Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Truth about 2012

Have you heard the rumors concerning the Mayan calendar that the end of the world is coming in December, 2012? You know -- destruction of the earth, cataclysmic changes, a choice point which holds the potential for annihilation or spiritual transformation. In scientist-author, Gregg Braden’s work, “science has gathered extraordinary knowledge that he calls the new ‘deep truth.’“ I follow with a quote from Braden. “According to the Maya, we are living the last days of a rare, mysterious cycle of time. We are in a 5,125-year-long cycle, which is precisely 2,872,000 days, and we are ending the fifth in a series of five cycles. Our current cycle began on August 11, of 3114 BC. The Maya were able to determine that the cycle would end on the Winter Solstice, 2012, which marked the end of the Maya calendars that traced the cycles.

They also identified a thirty six-year window between 1980 and 2016 as a time when humanity wouldn’t recognize its way of life, itself, or the land. The Maya knew that the Earth’s location in space changes on a cyclic basis over long periods of time and that as Earth’s orbit, tilt, wobble, and angle change in space as it relates to our sun, it changes the physical parameters of life on Earth. The climate changes and when the climate changes, the weather changes. When weather changes, so does our water supply along with how and when we grow our food. This, in turn, affects how we trade and share global resources. How we move upon the Earth changes when the Earth changes. All of this the Maya knew.”

That brings up to the choice point we face today. Do we attempt to continue old, unsustainable ways of life that are no longer effective, or are we willing to accept that what serves us once, no longer does, and move on to new sustainable methods of sharing resources and relating to each other?
The Maya and other ancestors knew that this 2012 cycle would be the time of making these choices and formulating an amazing shift in the way we think of ourselves and our world. They never indicated this time as the end of the world, but the end of a cycle.

On a universal scale, the Wise-Ones and Shamans of Tibet, Indians of the Southwest desert, Peru, and Bolivia predicted the same period of time for the same change. Furthermore they agreed that there are two potential outcomes: one based on fate (what will happen if we choose to do nothing), the other on destiny. Our destiny is not just to survive but to build a bridge to a new way of being.

In the time since these predictions, science has come to know that we are living in a field of energy that connects all things, and that we continually communicate with that matrix of energy. Science also indicates that it is clear that the magnitude of today’s challenges suggest that we have important choices to make to construct this bridge to a new life, greater awareness, and a new global culture. We do this by making higher choices. Cooperation and mutual aid benefits everyone - individuals, families, communities and nations. As our focus adjusts to these values, competition and the pursuant violence disappear.

The Universal truth is that everything exists for the harmonious good of every other part. Thus as we make everyday choices to begin the paradigm shift from fear to LOVE, from conflict to PEACE, from competition to cooperation, and from doubt to faith, we build our bridge individually and, in time, we build it globally. We must be the generation that evolves from a sense of lack and limitation and embraces the life-affirming principle of welcoming diversity of ideas, cultures, art, music, science and beliefs. It starts with spiritual practice – individually and collectively. Through our pursuance of Higher realization we are led to a new and greater experience of cooperation and love.

There are passages quoted from the Science of Mind Magazine, December 2011 edition.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Art of Giving and Receiving

There is a wonderful legend about a wanderer in the desert who happens on a spring of clear, fresh water. He excitedly fills his jug with water and dashes off to share his precious treasure with the king. The wanderer crosses a great distance over many days to eventually arrive at the palace and offer his gift to the king. As the king tastes the water, he smiles and profusely thanks the wanderer for his wonderful gift. The members of the court rush forward to have a taste, expecting to savor cool, clean water. Instead, they are repulsed with hot, stale water and they spit it out. A member of the court inquired of the king, “How could you give thanks for this spoiled water? The king smiled and divulged that it was not the water he tasted, but the spirit in which it was given.
Receiving a gift is an art unto itself. Remembering that it is not the gift but the spirit of the giver that is most important can make us all better givers and receivers.
President Calvin Coolidge spoke of giving when he said, “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”
Writer, Margaret Lee Bundeck, declared that “Giving is a necessity sometimes more urgent, indeed, than having.”
Activist, Stephen S. Wise, stated his views on giving thusly: “An unshared life is not living. He who shares does not lessen, but greatens his life”.
I hope that these words of wisdom help to brighten your holidays and encourage each of you to develop your own Art of Giving and Receiving that you may experience the great joy of both!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Is It Time to Re-invent Yourself?

I’ve heard the excuse so many times…. I can’t find a job, or my business is doing poorly, or I don’t have this or that BECAUSE of the economy. Do you know that there are people running to the bank with money right now? Why… because this is a time of re-invention. Yes, it is time to reinvent yourself. What does that mean? Business as usual is gone. That does not indicate that all you have done before is not useful – it is! It does mean that it is time to package it in another wrapper.

