Sunday, April 29, 2012

Faith, Belief, Knowing!

“Believe you can and you can.” Norman Vincent Peale Henry David Thoreau often indicated that belief in an enterprise is the one thing fundamental to its success. So if you have a goal, believe that you can attain it. Believe that you are, even now, in the process of attainment. There are many stories of people who had come up from poverty to achieve great success in life. One is from a woman whose family was so poor that people often brought them food baskets. As a little girl, she was so humiliated that her father couldn’t support the family that she would hide and cry bitterly. But that is when she created the goal that helped her become successful. Poverty can be a great motivator. It has probably made more people than any other one factor. James Cash Penney, the great merchant, was the seventh of 12 children. He was only eight years old when he started raising pigs to earn money for his clothes. He said that one of his great motivators was adversity. He went explained that adversity taught him to never give up, always start over, keep his faith strong, and realize that adversity makes a person strong. There was a fellow named, Al Haake, who suffered from acute stuttering. Children laughed at him in school. They called him out in baseball games, just to hear him stutter. It was demoralizing. Then one afternoon, Haake heard a US senator speak. He said, “Look, you can do anything you want to do, if you believe in your self.” Al Haake wanted to believe he could speak clearly. Thus he began putting pebbles in his mouth because he had read that a man named Demosthenes did that. Ultimately, Haake became a great speaker. He was employed by General Motors Corporation to speak throughout the country. He held people spellbound by his clarity, articulation, message and beauty of speech.