Thursday, September 18, 2008

Be Outrageous (Determination,courage can bring success!

Ideas that were once considered outrageous have become everyday events. The rule is that once a precedent has been set, strange though it may be, you have established a new norm.
Helen Keller couldn’t see, hear, and talk, yet she was one of the most fulfilled, positive, inspiring people of the 20th century. Steven Spielberg started out as a skinny, shy, unknown, mediocre student in high school and went on to become creatively involved with five of the top ten grossing movies of all time. Oprah Winfrey grew up poor in an area where being African-American posed tremendous odds for achievement. Yet she broke all records by becoming a popular talk-show host, TV and film producer, Magazine Publisher, and a billionaire to boot.
The same principle is relevant for each of us. Look back 10 years and consider the changes you have made in your life. Things you once considered outrageous are now part of your everyday existence. Big screen TVs, computers, cell phones, global positioning systems watching our “enemies” as well as tracking stolen vehicles, instant meals, instant messaging to friends and relatives around the globe, and a couple of years ago the stock market hit highs (and probably will again) that many thought to be incomprehensible.
The claim of running the four minute mile was once thought to be impossible. Many had attempted and all fell short. Yet Britain’s Roger Bannister finally broke the record in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds at Oxford University, Oxford England in May 1954. He later went on to win the “metric mile,” the 1500 mile at the European Championships in Berne on August 29, 2954 with a record of 3 minutes 43.8 seconds. He set a new norm. Within a short time of his performance, a parade of others broke the 4-minute mile record. A new norm had been set.
It is true, you can’t think too big. What was once considered a disabling flaw or handicap can be navigated with innovation and imagination. Take this principle to heart. What is it that you want that at one time you considered to be pure fantasy?
In 1994 George Rickles lost both hands and most of his forearms in an accident that brought his beloved carpentry career to a dramatic end. Rickles’ determination to return to carpentry led him to be fitted with prosthetic hooks. Then Volunteers for Medical Engineering designed tools and a special toolbox just for him. With patience Rickles’ proficiency with his beloved power tools proved to be promising.
There is a process involved in manifesting dreams. It involves taking one step at a time and accomplishing each with an air of optimism and determination. The first step you take is the one facing you right now. That one will lead you to the next one and so on. What is your dream? Are you ready to take the first step? Words 475

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