Take for example the realtor I spoke to recently who complained that the economy was breaking him. No, he was breaking himself. As we spoke he realized that he had a NEW idea for a business where he would rehab houses for corporations. Voila! I saw the twinkle in his eye as he talked about his concept. This told me that he was being guided by a Great Intelligence – the Universe. As he talked he stated that he knew who he could call to get started and that he had good contacts. These contacts came from his days in real estate. His talents and skills came from his days in real estate also but his new idea came in response to his desire in this moment to do better. Yes, he was ready to re-package himself.

A decorator told me that the problem was that the economy was bad. Yet as we talked she told me of an idea she had to re-invent her services. Again, in her case, it involved repackaging her talents for corporations bringing new executives to town. As she elaborated I noted her excitement and the twinkle in her eye. Yes, this was her new path and again, she had the contacts to get started.

These are two examples, but this type of re-invention is coming up over and over these days. It could be that the economy is bad for you if you are depending on doing the same old thing, the same old way as you have always done it. The truth is that change is the order of the day. We are in the Aquarian Age right now. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which means “quick change” and “inventiveness.”

If you are feeling pushed against a wall right now in your career, it could mean that it is time to remold your own personal Akasha (clay or mind-stuff) and come up with a new way or a new idea. If that is the truth, the new beginning is hanging out at the edge of your consciousness waiting to be invited in.

Some people don’t want to take any chances and they keep doing the same things over and over hoping that things will get better. Yet the times we live in demand re-invention. You've heard the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.

Thus, if the result you seek isn’t happening, open to a new direction. If you are having a hard time coming up with the right idea and feel yourself wedged against a brick wall, come in to see me. We can work together to open to the inspiration you need to resurrect your creativity and symbolically let the Phoenix rise from the ashes of the past.

The Universe is always working through you to help you and It does this very well when you cooperate and pay attention. The way of the Universe is re-invention. Are you ready?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Power of Thanksgiving

Let’s give Thanks! One of the great laws of prosperity is “gratitude.” Gratitude sounds simple yet often it is not practiced. When most people gaze around and perceive all they have achieved and accomplished (tangible and intangible), instead of feeling awed and appreciative, they often think, “Is that all,” or “But I don’t have that thing, event, or relationship,” or “What’s next?” In other words, stopping to smell the roses is not part of the repertoire.

Stop and think, do you consciously appreciate your friends, family, home, job, your freedom, your health, the money you’ve earned? It is easy to take these things for granted and think that what you have isn’t good enough or there isn’t enough -- the car isn’t a Rolls Royce, it’s an old Chevrolet; “I’m not President of the company, I’m only ______“ (fill in the blank). “I don’t make enough money, have enough prestige, live in the ‘best’ part of town, know the ‘right’ people. Attention is not on what you have, but on what you do not have, on what’s missing, on what is bad rather than what is good in life. This is called “fear-based” thinking. You never win or feel good about yourself, when you focus on lack and live in fear.

Realize instead that the old car transports you wherever you want to go. Your current job is a stepping stone to wherever you go from here. The house you own represents the down- payment on the next one. All your past learning experiences graduate you to the next level and prepare you for greater expression and service. You will more easily move to a new car, job, home, elevated opportunities, by appreciating the ones you’ve already experienced. Value your present job position and the customers you now have and the new customers will more readily present themselves to you.
It is a law of nature. When we accept and are at peace with our current status, things begin to change naturally, easily. A deep, sincere gratitude sows the seeds that blossom in abundance. This is a principle of nature and it is magnetic. When people feel acknowledged and appreciated, they more readily acknowledge and appreciate you. When you are grateful for all you have and all you have experienced (event he seemingly bad stuff), your life expands.

Start your day with appreciation of all the opportunities at hand and end your day with gratitude for all you have experienced and all the ways you have given and received. Your energy will soar!

Oprah Winfrey keeps a gratitude journal where she daily acknowledges everyone and everything for which she is grateful. It works for her! Her life is abundant!
Hey, what a great world we live in! We have endless opportunities to express, experience, live freely, laugh, love, share and enjoy all sorts of abundance. I’m grateful; are you?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Living in the Vastrness

Here is a great little exercise to do to bring instant peace into your life. Think of a challenging situation or a difficult decision you are currently facing. It might be something that keeps your mind distracted or interferes with sleep. While you contemplate this challenge, write down the first answer that comes to your mind while you ask yourself these questions.

Regarding your situation, what would calm do?

What would peace do?

What would relaxation do?

What would joy do?

(You have also heard this as what would Jesus do or What would Buddha do?)
The more you contemplate the answers to these questions, the more you tap into the deep, inner wisdom of your soul. As you release tension (body and mind), you know you are on the right path as living a life of gentle flow is your confirmation of that.
Once you have relaxed and let go, give some thought as to the end result you want. Do this in emotional terms. What do you want to feel as a completion to your situation? Being clear and defined in your end (emotional) result will give you the resources you need to weather obstacles or setbacks as they occur.

