Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Intuition - What it is and Can You Trust it?

I am frequently asked about intuition… what is it? How do I know if I am connected to it? How do I know if it is real and not something I made up? Hey, great questions. Let’s explore the answers. As an intuitive, Akashic Record reader, and coach, I rely on my intuition in both business and personal life. I check each decision to make sure it is aligned with my highest purpose. That is a most important function of intuition, to keep you on track. Intuition is also the guide to your Highest Intelligence. Thus the query, would you rather be given advice from your High Self or your ego? Hence cultivating your intuitive voice is probably the most important thing you will ever do. It makes your life easier, less stressful, and smoother. I think of it as helping me get to my destination as the crow flies – or, the shortest path. As a professional intuitive, I depend on my still small voice for insights and instructions in every situation. When I work with clients, I am guided to the right energy, symbols and scenarios that supply the most meaning and impact for them. The messages that come through my channel are relatable, practical, and provide my clients the quickest way to accomplish what is needed and I mean as the crow flies. The truth is that we live on many levels. The physical/material world happens to be the heaviest (densest) energetically. The finer realms, where intuition resides, are clear, insightful, and packed with wisdom. By following your intuition, you will discover ways to heal and to express your highest energy, passions and goals. What is Intuition? Intuition is the still, small voice that dwells within that guides, and sometimes prods us. It informs us if something is right or wrong for us and it offers insights about situations and relationships. We are often tuned to it when we are quiet and heart focused as opposed to being in our analytical head or ego. When we dash through life, letting our intellect (head) lead the way, living by rigid rules and forced decisions, we are continually distracted by external noise and unable to listen deeply. The material world is loud, dramatic and demanding. As a result, we find it difficult to cultivate the deep inner listening necessary to access inner wisdom and life becomes chaotic and difficult. To connect to inner knowing, we must step away from external noise. Take a break; stop. Go to the heart, sit quietly and listen. You can begin with five minutes a day. This allotted time will naturally expand as you develop mental discipline. Is it real or are we making it up? There are studies that illustrate the benefits of intuition. A 2015 study presented in the Journal of Positive Psychology indicates that intuition is particularly beneficial when a person is stressed or under pressure. It states that intuitive processes often lead to conclusions of higher value than rational-analytic methods of reasoning. Another Forbes article states that scientists and researchers has proven that intuition is the highest form of intelligence. It is noted that gut feelings, hunches, or the still small voice of intuition contain power, insight, and truth. In fact, it offers far more than insight than the data available in the outside world. We can use these faculties together. Use reason to back up intuition in much the way that Einstein did. He would intuit a premise (the speed of light or the law of relativity) and then go to work with his logical mind to find the formulas to back it up. What’s the benefit? Our intuition never lies or steers us in the wrong direction. When we dwell in the intuitive mind, we develop clarity because fear is displaced with love. It is vital to never make a decision out of fear because it leads to conclusions that may seem appropriate on paper but are ultimately bad as they are reactionary and do not take in the long view of a situation. Fear drowns out intuition and blocks forward movement. It is restrictive, confining, and shortsighted. Love is expansive whereas fear constricts and creates anxiety. We may get an intuitive don’t do it signal, but the energy around that message is lighter and more insightful than the energy of fear. As you observe, intuition feels right, and there is a sense of clarity with it. When connected to your intuition, you feel calm. Peace is indicative of truth and conclusions come easier. Even with a "don’t do it " or "this is a bad idea" message, there is still a sense of ease. In fact, intuition never goes against your desire; it is actually moves you toward it. And clarity always produces confidence. How does it speak to us? There are a variety of ways that your inner voice can speak to you. Feelings are important – a sense of peace or repulsion conveys choices. With clarity and lightness you know you are on the right path; when repulsed you know you are not. Your body does not know how to lie and you can be easily guided when you listen to it. Dreams (day or night) are another way to receive messages. Dealing with dreams symbolically helps you understand the urges coming through. A person who dreams of being a super hero will probably become one – perhaps not with a cape and laser gun, but still a superhero. He may discover a new way to accomplish a purpose, heal an illness, rocket to space, or develop a higher technology. Recently I had a client who dreamed of earthquakes, floods