Thursday, August 4, 2016

Managing Peace In this time of craziness, when the world seems to erupt with emotion and anger, it is most important that we turn inward to the peace that passes understanding. It appears that there is poison being expelled from our collective system. The ego regurgitates chaos and noise. And so we move to the stillness of nature to grasp more firmly the rhythm and flow of gentleness, kindness, nurturing. It is time to seek with fortitude and discipline a higher Spirit than the world (news) portrays. We are reminded, there are folks who give in heartfelt ways. There are people who continue to smile in the midst of dissolution and the smoke and dust of anger filled rooms, who reach out and help strangers, who share their gifts and offer words of support and encouragement. Where shall we focus our attention? There is a quiet place within. It is as beautiful as a tree in full bloom and the sun setting in the west. It is as sweet as a baby's innocent giggle. We go there and embrace Spirit. We remove our attention from the distractions that would convince us the world is a dangerous place and remind ourselves that God is good and that people are expressions of divine love. Stay in this space and breath each holy breath. Be still and know the truth of Spirit. Be still. Be still.