Try to stay clear of the need to figure out how all of this is to happen. The ego loves trying to control all the details. Thus be committed to letting go of that need. The truth is that there are millions of possibilities to achieve your desire. Just recognize the result you want and let go. You are letting go to a generous, abundant, vast Universe that is unlimited in Its ability to navigate through myriad possibilities and resources and will assuredly navigate you to your result in some unexpected way.

The next step is to enjoy the process. Become the observer and be willing to laugh as the unexpected gifts of the Universe show up in your life. Follow your instincts and intuition as you are led to the right person, the right phone call, the right idea and strategy to accomplish exactly what you want. Everything is ALIVE and working!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Rewards come from Working Hard on Your Self

Business leader, Jim Rohn, learned about the miracle of personal growth early in his career. He said, “If you want to be wealthy and happy, learn this lesson well Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

Most people put personal growth far down on the priority list, somewhere after big house, travel to exotic places, and achieving high rank/fancy title. Yet no one can achieve long-lived success or wealth without first developing personal insight, wisdom, patience, determination and self knowledge. Actually the most challenging assignment we have in life is personal development, and, guess what, it lasts your entire lifetime.

If material acquisition is your goal, the only way to accomplish it is through personal growth. In other words, the person you become is far more important that what you acquire. The fact is that what you become and what you achieve are magically linked. Consider this, what you have has been magnetized to you by who you are. In other words, income rarely surpasses personal development. If you want more, you must be prepared to handle the responsibility that goes with it. If you’re afraid to make decisions, take a risk, look foolish, or invest time and/or money in your progress, you’ve limited how far you will go. Prerequisite to maintaining or building the magnetism or energy necessary to draw the right people, and opportunity to you and sustain your position is personal development.

Personal growth means understanding and taking responsibility for your needs and behaviors, (no blaming, whining, finger-pointing, running from conflict, or hiding when things get tough). It means accepting that you have a role to play in the Universe, something that you can do better than anyone else, and making it your business to figure out what that is. Discovering your uniqueness and working it for all it’s worth is how it’s done.

Ghandi maintained, “Become the change you desire”. Buddha said, “Your work is to discover your work and give yourself to it.” Jim Rohn states, “Unless you change how you are, you’ll always have what you’ve got.” In other words, to have more, become more.”

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Miracle of Raising Your Energy

The other day someone told me that they did not understand how you could alter an event or situation by raising your energy. I told them they could easily see how this is accomplished for themselves. My suggestion involved the simple act of going into a gas station to pay for their gasoline and smiling at the station attendant. His face brightened at this idea. “Yes, I have done that and even said to that person, ‘I hope you have a really nice day’ and I have seen the positive effect that my smile and demeanor had on the attendant.”

I replied, “Then you understand how easy it is to alter the energy of a situation.” One small act, done with intention, can make any circumstance better. You can go a party with the idea of contributing to everyone’s comfort and fun (instead of hanging out in the corner waiting for someone to come to you) and immediately your attention is removed from your own needs (what you want to receive) to giving to others. (You essentially become a radiant being of love, extending your Light to others... powerful stuff!!

The bottom line is you end up having a great at the party because the most natural thing in the world is to give love and support to others. Or, go to work with the thought of making your work place pleasant and positive. Your intention leads you to smile and wait on customers graciously, treat people with kindness, answer the phone enthusiastically, view venders as a resource rather than an annoyance, and take pride in what you do.

Another way to raise your energy is to be grateful. We all have hundreds of things, circumstances, and people for which to be grateful. As Americans we have freedom to express ourselves, good drinking water, easy highways to navigate, education, opportunities to work, have friends, laugh, and participate in our government, if we wish. We can choose how we want to live our lives. There is much for which to be grateful. As we give thanks for our many blessings, our energy shoots up. We feel good!

The point is that elevating your energy is not a miraculous thing. It can be accomplished with the simplest of intentions and actions and when it is, everyone benefits.

If you get trapped with negatives, consider changing your focus to doing something nice for someone else. This act and intention not only releases you from negativity, but sets you on a path of happiness. You feel happy because it is through giving that a person begins to understand how much he has to offer. As you acknowledge your gifts, you have a true awareness of personal value – Self Value!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Letting go to Let the River take You - How to live non-resistantly

There is a story about a small creature that lives in and flows with the river. One day he decides that he loves the place where he is and does not want to follow the river any longer. Thus he latches on to the river bank with resolve to stay right where he is. The tides expands and recedes and he hangs on for dear life. Even though he has trusted the river in the past, he is resolute in fearing the unknown. What lies around the next bend and farther down the river?