and disaster and knew she must leave her job as it was having a negative effect on her. Another client met her beautiful, unconditionally loving mother in her dreams and was told that she is doing everything as she should and to continue. Both understood that they were being guided. Intuition also shows up in symbols. When I see ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks, I am alerted to be attentive to what I am doing. To stay grounded. Or, you may see a word that shows up everywhere you go, SLOW DOWN; or an animal, like a deer, which instructs you to be gentle. Or a hawk that bears the message to take the long view. Indeed the Universe communicates through intuition in many ways. Some exercises to Connect with Your Intuition 1) Get in touch with your authentic self. Through our lives we have buried and hidden our true selves under personalities and behavioral roles in order to stay safe and acceptable. We have paid a huge price for this as we end up creating blocks against recognizing our innate gifts and purpose. We must drop these false personas and get honest. You know what you love to do, how you love to express, and the things you find distasteful. These truths have been evident from the time you were a small child. If possible, connect with someone who can help you peel away the layers to free yourself and connect with your true self. By doing this, your intuition will get stronger and louder. Gaining clarity on “who you truly are” will assist you in letting go of the past and learning to love yourself. It is an essential shift as intuition resides in love. If you disdain yourself, you stay boxed in fear and closed-mindedness. Our higher self — the source of intuition — is pure love. Loving yourself stabilizes your connection to your intuition. Learning self-love can be a lifelong journey. Yet the more we accept ourselves, warts and all, flaws and mistakes, without judgment or self-denigration, the more we can live fully in our Higher Selves. 2) A most important practice is to learn to be still. Creating space to be quiet, meditate, breathe, and enjoy nature, will pay dividends. You will discover that connecting with your heart, gut, inner hunches, or intuitive voice gets easier day-by-day. Also, let go of negative or chaotic situations. They are draining. Also remove distractions and clutter. This helps to quiet the noise and drama of life. Within this space, your intuition gains strength. 3) Pay attention to your physical body to notice feelings that come up for you. Perhaps you feel uneasy about a person or situation, or you may feel a strong yes. Whatever you are feeling, take time to connect and explore it. With time it becomes obvious – is this feeling coming from intuition or fear. This is the work that must be done. 4) Another method of listening is channeled writing. Write a question on a piece of paper, take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and write. You can wait for the words to start flowing or you can make circles on the paper until they surface. Once they do, start writing. Don’t filter, or concern yourself with spelling, grammar, sentence structure, or making sense of it. Keep writing until the words stop coming. Just trust what you are hearing. Your intuition is focused on helping you live your highest life. Often the answers that come are not the ones you think you want. But that goes to trust. Being honest is imperative to developing a strong relationship with your intuition. As you become stronger at trusting your intuition, making choices gets easier. Decisions come faster and are more aligned with what is best for you. Anxiety is minimized, as you don’t agonize, or let your rational/intellectual mind sort everything out. Because you are attuned to your Higher Mind, instant feedback becomes your method and it offers the best option for you. 5) Becoming familiar with your intuitive voice makes is vastly easier to put it into practice. For instance, let’s say you are looking to change jobs. You might start thinking about each job you are considering. Explore the fears, dreams and visions associated with each one. For example, ponder your current job. What does your work environment feel like? Going through the various activities of the job, how do they feel? Does it feel like you are learning something important and does it align with your career goals? How do you feel as you go to work every day? By asking questions, you define the problem. What is it you want to get clear on? Once you determine this, what are some possible solutions? Should you stay or go? And if you do go, what option is best for you — working for another company? Being self-employed? Being a full-time employee or a contract-based employee? Starting a different career? Doing something completely new? Write down various options and let your intuition guide you to what feels best. What feelings show up in your body? The body is a great barometer of truth because it does not know how to lie. It will always give honest feedback of what you really want. You can mentally rationalize, but your body cannot. What do you feel? Relaxed, relieved, or peaceful? Then your answer is probably yes. Or does your body feel tense, anxious or distressed? If so, you’re being told that the solution you are considering is not the right one. If you are still unsure, imagine going forward implementing each answer. With your imagination engaged, you will get immediate