Monday, September 12, 2011

The Universe Only Works in the Present Moment

The other day someone asked me if the Universe related to our words and thoughts or our energy (feelings). In other words, which one sets up our manifestations (our future). The answer is that the Universe (Unified Field in which we live, breath, and have our being) connects and response only to energy. Thus you can say all sort of affirmations (words) and make promises and pledges, but if there is not a corresponding energy to go along with these, there is no change or result in your life.

We are constantly creating our lives from the energy we hold and the higher vibrating the emotions, feelings and thoughts, the more bountiful the result or effects in our lives. A person can state how much they care, but if it isn’t demonstrated, there is no impression made.

There is a saying that you cannot fool children or animals. The reason is that children and animals ignore words (they don’t understand them) while they pay attention to feelings, tone, and body language (energy). They are not confused by what you say because what you are projecting though your emotions is obvious. They recognize energy immediately. The Universe is no different. In fact, you might say that because kids and animals are so connected to the Universe and they respond to it so automatically, it is why they cannot be fooled. They have not been domesticated to the point of ignoring what they feel.

Much of the time, instead of living in the moment, we are focused on the past or the future – why did I do that; I should have known better; I should have done or said that; that was stupid; or what if this or that happens – I lose my job, get sick, so and so leaves. All this “self talk” keeps us from living in the present moment and it creates distraction through fears, worries or regrets. It is the way we lose our focus and our connection.

The truth is that the past only matters as a learning tool. It does not define us unless we let it. The Universe only responds to the present moment and who you are and what you feel NOW. It is never conditioned by the past. It is a present force acting in present terms. It knows what you are at this moment and does not (cannot) judge you on your past.
Thus our opportunity lies in the present moment. If you find yourself caught up in what should have been or what might happen in the future, gently bring yourself back to the truth of the present moment. God is present now. Your obsession to fear of the future or your determination to dwell in the past unconsciously limits the availability of Universal Magic in your present circumstances. As you ground yourself to this present moment, the Divine can work through you and guide you to your perfect solution.

By developing the feelings of calm acceptance, you open to the awareness of God in action right now. No beseeching is necessary. Indeed it keeps you in the turmoil of past and future. Direct your energy to the development of clarity in thoughts and emotions instead.