He basically wears himself out holding on to the bank as he quivers with fear. Not knowing what he fears exactly, yet the shadows of doubt and trepidation fill his mind with scary outcomes and imagined threats. Finally, exhausted with the effort, he can no longer maintain his grip on the bank. As his paws begin to slide away, he surrenders himself to the flow of the river. For some strange reason, he is at peace.

The river takes the creature and soon he is floating in a beautiful pond with glorious foliage, overhanging trees and a abundance of fruit, seeds, tree roots (plenty of food). He has reached the river’s ending place. It is serene. He has battled all of these days (years?) holding on out of fear of the unknown when anytime he could have let go and the river would have brought him here – to paradise.

How much energy do we waste living in fear when the flow of life wants to move us on to greener pastures and greater opportunities? How much time do we waste holding on to what was when we can surrender to life and let the flow move us to where we need to be? The question really is – when did we decide not to trust the flow? When did you begin to believe that things couldn’t be better?

Today’s lesson is to look at the ways we let our ego get in the way and decide that we know more and better than our Greater Self. How have we cut off our flow and decided that the bounty of life is for others and not ourselves? We have an inner voice that speaks to us in guiding ways helping us to follow our stream of life. It is a loving, kind voice and it wants us to have beauty, expansion, joy, health, prosperity and love. But, It can only take us there if we let it. So here are your questions to ponder…

Are you in a job that has been finished (for you) for a long time? What about relationships? Are there relationships that are no longer growing or enriching (either of you)? In what ways do you need to move on but are not trusting that there is more and better ahead for you? Are there opportunities (risks) that are calling you but you have been too afraid to grasp? Are you holding on to the past and keeping yourself from the blessings of the here and now? Is it time to move on? Are you willing? Are you ready?

I send blessings! If I can help you reconnect with your intuitive voice, let me know. That is what my work is all about. Jean Walters

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Value of Receiving

Most of us have been taught that it is better to give than to receive. Actually, this is not true. The fact is that giving and receiving are of equal value and both are important in developing balanced relationships. Consider what happens when we give but do not allow ourselves to receive. There is imbalance.

Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, the renowned psychiatrist, who championed dying patients in allowing them to respond to their impending demise, spoke of her mother who was a very kind and generous person. Her mother gave profusely, but never allowed anyone to give to her. Kubler-Ross said that when her mother was hospitalized as a result of a stroke, she was in the awkward position of having to receive and all the gifts that she had not allowed to be given her in her life flowed in. The fact is that she not only received them but could not deny them because of her infirmity.

I thought it was interesting that Dr. Kubler-Ross ended her life in a similar fashion. She spoke of being enraged by the confines of a body which has lost its ability to be active. Essentially, she was stuck in a bed and receiving 24/7 care from loving people. She also was not a gracious receiver. So, the law, not allowing imbalance, placed both in a position to have to receive. Isn’t it interesting how well we perceive others and how often what we see is really ourselves?

Consider the enjoyment of giving. Oprah Winfrey says she really gets excited when she is fulfilling a person’s dream or giving out cars or when she has her “favorite things” show (which is all about abundant giving to her audience members. She can’t even sleep she is so elated and charged. Yet, she too, says that receiving is not nearly so inspiring.

I think this is true of many because we forget to be excited for the one who give to us. I am excited because I know we all need to give and we all need to receive. The Law itself is exciting and inspiring.

There is definite joy is giving to others and we must learn how to experience the same joy in receiving. Wouldn’t the world be completely off balance if there were only givers and not receivers? Who exactly would we be giving to?
Years ago, a friend informed me that I was not a good receiver. I was astonished to learn that. So, I started a quest to become good at receiving. My commitment to myself was that I would receive all gifts offered to me. That was the beginning of an adventure and an awakening. Whatever people offered, I said “yes, thank you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.” And, I did! Thus, the results: I did not buy a meal for a week. I started noticing how often people wanted to buy my food. “Yes, thank you!” There were abundant gifts of all kinds – students, friends, business cohorts offered to take care of my plants while I was out of town, drive me to the airport, do my ironing, vacations in exclusive resorts, flowers – the list was endless.

I also recognized the joy it gave them to offer these things or services to me. I understood how selfish it was to not receive; how selfish it was to only give and deny people the opportunity to give to me for all that I gave to them; how selfish my family had become by me being stuck on giving to them and not teaching then the beauty of giving and how totally imbalanced my life had become by not receiving.

When I say this “lesson” changed my life – it has. I hope this lesson will change your life as well. To start, make a commitment to yourself to be just as good and gracious receiver as you are a giver. We all like to “help” others, yet we need help too. There are many people poised to provide that service but they can’t offer until you allow it. I wish you joy and fun in learning to live harmoniously with this Law of the Universe.

