Monday, August 22, 2011

Simplification or Lack

Recently I received a message from a client referencing the changes we are all experiencing in the world. Her comment had to do with a television show she was watching featuring Financial Expert, Suzie Ormann. Suzie mentioned the fact that things are changing in the way people are dealing with their financial needs. Her thought was that now we need to focus on enjoying saving instead of spending. That the times have changed and that includes her teachings from 7 to 8 years ago. This includes the way we look at retirement and spending, etceteras. Ormann’s belief is that we need to get back to the family and not focus on THINGS, such as a bigger car, bigger house and all the things we give our children without them working for it. She said that we need to be honest with ourselves and know our truth and she also mentioned living below our means.

My client’s thoughts were that she doesn’t do very well at either saving or living below her means. (This is true for many of us.) Her question is: where does Universal abundance comes in to this picture? Apparently there seems to be some confusion as to how these concepts mesh. To her, living below her means is considered lack.

Here is my answer: I don't think living below your means is necessarily lack. (Although if you are just getting by, it may seem like that.) We (humanity) are moving from a time of competition - who has the nicest car and house, the cutest outfit, or makes the most money. Our pride has been in THINGS and I think, like Suzie, we are shifting into "this outfit is not new or the latest fashion and I like it just fine and I feel fine wearing it to the event." In other words, maybe we are past the "proving it" stage of development and can just enjoy the simple things. I know that many of you are already doing this as you find great pleasure in nature, your garden, your animals, your family and friends. Isn't that wealth?

So, what I am saying is that when we settle down and get quiet, there is peace and joy naturally and the hustle-bustle of life is not so compelling. Isn't that what you are saying when you assert, "I don't want to rush." And then the desire to have some money to cushion yourself seems like a natural extension of loving peace, beauty, calmness and releasing the need to go fast or prove anything to anyone. Saving money is FOR you, not a bragging statement to anyone else. You become more self-enclosed, autonomous in so many ways, and calmer. Life becomes more internal and less external.

The Universe is always generous and abundant. Check out the flowers everywhere! Abundance is ours - it is not aways in the form of money. It is alway in the form of opportunity and love. As we receive the Universe's gifts with joy and appreciation, they flow even more abundantly into our lives. And, that includes money too.

Yes, it is a departure from old ways, but it may be a venture into true Spirituality and putting love before everything else. What do you think?

Jean Walters, Personal Growth Consultant, Transformational Coach, Certified Reality Therapist, Akashic Reader, columnist, syndicated radio host, instructor of personal empowerment 314 991 8439