You Can too (a book about discovering your passion and Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! and Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy - For readings or counseling, you can reach her at 1185 words

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Power of Giving

Sometimes people approach the holidays with resentment. They feel the season’s been commercialized; they focus on the buying and doing aspect of the holidays and lose the possibility of joy. Yet the principle of giving is inherent in the season. Thus the potential for learning how to give is an immediate undertaking for everyone. It would seem that re-framing the way we interpret giving could change our response to the holidays. Happiness lies in the spirit of giving. Often this feeling of the givingness is apparent more around the holidays than any other time, and this can be a wonderful thing. Yet, we don’t have to limit our experience for we could make every day a kind of giving holiday. The confusion lies in the idea that we must give “things.” For often with the giving of things, there are strings attached, and these strings destroy joy. However when we give freely, without conditions, reservations, recriminations, or attachment, we become the greatest recipients of our gifts because that kind of giving is accompanied by feelings of great joy. Here is a story of a man who owned a flooring store. We shall call him Joe. Joe was very fortunate for he had experienced a great year and much abundance and he felt it in his heart to give from his abundance. Joe was aware of a single mom with three children that lived in his area. It appeared that she was struggling. So Joe went to the bank and got five one hundred dollar bills and put them in an envelope with her name on it. Then that night he went to her house tiptoed to the front door and rang the doorbell. When he heard footsteps approaching the door he quickly placed the envelope in clear sight and disappeared behind a bush. The woman answered the door and spotted the envelope with her name on it and as she opened it she let out a loud Wow!!! And Thank You!!!! into the night air. Joe stayed behind the bush as he wished to remain anonymous, but his heart was bursting with joy. He was so excited he felt like he was going to burst. Months later when he told me the story, he was still beaming with excitement, joy and gratitude? What was Joe grateful for you ask? In his attitude of givingness, Joe received the greatest gift – joy! And whenever he thinks of that night, his joy is reignited. Giving from the heart is the key to happiness. We have many opportunities to give our gifts – talent, enthusiasm, kindness, encouragement, wisdom. The fact is that givingness fills you. May you enjoy this holiday season. Jean Walters is the author of Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! and Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible: Others have and you can too! Both are available on Also: Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy a workbook for learning how to interpret your dreams is available on Jean's website: