Sunday, October 16, 2011

Letting go to Let the River take You - How to live non-resistantly

There is a story about a small creature that lives in and flows with the river. One day he decides that he loves the place where he is and does not want to follow the river any longer. Thus he latches on to the river bank with resolve to stay right where he is. The tides expands and recedes and he hangs on for dear life. Even though he has trusted the river in the past, he is resolute in fearing the unknown. What lies around the next bend and farther down the river?

He basically wears himself out holding on to the bank as he quivers with fear. Not knowing what he fears exactly, yet the shadows of doubt and trepidation fill his mind with scary outcomes and imagined threats. Finally, exhausted with the effort, he can no longer maintain his grip on the bank. As his paws begin to slide away, he surrenders himself to the flow of the river. For some strange reason, he is at peace.

The river takes the creature and soon he is floating in a beautiful pond with glorious foliage, overhanging trees and a abundance of fruit, seeds, tree roots (plenty of food). He has reached the river’s ending place. It is serene. He has battled all of these days (years?) holding on out of fear of the unknown when anytime he could have let go and the river would have brought him here – to paradise.

How much energy do we waste living in fear when the flow of life wants to move us on to greener pastures and greater opportunities? How much time do we waste holding on to what was when we can surrender to life and let the flow move us to where we need to be? The question really is – when did we decide not to trust the flow? When did you begin to believe that things couldn’t be better?

Today’s lesson is to look at the ways we let our ego get in the way and decide that we know more and better than our Greater Self. How have we cut off our flow and decided that the bounty of life is for others and not ourselves? We have an inner voice that speaks to us in guiding ways helping us to follow our stream of life. It is a loving, kind voice and it wants us to have beauty, expansion, joy, health, prosperity and love. But, It can only take us there if we let it. So here are your questions to ponder…

Are you in a job that has been finished (for you) for a long time? What about relationships? Are there relationships that are no longer growing or enriching (either of you)? In what ways do you need to move on but are not trusting that there is more and better ahead for you? Are there opportunities (risks) that are calling you but you have been too afraid to grasp? Are you holding on to the past and keeping yourself from the blessings of the here and now? Is it time to move on? Are you willing? Are you ready?

I send blessings! If I can help you reconnect with your intuitive voice, let me know. That is what my work is all about. Jean Walters