Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Blog: Superwoman's Demise The other day a friend called and exclaimed how exhausted she was. As her scenario unfolded, she was fatigued of work, family, obligations, responsibilities, and even social activities. Hortense was just plain tired. As we conversed, I heard a repeated phrase, I can’t do anything about it. It became apparent that Hortense’s fatigue related to feeling out of control. She had exaggerated her responsibilities and placed unrealistic demands on herself. Hortense placed herself in charge of everyone’s happiness, feelings of worth and success (except her own, of course). This over dramatization increased her obligations to others, her inability to fulfill these requirements, and exacerbated her guilt. Superman would have buckled under these demands and would most likely have hung up his cape in the attempt to meet them. Hortense’s exhaustion was the result of setting impossible demands and expectations for herself. Do you do the same? Ask yourself, What can I control? Answering this question honestly can dramatically change ones perception of responsibility. Filling your life with meaningless obligation complicates things. It results in no time for activities and relationships that add value, depth and meaning. Trying to make other people happy is psychological arm-twisting. The smiles produced are superficial and have no lasting value. You can’t MAKE someone happy any more than someone can MAKE you happy. Happiness is a choice. You are the one in control of your state of happiness as others are in control of theirs. Doing things that encourages feeling good, useful, accomplished, and fulfilled, produces happiness. These behaviors further set an example of practical responsibility for others. People learn to cause their own good feelings; they model the same; and the word spreads. As each person chooses to be in charge of his own happiness, instead of waiting for someone else to supply it, a relationship weight is lifted, and, Walla! You feel energized. Plus, with this burden gone, relationships have a greater chance of being healthy! Enjoy! Much love, Jean My books will change your life: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! Dreams and the Symbology of Life! All are available on Amazon.com
Blog: Is your Intuition Powerful? Dr. Elmer R. Gates of Chevy Chase, Maryland, thought so. He used it to create useful patents. He became one of the great scientists in the world. In his years of cultivating and using his creative faculty, he produced more than 200 patents. He used a unique method to tap into his creative genius, a method that could be adopted by anyone desiring inspired results. In his laboratory, Gates created what he termed his personal communication room. This was a soundproofed room, furnished meagerly with a table and a tablet on which to write. A push-button on the wall controlled the lighting. When he chose to tap into his creative imagination, he entered this room and turned off the lights. There, he concentrated on the invention he was developing. He would sit until ideas relative to his project began to flash across his mind. There were occasions when his mind was so prolific, he wrote for hours. He wrote until his mind ran dry, so to speak. Through this process, his creative imagination produced minute descriptions of ideas and principles that were not yet known to the scientific world. This was the manner in which he produced his patents. He basically made his living by sitting for ideas. He did this for some of the major corporations in America, as well. Edison and Gates shared the use of this creative faculty, although each had their own way of accessing it. Edison made use of a cot situated in his laboratory. When he got stuck on a project, not sure what to do next, he would lie down on the cot and take a nap. He did this while holding a piece of metal. As he relaxed, the metal would drop from his hand and clink as it hit the floor. This would wake him from his sleep and he would write down the ideas that flowed from his mind. Genius has its ways. The information that came through the minds of these great men superseded the reasoning mind’s capacity. These thoughts came directly from Source, the Universe. In contrast, the intellect is incredibly limited in its supply. If you depend on reasoning alone, you are sometimes misled, since there is great disparage in how you perceive information, often tainted with the biases you hold. By working with your creative faculty, you open yourself to unlimited potential. It is your vast, unfettered, pure resource. __________________________________________________________ My books: Read them and you will never be the same. Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! Dreams and the Symbology of Life! All are available on Amazon.com