Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Miracle of Raising Your Energy

The other day someone told me that they did not understand how you could alter an event or situation by raising your energy. I told them they could easily see how this is accomplished for themselves. My suggestion involved the simple act of going into a gas station to pay for their gasoline and smiling at the station attendant. His face brightened at this idea. “Yes, I have done that and even said to that person, ‘I hope you have a really nice day’ and I have seen the positive effect that my smile and demeanor had on the attendant.”

I replied, “Then you understand how easy it is to alter the energy of a situation.” One small act, done with intention, can make any circumstance better. You can go a party with the idea of contributing to everyone’s comfort and fun (instead of hanging out in the corner waiting for someone to come to you) and immediately your attention is removed from your own needs (what you want to receive) to giving to others. (You essentially become a radiant being of love, extending your Light to others... powerful stuff!!

The bottom line is you end up having a great at the party because the most natural thing in the world is to give love and support to others. Or, go to work with the thought of making your work place pleasant and positive. Your intention leads you to smile and wait on customers graciously, treat people with kindness, answer the phone enthusiastically, view venders as a resource rather than an annoyance, and take pride in what you do.

Another way to raise your energy is to be grateful. We all have hundreds of things, circumstances, and people for which to be grateful. As Americans we have freedom to express ourselves, good drinking water, easy highways to navigate, education, opportunities to work, have friends, laugh, and participate in our government, if we wish. We can choose how we want to live our lives. There is much for which to be grateful. As we give thanks for our many blessings, our energy shoots up. We feel good!

The point is that elevating your energy is not a miraculous thing. It can be accomplished with the simplest of intentions and actions and when it is, everyone benefits.

If you get trapped with negatives, consider changing your focus to doing something nice for someone else. This act and intention not only releases you from negativity, but sets you on a path of happiness. You feel happy because it is through giving that a person begins to understand how much he has to offer. As you acknowledge your gifts, you have a true awareness of personal value – Self Value!