Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Regenerate Mind and Body Chronic fatigue is a wide spread problem. It comes from over-commitment, perfectionism, trying to be and do everything – superman/woman concept. People suffering with it, feel victimized, hopeless and out of control. To deal with this or any problem, face it squarely, the same way you confront your enemy to determine his strength and resources. By courageously facing a dilemma, it opens to you allowing perception of cause and possible solutions. Energy loss results when we try to live in impractical ways. Adopting senseless rules, letting others set your goals, attempting to make others happy (instead of yourself), allowing fear to dominate your thinking, trying to create external rather than internal peace and performing work that conflicts with your value system. These standards drain energy and enthusiasm because they are pointless, ineffective and unattainable. Heal yourself of low energy by creating new strategies. Create a new game plan. The habit is living ineffectively. It is broken by developing new, healthy behaviors. To revitalize enthusiasm, get in touch with your needs and desires and develop of system of marching to your own drummer. That doesn’t mean stepping on others, as that benefits no one, and has a negative backlash. Desire is the polar opposite of fear thus to alter fear -thinking, concentrate on what you want. In general, we are taught to operate from fear and not love. Yet this changes when we get a clear focus. For example, if you want to return to school, clarify what you want from the experience. Don’t go because you’re afraid to be without higher education. Register after you have determined your benefit. Action taken to fulfill a dream engenders excitement, energy. Another way to waste energy is doing things for people who can do them for themselves. When you make your children’s bed and clean their rooms, you deny them the opportunity to develop life skills, self-esteem and independence. Needy people are also draining. You can never please them,. No matter what you do it is not enough. Their needs are unquenchable. Evaluate your life and release meaningless actions, and obligations. That will free volumes of time for movement and growth. Doing what is right for you is enriching, increases energy, and makes you happy. You are inspired and inspiring. You easily give more to others. They easily return the gift. What beliefs and activities are draining your energy? What do you need to let go of?