Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Truth about 2012

Have you heard the rumors concerning the Mayan calendar that the end of the world is coming in December, 2012? You know -- destruction of the earth, cataclysmic changes, a choice point which holds the potential for annihilation or spiritual transformation. In scientist-author, Gregg Braden’s work, “science has gathered extraordinary knowledge that he calls the new ‘deep truth.’“ I follow with a quote from Braden. “According to the Maya, we are living the last days of a rare, mysterious cycle of time. We are in a 5,125-year-long cycle, which is precisely 2,872,000 days, and we are ending the fifth in a series of five cycles. Our current cycle began on August 11, of 3114 BC. The Maya were able to determine that the cycle would end on the Winter Solstice, 2012, which marked the end of the Maya calendars that traced the cycles.

They also identified a thirty six-year window between 1980 and 2016 as a time when humanity wouldn’t recognize its way of life, itself, or the land. The Maya knew that the Earth’s location in space changes on a cyclic basis over long periods of time and that as Earth’s orbit, tilt, wobble, and angle change in space as it relates to our sun, it changes the physical parameters of life on Earth. The climate changes and when the climate changes, the weather changes. When weather changes, so does our water supply along with how and when we grow our food. This, in turn, affects how we trade and share global resources. How we move upon the Earth changes when the Earth changes. All of this the Maya knew.”

That brings up to the choice point we face today. Do we attempt to continue old, unsustainable ways of life that are no longer effective, or are we willing to accept that what serves us once, no longer does, and move on to new sustainable methods of sharing resources and relating to each other?
The Maya and other ancestors knew that this 2012 cycle would be the time of making these choices and formulating an amazing shift in the way we think of ourselves and our world. They never indicated this time as the end of the world, but the end of a cycle.

On a universal scale, the Wise-Ones and Shamans of Tibet, Indians of the Southwest desert, Peru, and Bolivia predicted the same period of time for the same change. Furthermore they agreed that there are two potential outcomes: one based on fate (what will happen if we choose to do nothing), the other on destiny. Our destiny is not just to survive but to build a bridge to a new way of being.

In the time since these predictions, science has come to know that we are living in a field of energy that connects all things, and that we continually communicate with that matrix of energy. Science also indicates that it is clear that the magnitude of today’s challenges suggest that we have important choices to make to construct this bridge to a new life, greater awareness, and a new global culture. We do this by making higher choices. Cooperation and mutual aid benefits everyone - individuals, families, communities and nations. As our focus adjusts to these values, competition and the pursuant violence disappear.

The Universal truth is that everything exists for the harmonious good of every other part. Thus as we make everyday choices to begin the paradigm shift from fear to LOVE, from conflict to PEACE, from competition to cooperation, and from doubt to faith, we build our bridge individually and, in time, we build it globally. We must be the generation that evolves from a sense of lack and limitation and embraces the life-affirming principle of welcoming diversity of ideas, cultures, art, music, science and beliefs. It starts with spiritual practice – individually and collectively. Through our pursuance of Higher realization we are led to a new and greater experience of cooperation and love.

There are passages quoted from the Science of Mind Magazine, December 2011 edition.