Oh yes one more thing… be sure and be generous with yourself as well.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letting Go of Extra Weight - Becoming Efficient

When someone asked the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, why he didn’t hate the Chinese for capturing and enslaving his country and killing his people, he replied, “Hating is inefficient.” Here is a story that explains why hate and unforgiveness are inefficient.

The story involves a teacher who gave her students a special assignment. Each student was to bring a clear plastic bag and sack of potatoes to class. Then the student was to select a potato for every person he had refused to forgive in his life. He was to write the person’s name on the potato and put it in his bag. (Some of the students’ bags were heavy and others not.)

The student was required to carry the bag with him everywhere he went. He was to take it to bed, to work, and in the car with him. There was to be NO exclusions.
Naturally, it was awkward lugging these sacks. (Have you ever lugged baggage through an airport? You get the idea.) The annoyance of it affected the students’ mood, mobility and even health. In a short time, it became clear that the weight of unforgiveness was a heavy burden. Plus having to give it constant attention was tremendous work because you could not drople this burden just anywhere. It becomes part of you and infiltrates every interaction and everything you do. That would not only be inefficient and inappropriate but embarrassing!

In a short time the potatoes started rotting and soon they disintegrated into a nasty, smelly slime, which kept the students carrying them isolated. (Who wants to be around such awful energy?) Of course, this exercise is a metaphor for the price one pays for holding to past anger, pain and negativity. Often, we think that forgiveness is a gift to the other person. However, this exercise clearly demonstrates that it is a gift to yourself.

The next time you are thinking that you can’t forgive someone, reflect on the extra weight you will be hauling around with resentment and the long-term effect it will have in your life and your health. Consider also the possibility and freedom of letting it go! Then you will understand why hate is inefficient and ineffective.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Letting Go of Smallness

The Buddha said, "Whatever is not yours abandon it. When you have abandoned it, that will lead to your welfare and happiness."

I love this message because it says a lot to me. Each week there seems to be a theme as I move through my week. Currently the theme is about letting go of smallness.

There are two parts to our minds - one is the ego and it speaks smallness to us. It keeps us small in stature by feeding us FEAR. Don't make waves; don't speak out of turn; don't offend anyone or make a mistake. Do whatever it takes to be loved and accepted. As we follow this voice, we avoid risks, we live in fear, and we keep ourselves from our dreams. Essentially we are believing that we are unworthy. Because if we accepted our worthiness, we would step out boldly and confront life. Instead we don't recognize our wonderful gifts, our Light, and the love we bring to the world, so we grovel like beggars willing to take whatever small crumbs fall our way.

The other part of our mind is who we truly are. It is our True Self, our Divine Mind and it is constantly urging us onward. It is the voice that says, give it a try; see what can happen; stand your ground; you're worth it. Don't accept crumbs; you're bigger than that; go for it!!!

Thus we come back to the Buddha's quote: "Whatever is not yours abandon it. When you have abandoned it, that will lead to your welfare and happiness." What we have to do is abandon FEAR - that small ego voice that wants to keep you SAFE - from what? It keeps you safe from your fullness, your largeness, your TRUE SELF. It knows that as you abandon fear, you will never listen to it again. Its only chance of survival is to convince you to stay small and afraid.

In the last week I have dealt with many people we were getting ready to face their fear. Each have to hold their ground and do what they really know is right for them. In other words, they know what they want in the long haul and, in order to obtain it, they have to put their smallness aside to take the bold actions to move toward it.

On a practical basis this could mean facing your partner, child or pet and saying, "No, I will not be disrespected. I will not accept crumbs." Or, on a business level it could mean, I have a vision and I will work toward it and if you are not aligned with my goal and purpose, I will let you go and find or create other alliances.

It is the God (Universe) within us that pushes us. That is why when we have taken that bold step, we feel so wonderful. When we have faced our fears, we are bigger and we are more powerful. The more we move into our power, the happier we are. Not to worry, we are not talking about being power mongers here. This is about self power where you are acknowledged as your True Self and you also acknowledge others in the same way.

Thus, whatever is not yours (a position that does not offer you what you are worth, a relationship that does not honor you, a friendship that is not respectful) abandon it. When you have released it, you will be lead to your welfare and happiness. Because that is when you have stated to the Universe, I am ready for bigger and better. I acknowledge my own place in the Universe.

So, what or who do you need to let go of now?

Blessings and love!!! Jean

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Universe Only Works in the Present Moment

The other day someone asked me if the Universe related to our words and thoughts or our energy (feelings). In other words, which one sets up our manifestations (our future). The answer is that the Universe (Unified Field in which we live, breath, and have our being) connects and response only to energy. Thus you can say all sort of affirmations (words) and make promises and pledges, but if there is not a corresponding energy to go along with these, there is no change or result in your life.

We are constantly creating our lives from the energy we hold and the higher vibrating the emotions, feelings and thoughts, the more bountiful the result or effects in our lives. A person can state how much they care, but if it isn’t demonstrated, there is no impression made.

There is a saying that you cannot fool children or animals. The reason is that children and animals ignore words (they don’t understand them) while they pay attention to feelings, tone, and body language (energy). They are not confused by what you say because what you are projecting though your emotions is obvious. They recognize energy immediately. The Universe is no different. In fact, you might say that because kids and animals are so connected to the Universe and they respond to it so automatically, it is why they cannot be fooled. They have not been domesticated to the point of ignoring what they feel.

Much of the time, instead of living in the moment, we are focused on the past or the future – why did I do that; I should have known better; I should have done or said that; that was stupid; or what if this or that happens – I lose my job, get sick, so and so leaves. All this “self talk” keeps us from living in the present moment and it creates distraction through fears, worries or regrets. It is the way we lose our focus and our connection.

The truth is that the past only matters as a learning tool. It does not define us unless we let it. The Universe only responds to the present moment and who you are and what you feel NOW. It is never conditioned by the past. It is a present force acting in present terms. It knows what you are at this moment and does not (cannot) judge you on your past.
Thus our opportunity lies in the present moment. If you find yourself caught up in what should have been or what might happen in the future, gently bring yourself back to the truth of the present moment. God is present now. Your obsession to fear of the future or your determination to dwell in the past unconsciously limits the availability of Universal Magic in your present circumstances. As you ground yourself to this present moment, the Divine can work through you and guide you to your perfect solution.

By developing the feelings of calm acceptance, you open to the awareness of God in action right now. No beseeching is necessary. Indeed it keeps you in the turmoil of past and future. Direct your energy to the development of clarity in thoughts and emotions instead.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What's Love Got to do with It?

The Course in Miracles states that there is nothing real but love and that all problems boil down to a lack of love. The author, Osho, in his Book of Secrets, states that love is spontaneous and cannot be controlled. You cannot control it; you have to allow it to happen. So, how can we increase our ability to love and what gets in the way of allowing it?

“Your presence, (or your thinking), is what gets in the way. Modern man is capable of “doing.” Yet BEING is what allows love to happen.” Osho

When we are being our natural selves – no analyzing, no judging – we can allow love to flow. Because of our propensity to base our lives on doing, we become one dimensional. We become “doing beings.” Love cannot be done.
Consider children. They don’t know how to do much, yet they are very good at being. And, love flows easily through them. Play is another element of being. Children play easily. Do you know how to play?

Another example is meditation. You cannot do meditation, but you can experience meditation. You can be quiet and listen and BE in meditation. You can let JOY fill you and take possession of you, and then you can flow in meditation.
The biggest barrier to love is the way we treat ourselves. (Osho would call it our presence or our consciousness.) Often people indicate they love themselves because they get massages, or treat themselves to a vacation. These are nice things to do, but often while they do these things, they are berating themselves for not being perfect enough, or having the wrong body image, or never completing their “to do” list or various other affronts. They are mentally hating themselves (criticizing, and judging), while they go through the motions of being kind to their bodies.

Often, people will say, “I am in love,” or “I want to be loved.” Usually what they mean is I want someone else to love me because I am not willing to love myself. That is when relationships become convoluted because we ask others to give to us what we are unwilling to give to ourselves. That is also when we are angry. When it appears that someone is not giving us the attention, affirmation and love that we want, we resent them. It is a conditional kind of experience. We want loyalty, fidelity, confirmation, affection, attention and we are not giving these to ourselves. When we change our own behavior and begin to truly love, love flows naturally to ourselves and to others. We give up the critical voice and demeaning behaviors and move into a sense of true expandedness.

When you really love, opposite emotions cannot enter into you. They are automatically excluded. For instance, if a room is filled with bright light, darkness cannot enter. If you dim emotions can take over. And when you are brimming with love, negative emotions cannot enter.

The love we seek is deep inside us. It is in the heart. We can experience it by going to the heart and asking that love be presented. Let this love expand and fill you. Spend time there daily. Give it another minute tomorrow and the next day. Soon, the critical thoughts fall away. They no longer fit.

What's love got to do with it? Everything!!!

Jean Walters is a Personal Growth Consultant and Transformational Coach and Akashic Reader for over 35 years. She is available at 314 991 8439 or on skype for an appointment.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Key to Receiving is Giving

Often, in our fast paced world, we feel we have to manipulate circumstances and people to get what we want. When, in truth, we can bypass all that effort and go directly to Spirit. In other words, go HIGHER in your focus and awareness. Move into a place of love, centeredness, knowingness. Let me explain…

What if our whole reason for existing is to make the connection to our Higher Selves and live a life of joy? By consuming ourselves with managing details (people’s attitudes toward us, creating the circumstances we desire), we could easily miss the point and forget to love.

