Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to be an Eagle! Have you heard about the eagle that was inadvertently raised on a turkey farm? Although in most ways, it was a nice existence. Turkeys, you see, took things pretty easy. The problem was the eagle had aspirations that the turkeys did not. In a nutshell the eagle wanted to fly – and not just above the earth – he wanted to fly HIGH! And he was curious. What is over that hill? What is the world like beyond the farmyard? Why does the sky change colors from morning to night? What causes the leaves to fall from the trees? “ The problem is that when you are an eagle on a turkey farm, it is clear you are different. Now, that could be okay, but in this case, this eagle stood out. The turkeys were happy pecking around looking for grain, whereas he was head to the skies, dreaming of flying. Even when he tried to conform, he felt weird and awkward. The turkeys must have thought so too because they would stop and gawk at him. It clearly wasn’t working. You know how it is - dreamers are often laughed at by those who won’t let their minds run free! As it happens, one day the eagle was mesmerized watching a family of robins in a near by tree. The babies would jump from the side of the nest to the center and practice flapping their wings. Soon their wings were strong and they would jump from the nest and fly around the tree. Okay, that was his break. He practiced jumping from a bale of hay and running while he pumped his wings. As he ran, he could feel the wind taking hold of his wings. As his body grew and his wings expanded, he could feel himself lifted right off the ground. It’s wonderful, it’s beautiful; I’m free. After that he was never the same. He never felt bad about being different and he never allowed anyone to tell him his dreams weren’t valid. You see, within each of us is an eagle yearning to fly high above the masses. The question is: will you let yourself have your dreams? Or will you let other people’s limitations become your own? What is your inner yearning? What are you willing to do to manifest it? From one eagle to another, I wish you an elevated life, soaring above the crowds, and having a fabulous life. Here’s the deal, once you accept your dreams as your destiny, your mind will begin to show you the steps to get there, just as the eagle found his teacher through a group of robins, you will find your mentors. Once you make up your mind that you are not here to peck around in ordinariness, you will find your way. May you fly HIGH!!!