Sunday, January 15, 2012

Every experience is a blessing!

Many people are confused about compassion. They get it mixed up with feeling sorry for someone. Actually compassion is much bigger than that. It is a spiritual principle that allows us to identify with our Source-God.

Scientist and workshop leader, Gregg Braden, tells a story that came directly out of the newly discovered Essence scrolls. It relates a story concerning Jesus traveling to a small village where he was approached by a woman who had experienced leprosy all her life. In fact, she had leprosy prior to birth, while in the womb.

She asked Jesus to help her. She pleaded, “I have never had a friend or a man or even a pet because I am so ugly. Please release me from this condition.”

As the story goes Jesus responded with two questions. “Do you believe in me and the Father that sent me?” She relied that she did. The next question was “What have you learned from your disease?”

To this query she became upset. “I haven’t learned anything from it. I haven’t had a friend, a man, or a pet because I am so repulsive. I have been unloved because of this disease.”

With that Jesus replied that he could not heal her because she had not received the blessing from her illness. In this instance, he was responding with compassion. Without learning froman experience, you are doomed to repeat it.

We are here to learn from every experience. When you choose to be a victim of circumstances instead of learning from and through them, you have not completed the experience. The lesson has not been learned. You are essentially relegating yourself to repeat it until you “get it.”

We often see this with people who marry the same spouse (in different forms) repeatedly. Or when you move into a job situation where the same tyrannical boss resides (in different forms) or you continue to feel unappreciated in various circumstances.

What you might ask is what could one learn from having a debilitating disease like leprosy? It would seem that there are many opportunities to learn. One important lesson would be to not judge by appearances or to offer love to any and all people regardless of circumstances. Perhaps it is to recognize when you have allowed yourself to be a victim rather than a victor. Could we use our circumstances to become an advocate for others?

It has been proven that when a person lives life from the point of view and energy of love, his total body chemistry changes, his immune system strengthens, his physical-mental-emotional condition alters and healing is expedited.

Perhaps this story helps us understand that we don’t need to operate from the polarity thinking of good and bad, right and wrong, but to recognize that there are gifts in every experience. What are the blessings in your experience?