Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blog: The Law of Probability Have you made a list of the things – events, items, circumstances – you want in your life? Do you know how having those things serve the world? If you have those two issues outlined, you are ready to begin your movement forward toward achieving these goals. Here are some action steps that will help you work the law of probability in your favor: o Visualize your desire in detail and use emotion and feeling. Hint: the more you can FEEL it, the more magnetic your desire becomes. Remember when you were a child and you REALLY wanted that bicycle or, in my case, that doll. When you thought about it, you were flying down the road, wind in your hair, experiencing the freedom of having your new bike. You met up with your “biker” friends and went on adventures and laughed jovially. Or, in my case, I took care of my doll and she (yes, a girl) had her own bed and highchair. We cuddled and I talked to her. It was all very real. Well that’s what you have to do to obtain your current wish. o Pay attention to what your intuition brings you. Is there a phone call you need to make, a trip that calls to you, a group you need to join, or a book you are beaconed to read? Follow your intuition. It works as the crow flies – straight to your goal. o Take action. Sometimes the action is to let go of your desire and do your normal, daily activities. When you let go, you are letting God. Essentially, that means get out of the way. o Be active, don’t sit around and wait for Mr. Wonderful to show up, or someone to call with a great job offer. With high levels of activity, your probability increases. With MORE activity the idea of being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people is greatly increased. o Decide how successful you want to be and match appropriate action to that goal. And, in the mean time, put yourself in a “giving” mode. Two reasons: 1) Giving takes attention off yourself and 2) Giving opens up your field of energy for receiving. Energy cycles – when you give energy, it comes back to you. The more you give, the more you receive. The formula: Desire + Visualization with feeling + listening to your intuition + activity = manifestation Brian Tracy says it well: “If you want to be more successful, develop a bias for action. Develop a sense of urgency. Take action. Get on with it. Move fast. The faster you move, the more energy you have. The faster you move, the more experience you gain and the better you get. The faster you move, the more results you accomplish and the more successful you will be. “