What does everyone want? What does everyone need? The answer is simple – LOVE…. To be loved and accepted. How simple it is to provide that?
, lovevvv
The other day, a client asked me, “How can I receive more kudos and praise at work?” The answer is simple, give it. Pass praise and acknowledgment around as though you are giving out chocolates…. abundantly! The more you give of anything (love, praise, money, chocolates), the more you receive. We have an unlimited amount of love (praise, acknowledgement) to give so be profuse in your givingness.

Think of at least three to five people right now that you can acknowledge. “I so appreciate the way you managed that or shared that or present yourself etceteras.” “I admire the way you work with people, are unconditional, display your talents, etceteras.” Or, “You look beautiful or radiant.” Now, you let your mind move to people with whom you want to share joyful sentiments. Guess what! You will feel so good as you offer these thoughts and feelings, you will become a “love addict,” going around generously sharing your love all over the place. And, guess what again, your world will grow in richness and your life will become full.

So think about what you want to receive (love, friendship, praise, money, attention) and then start giving it away. The Universe is like a well oiled machine. It works with precision and consistency. You GIVE and you RECEIVE. Have fun!

Jean Walters, DM, DD, CRT
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Simplification or Lack

Recently I received a message from a client referencing the changes we are all experiencing in the world. Her comment had to do with a television show she was watching featuring Financial Expert, Suzie Ormann. Suzie mentioned the fact that things are changing in the way people are dealing with their financial needs. Her thought was that now we need to focus on enjoying saving instead of spending. That the times have changed and that includes her teachings from 7 to 8 years ago. This includes the way we look at retirement and spending, etceteras. Ormann’s belief is that we need to get back to the family and not focus on THINGS, such as a bigger car, bigger house and all the things we give our children without them working for it. She said that we need to be honest with ourselves and know our truth and she also mentioned living below our means.

My client’s thoughts were that she doesn’t do very well at either saving or living below her means. (This is true for many of us.) Her question is: where does Universal abundance comes in to this picture? Apparently there seems to be some confusion as to how these concepts mesh. To her, living below her means is considered lack.

Here is my answer: I don't think living below your means is necessarily lack. (Although if you are just getting by, it may seem like that.) We (humanity) are moving from a time of competition - who has the nicest car and house, the cutest outfit, or makes the most money. Our pride has been in THINGS and I think, like Suzie, we are shifting into "this outfit is not new or the latest fashion and I like it just fine and I feel fine wearing it to the event." In other words, maybe we are past the "proving it" stage of development and can just enjoy the simple things. I know that many of you are already doing this as you find great pleasure in nature, your garden, your animals, your family and friends. Isn't that wealth?

So, what I am saying is that when we settle down and get quiet, there is peace and joy naturally and the hustle-bustle of life is not so compelling. Isn't that what you are saying when you assert, "I don't want to rush." And then the desire to have some money to cushion yourself seems like a natural extension of loving peace, beauty, calmness and releasing the need to go fast or prove anything to anyone. Saving money is FOR you, not a bragging statement to anyone else. You become more self-enclosed, autonomous in so many ways, and calmer. Life becomes more internal and less external.

The Universe is always generous and abundant. Check out the flowers everywhere! Abundance is ours - it is not aways in the form of money. It is alway in the form of opportunity and love. As we receive the Universe's gifts with joy and appreciation, they flow even more abundantly into our lives. And, that includes money too.

Yes, it is a departure from old ways, but it may be a venture into true Spirituality and putting love before everything else. What do you think?

Jean Walters, Personal Growth Consultant, Transformational Coach, Certified Reality Therapist, Akashic Reader, columnist, syndicated radio host, instructor of personal empowerment 314 991 8439

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Change is the Only Constant: Three Ways to Spot Change in Your Life

It is said that the only constant in life is change and we know that we are living in a period characterized by vast change. The news is marked daily by change in the form of endings and beginnings. Many are rife with excitement over the prospect of change in the government – a new president, senate or congress, a new policy, a new way. There is rampant potential for change in the business world as well with bail outs and trillions in loans. Who would have ever guessed?

With the ending of certain business models, the probability for growth centers on the internet. Brick and mortal stores are being replaced with internet sales. Conferences and seminars are virtual. Change is everywhere and we can choose our reaction to it – run in fear or embrace new possibilities.

The more we develop awareness of births and deaths in all forms – relationships, marriage, businesses, jobs, moving residence, and everything in between– the more we can take advantage of new opportunities opening. You know the saying, “when one door closes, another opens.” Get ready!

To cooperate with change we must learn “the signals.” We want to remain alert and nonresistant to the continuous evolution of our lives. That stands as a more progressive choice than resistance or lagging behind in confusion, denial, and frustration.

