Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Steps to take to move ahead in your career!!

Assumption: The reasoning mind is limited as it only draws from what you are aware of intellectually and your experiences. To live a bigger life, you must move beyond the constraints of the reasoning mind to experience the expansive field of pure potentiality or limitless possibilities. It is a choice. If you say, “I don’t see how that can happen,” you are operating from the reasoning mind. In other words, how did Jesus walk on water and Sai Baba manifest jewels from thin air? They operated from a higher reality. They did not limit themselves to what everyone else thought was possible. We can do the same thing. Each day open your mind to the field of pure potentiality and ask what is possible today? Ask that your next step in achieving your intention be revealed. Listen! Listen to the signs, symbols, and soul urgings. Move! Take action as directed – do not get in your own way. Develop tunnel vision to proceed toward your objective. The pauper can become the prince; the homeless person can graduate college; the secretary can eventually own the company. Everything is possible - in Spirit. When others say NO, you say YES, and keep going. If necessary, block out the world so you can live solely in Spirit and Knowing – I decree that this (objective) is done!! Here are some steps to take if you are seeking your next work adventure. You can use this same process for any other intention as well. Steps to move ahead in career Follow these steps to open to your next career adventure: 1) Make a list of all your talents and abilities. Everything you've ever been good at. (Nurturing, organizing, connecting with people, baking a cake, selling an idea, climbing trees, giving orders, cleaning houses, technology, etc.) 2) Set the list aside - that was for your reasoning mind to recognize that you are multi-talented. Now, let go of analysis, figuring things out yourself, and reasoning. In other words, get out of the way. 3) Next. sit quietly and open your mind to Spirit and every thing that goes with it - the field of pure potentiality and limitless possibilities. Just be in space. Be there until you feel stabilized/grounded. By creating mental space for new possibilities to enter, you are allowing Spirit to provide inspiration. Be still and spacious and It will. Do this over and over and your next step will be revealed. 4) Visualize the kind of activity that would be fun to call work. Recognize that this activity is your True expression and it will generate wages/income. Do NOT concern yourself with HOW it will manifest or when, or who, or any other details. Just enter this picture and FEEL the excitement and fun. Give this exercise 5 minutes. You can do this twice a day. 5) Give thanks!! and let go. Get on with your day and do what is in front of you to do. 6) Do this again tomorrow and the next day. Spirit follows what the mind directs. If your are clear in your intention, opportunities will be revealed. Jean Walters is a best selling author, teacher, Transformational Coach, and Akashic Record Reader. check out her books: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! and Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and You can Too! (Amazon) Also, Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy (Amazon) You connect: