Monday, February 13, 2012

Become the Observer in Life

It has been said that we have two voices within us. The first one is the voice of truth. It comes to you subtly and offers suggestions. “Join that club.” “Go the new way to work today.” “Call that customer now.” “It is time to move to a new house or job.” “Study anthropology or journalism or whatever.” “Create your own business.”

When you follow the voice of truth your life is ever changing and you are continually growing. This inner voice will lead you down a path and, in time, you will discover, with delight, the answers to your desires plus the personal growth you require to appreciate this culmination.

The second voice is the voice of doubt and it will tell you things like, “Don’t join the club; you’re not good enough to do that.” “Stay on the same tried and true path. Change is scary.” “Don’t call the customer; put it off. He won’t buy anything anyway.” “Stay in the job. It is a sure thing.” “Stay in the house; moving to a new neighborhood is untenable.”

Whichever voice we listen to eventually gets louder. Sometimes we can no longer hear the other one. You can tell which voice you are listening to by noticing the quality of your life. Are you living a life of joy, freedom, expression? Or, does your life reflect fear, restriction, resignation, and the eternal quest for safety? Do you venture into discover and try new things or do you avoid change? One way evokes joy and expansion and the other fear and restriction.

One way to discover which voice you are listening to is to step back and become the observer. As you watch your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, you begin to recognize which voice motivates you. Then, without recrimination or guilt you can make adjustments.

Another way to say this is that we are motivated by two things: fear and desire. Desire comes from the voice of truth and fear emanates from the second voice, the voice of ego. When people set out to do things, they proceed with one or the other voice urging them on. Example: I will stop and get my car gassed up because I enjoy the freedom to be able to travel wherever I want and a full gas tank affords me that. Or, I will stop and fill my gas tank because I am afraid of running out of gas. The first statement reflects joy and expansion and the second fear.

The voice of fear also shows itself in resistance. We can resist moving forward. The idea is that we want to keep the status quo and stay where we are because we are comfortable right here. The problem with that is that the Universe does not stay put. There is always movement and change. In fact, change is the only constant in life. Thus when you resist life, you are not going with the flow, you are resisting it.

Thus the suggestion is to become the “watcher” or observer of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and ask yourself “am I moving forward or resisting life?” Then decide for yourself which is the best approach for you.