To be in charge in your life you must accept responsibility for the changes you are currently making. (Yes, we are incessantly changing.) The good news is that we accept change we realize that each adjustment signifies a desire for something more. We are all growing and for that reason alone nothing remains static. As you view the constant movement of the seasons, so there are seasons and phases in life. As we see these objectively, the evolution we experience is not threatening.

To be conscious of your process of change, watch for evidence signaling upcoming alterations. There are three specific signs to watch for.

1) Tiredness and restlessness (mental or physical pacing), often typified by yawning, big sighs, desire to move to “bigger” facilities or experiences. Need for more space. Symbolically interpret these sensations as the need to provide self with greater opportunity, stimulation and challenge, meaning it is time to expand and grow. The Universe is always urging expansion.

2) An over-critical or irritable attitude toward self, others, job, or home signifies desire for change. You literally want to push away the old and move on -- this also typifies movement toward a bigger, more enlarged experience.

3) Boredom means you’ve completed or used up your present situation. You have drained it dry, learned what you can. There is nothing left to do or learn. It is time to stretch yourself and express differently.

Recognize that change happens naturally and because something inside of you is ready to grow. In some manner you’ve asked for this expansion. Your subconscious (inner) mind is following your desire by closing down the old, used sections of your life and leading you toward something greater.
Be careful not to resist or hold on to the old way. Happiness comes when you cooperate with change. When you choose to look for the good, progressive part of your experience, you will find it.

Moving to a new house or job can be frightening as it is an unknown. Yet it is also an exciting adventure with all kinds of possibilities waiting. Life represents a series of moves that helps you build greater vision of your capabilities, strengths, and talents. As you let go of the old, following the flow and movement to the new, you build self trust which ultimately culminates confidence, freedom and joy.

Jean Walters is a St. Louis based Personal Growth Consultant and Life Coach specializing in personal empowerment. You can reach her at 314 991 8439 or

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Expect innovative changes for everyone....

Recently a read an astrologer's interpretation of the astral events occurring in this time period. One of the things that struck me had to do with a long term change occurring now. It has to do with the planet Uranus (planet of quick changes, humanitarian issues, innovation, and genius) moving into Aries (the masculine sign of action, inventiveness, adventurousness, getting things done.) This event will continue for seven years. Get used to it!

This event is important because everyone has Aries in their natal chart so that we are all effected by this change AND the world is effected as a whole. When you combine the energy of Uranus with the energy of Aries, you get lots of action and movement. Both of these influences enjoy independence and the desire to do it their own thing in their own way and are not willing to respond to either bullying or being told what to do. Can you see how this might effect our world? We all have some of this within us.

We have been watching major revolutions all over the planet and even in our own country. We don't want to be told how to run our lives or what others think is good for us. We want to decide these things our selves. We see evidence of this in our political system when we are treated like children who don't know how to take care of ourselves.

There will be no denying that we live in a time of massive change. What we thought of as the status quo is no more. Be ready to move - energetically, spiritually, in your career, relationships and in all ways. Systems will change, organizations that have been around a long time could go to be replaced with new ones. There will be innovation!

This is the time for entrepreneurial endeavors. You may desire to start your own enterprise. You may have the energy you have been missing in the past to do that. Everyone may get an energy jump, or perhaps a bit more inspiration.

Choose how you want to experience these changes. As I have said many times, we can go easy or hard. When we cooperate with change, we learn to flow and life is easier and when we resist it, we deplete our energy and enthusiasm and feel stressed.

Here is hoping this bit of insight into the times in which we live might help prepare you for your journey and your own personal transformation. Blessings!!
Jean Walters, 314 991 8439 personal growth consultant and coach, Akashic reader, transformational teacher

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seeing symbols in our times!

Here in the Midwest, it has been so hot for so long that I decided to look for a purpose for the extreme weather beyond it being summer. So here goes! If we consider that everything in the physical world relates, at least symbolically, to our inner life, consider this: the extreme heat we have experience relates to purification (heat = purification).
We are in a new age - the Aquarian Age. One of the features of this new age is the shift from fear to love. Perhaps we need to purge or purify from our thinking "fear." Then as we take this further, I have noticed that every road I travel on is under construction. Some have even buckled with the radical heat (purification). Our roads represent our pathways in life. Is your path changing or is it being restructured? Is the old way archaic, out of date, no longer serviceable? The ways we once traveled through life may no longer be relevant to who we are or where we are going. We have have to design a new system or philosophy to accomplish our mission.
Have you noticed that people are more outspoken, more opinionated, more involved in the bigger picture or the world view. This is also part of the new age. We are not longer "believers" as would relate to the Piscean Age. Now we must "KNOW," as would reflect the Aquarian influence. You remember the axiom, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." We must know the truth.
As we change, everything in our world transforms as well. This transformation really is the purpose of physical life. Change means evolution.
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