Thursday, October 4, 2018

Discover Your Limits

Have you ever wondered what your true capabilities are? According to philosopher, Goethe, “Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now.” Often, we are taught to play it safe. Don’t risk failure. Take the easy route. Do what you’ve always done. Yet no one discusses the risk you take by playing it safe. The biggest risk in playing it safe is that you stay small and mediocre. Yet there is something within everyone that wants more. You know that children feel this desire to stretch their potential when you observe their incessant curiosity and sense of adventure. They explore the world with abandon. “I wonder what’s on that top shelf.” They speculate what it is like to climb to the top of the tree and then they climb it. They marvel at the intricacies of a new game or adventure and then they jump into it. They consider momentarily what the new kid in the neighborhood might be like and then rush off to invite him to “ride bicycles, or play ball.” They ponder an idea and then enthusiastically take action. Embracing new sights, places, opportunities and friends is how children expand their worlds. As the process unfolds, they take on bigger challenges and tackle larger obstacles. And we encourage and applaud them. Why don’t we do the same with ourselves. After all, this process of discovery is how a person realizes the extent of his capabilities. It is not by shrinking from challenges, but by taking them on. We push farther, go over the next hill, learn a new skill, try on a new experience. It is the way all advances are made in the world. As we enter that which is not known, we open ourselves to possibilities and discoveries that we may never have considered. So, what is your next adventure? What would you like to learn next? The worst possibility is that you decide you don’t care for the new restaurant or sport; the best is that you open to a new part of yourself you never before knew existed. Either way, you win! “We only learn our limits by going beyond them.” Anonymous Jean Walters is a Transformational Coach, Akashic Reader, Best Selling Author, and teacher of Personal Development classes. You can reach her at or 314 991 8439 website: