Thursday, May 10, 2018

Control or Peace - What shall it be?

Do you think you need to be in control? If so, you are not alone. See if you recognize this person. Janine was having major health problems. It started with Crohn’s disease, then expanded to urinary incontinence and serious digestion problems. When I looked at Janine’s body in a psychic reading, I found an incredible pattern of tightness and rigidity throughout. This pattern seemed to echo a mental mantra in Janine’s mind: I have to fix it. I have to fix everything. I asked Janine, “What is it you have to fix?” She informed me that her husband, Jeffrey, was beside himself with the up-coming death of his dog, which had been his pal since childhood. Psychically, I checked this out and saw that Jeffrey had made peace with his dog’s terminal illness. He was ready to accept his pet’s demise. He seemed to be managing his sorrow well. Janine, on the other hand, was the one freaking out. Why… because she was not in control. She could not fix any of it. She couldn’t fix the dog, or the illness. She couldn’t prevent the dog’s demise or interfere with her husband’s sadness. The only thing she could control was herself and she was doing a terrible job at that. So, the bottom line was that Janine was ruining her own health by living in resistance to the natural flow of life. She resisted because she wanted things to be a certain way, and they weren’t. She told me she was exhausted. Well, of course she was. It takes tremendous energy to resist life. Every part of her mind and body was tight and unyielding. Would she end up losing her colon or have to have stomach or urinary tract surgery before she got the message? Let go! Let God! This kind of resistance is a learned habit. Janine held the idea that everything had to be perfect all the time. And perfect meant her version of perfect. I suggested that maybe everything was already perfect, and perhaps it was time for her to accept that. The opportunity for Janine is amazing. She can create personal freedom by letting go and bring peace into her life by accepting what is. Her situation is a gift. It offered potential for growth. You, too, can look for growth in your life. You are continually offered lessons to build character, strength, and skills and potential to evolve. As you work with each lesson, you expand in consciousness. The Universe is constantly guiding you. It helps you meet the right people to assist in your evolution and amplify the characteristics you have come into this life to develop. Examine your life now. Are you fighting life? Tell tale signs are defensiveness, excuses, need for control, and the tightness you feel in your body. Who do you want to blame? In what way are you angry or resentful? This is how resistance reveals itself. When you resist you bar Spirit from entering your mind and life. You are saying, “I want to be in control and I am not willing to be open to a greater way.” Water flows downhill, around tree stumps, and over rocks. Life flows in this way also. The stream trickles down the mountain. The wind blows where it will. Waves roll freely to shore. The seasons flow, one to the other. And so it is with life. This free flow of energy exemplifies our natural state. This is Spirit. It carries change easily, subtly, and effortlessly. We are to honor and trust this flow. As we recognize change as a natural occurrence, we allow it its due without resistance. These are signs of resistance. Do you recognize any? · Blaming others for your circumstances · Anger · Taking things, events, remarks, or actions personally · Always in a hurry · Trying to make others happy · Trying to make your children into what you want them to be · Stubbornly holding to your agenda when everything points to a different way When you stop fighting life, it is easy to accept mean-spirited folks for who they are: wounded. And the truth is, their unhappiness has nothing to do with you. You can choose how you feel with each event. In every example, you can choose to remain peaceful, to wait patiently, or be willing to see the Universe working for you. When you do that, you remain connected to Spirit and Joy and you develop knowing. Activity: Pay attention to your body and notice restriction. Mentally note what you are resisting. (Change, being wrong, accepting someone or something, whatever?) Your body will tell you by the pressure or rigidity you feel. Notice your reactions to events and people. Observe judgments and resistance in yourself. Discern when you want to fight, to be right, compete for the last word, or you have to win. When you discover these barriers, relax and breathe. Observe your anger and resentment. They will help you recognize victimhood. If you notice yourself being a victim, decide if that is the mental state you want to experience. Mark when you want to complain or feel helpless. Step back and decide if you are being honest. Are you really helpless? If not, do something to change things. Jean is a Best Selling Author or Amazon. Here are her books: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! and Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - others have and you can too! Also, Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy All available on Thanks, Jean