Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Key to Receiving is Giving

Often, in our fast paced world, we feel we have to manipulate circumstances and people to get what we want. When, in truth, we can bypass all that effort and go directly to Spirit. In other words, go HIGHER in your focus and awareness. Move into a place of love, centeredness, knowingness. Let me explain…

What if our whole reason for existing is to make the connection to our Higher Selves and live a life of joy? By consuming ourselves with managing details (people’s attitudes toward us, creating the circumstances we desire), we could easily miss the point and forget to love.

What does everyone want? What does everyone need? The answer is simple – LOVE…. To be loved and accepted. How simple it is to provide that?
, lovevvv
The other day, a client asked me, “How can I receive more kudos and praise at work?” The answer is simple, give it. Pass praise and acknowledgment around as though you are giving out chocolates…. abundantly! The more you give of anything (love, praise, money, chocolates), the more you receive. We have an unlimited amount of love (praise, acknowledgement) to give so be profuse in your givingness.

Think of at least three to five people right now that you can acknowledge. “I so appreciate the way you managed that or shared that or present yourself etceteras.” “I admire the way you work with people, are unconditional, display your talents, etceteras.” Or, “You look beautiful or radiant.” Now, you let your mind move to people with whom you want to share joyful sentiments. Guess what! You will feel so good as you offer these thoughts and feelings, you will become a “love addict,” going around generously sharing your love all over the place. And, guess what again, your world will grow in richness and your life will become full.

So think about what you want to receive (love, friendship, praise, money, attention) and then start giving it away. The Universe is like a well oiled machine. It works with precision and consistency. You GIVE and you RECEIVE. Have fun!

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