Sunday, September 18, 2011

Letting Go of Smallness

The Buddha said, "Whatever is not yours abandon it. When you have abandoned it, that will lead to your welfare and happiness."

I love this message because it says a lot to me. Each week there seems to be a theme as I move through my week. Currently the theme is about letting go of smallness.

There are two parts to our minds - one is the ego and it speaks smallness to us. It keeps us small in stature by feeding us FEAR. Don't make waves; don't speak out of turn; don't offend anyone or make a mistake. Do whatever it takes to be loved and accepted. As we follow this voice, we avoid risks, we live in fear, and we keep ourselves from our dreams. Essentially we are believing that we are unworthy. Because if we accepted our worthiness, we would step out boldly and confront life. Instead we don't recognize our wonderful gifts, our Light, and the love we bring to the world, so we grovel like beggars willing to take whatever small crumbs fall our way.

The other part of our mind is who we truly are. It is our True Self, our Divine Mind and it is constantly urging us onward. It is the voice that says, give it a try; see what can happen; stand your ground; you're worth it. Don't accept crumbs; you're bigger than that; go for it!!!

Thus we come back to the Buddha's quote: "Whatever is not yours abandon it. When you have abandoned it, that will lead to your welfare and happiness." What we have to do is abandon FEAR - that small ego voice that wants to keep you SAFE - from what? It keeps you safe from your fullness, your largeness, your TRUE SELF. It knows that as you abandon fear, you will never listen to it again. Its only chance of survival is to convince you to stay small and afraid.

In the last week I have dealt with many people we were getting ready to face their fear. Each have to hold their ground and do what they really know is right for them. In other words, they know what they want in the long haul and, in order to obtain it, they have to put their smallness aside to take the bold actions to move toward it.

On a practical basis this could mean facing your partner, child or pet and saying, "No, I will not be disrespected. I will not accept crumbs." Or, on a business level it could mean, I have a vision and I will work toward it and if you are not aligned with my goal and purpose, I will let you go and find or create other alliances.

It is the God (Universe) within us that pushes us. That is why when we have taken that bold step, we feel so wonderful. When we have faced our fears, we are bigger and we are more powerful. The more we move into our power, the happier we are. Not to worry, we are not talking about being power mongers here. This is about self power where you are acknowledged as your True Self and you also acknowledge others in the same way.

Thus, whatever is not yours (a position that does not offer you what you are worth, a relationship that does not honor you, a friendship that is not respectful) abandon it. When you have released it, you will be lead to your welfare and happiness. Because that is when you have stated to the Universe, I am ready for bigger and better. I acknowledge my own place in the Universe.

So, what or who do you need to let go of now?

Blessings and love!!! Jean