intuitive feedback. By imaging the new scenario, the body will actually feel it because it does not know the difference between what is real and what is made up. Visualize doing solution one. Move into it. How do you feel with each step? Are you fearful yet excited or do you feel dread and repulsion? Each feeling is an intuitive guide. Go through each possibility and you will know what is best. Take time to reference if your reactions are fear or love (intuition) driven. Remember, fear feels heavy and restrictive. If you notice that feeling, give yourself time to figure out what you are afraid of. In other words, explore the fear. It is possible the initial fear is not the real fear. By getting to know your fear, you also learn more about yourself. All fear is irrational. Yet, exploring it may help you let it go. To say this differently, the only valid fear is when your life is endangered, like being chased by a bear. More than likely, the fear you feel is a remnant from the past and not really relevant to your situation. Other fears might relate to being embarrassed or failing at a task or someone not liking you. These are the fears that keep you stuck and must be acted on. We are human beings having a learning experience. Listening to your intuition will help you learn. Life is a process and not a destination. When it feels right, walk through the fear and become free. As you use these tools you will create a strong connection to your intuition and your life will flow more easily, you will have more clarity and joy. Jean Walters is a spiritual guide and assist clients in finding their path in life and achieving clarity. She is available at jean@spiritualtransformation.com or 314 991 8439. Her books are available on Amazon.com

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tips to Develop Your Intuition from a Lifelong Psychic

Tips on developing your intuition Intuition, we all have it. Some use it everyday all the time and others don't. Do you listen to your head or your heart? Head = intellect; heart = intuition (deeper knowing). Intuition can show up as feelings, a great idea, a symbol presented in your life (a sign, a person, an animal, or even a situation). In fact, everything, when viewed from your Higher Mind, has significance and everything is a symbol of some sort. All can be used to guide your growth. Jesus said, "You shall know them by their works." He said works, not words. Often we get confused because people say one thing and do another. A radical example would be the fellow who says I love you and then smacks you. Words say one thing; actions state a completely different reality. A person is completely out of integrity when his words and actions don’t match. You are out of integrity if you believe him. My suggestion is that you ignore what people say and pay close attention to what they do. Is this person kind to the little people – waitresses, cab driver, and store clerks? Actions reveal the person. When we pay attention, we begin to observe life rather than be entangled in it. The more we observe without judgment (just watch it like a movie), the more we can cultivate our deeper sense of intuition. Why? Because we are no longer distracted with intellectual illusions. Once we become entangled with people or situation and make judgments, feign outrage, become attached, we lose our edge. That means we are distracted from the still, small voice that resides within the heart. That is a heavy price to pay. The truth is that love is action, not words. It is amazing to me how people want to be told how much they are loved when their friend or partner is going out of his/her way to show them. Can you see? In this confused state, we put words above actions and misjudge our situation. Yes, we are operating from our head and not our heart. The first step in strengthening your intuition is to FEEL. That means feel the situation you are in, sense the person you are with, notice the energy in a situation. FEEL it. As you move beyond your intellectual (head) self, you will find your feeling sense will prove a valuable ally guiding you to your right answers and direction. Many people ignore their feelings and that is a BAD mistake. Your feeling sense is to be trusted but it must be in the moment. That means that if you had a terrible experience with a tall Italian man in your past and now you react badly to all tall, Italian men, it is not your intuition speaking to you, but a past memory. It may take time to sort out memories versus true gut sensations. With practice, this can be done. Practice FEELING and be willing to be wrong, because for sure your intellect will try to interfere. Nevertheless, practice makes perfect. When Jesus healed the blind man, the Pharisees (who represent our “letter of the law,” follow-the-rules mentality – rational but not intuitive) challenged him and said you must be a devil (evil) because you did something out of the ordinary and you had the nerve to help this guy out on the Sabbath – a time of rest. In other words, you broke the religious law of the time and that makes you bad. These Pharisaical thoughts, and everyone has them, are not spiritual or intuitive. They represent the way we have been indoctrinated. Our narrow beliefs in how things should be. It so concerned the Pharisees that Jesus healed on the Sabbath that they wanted to get rid of him, stone him. Think about it… you do a kind act – do you second-guess yourself – maybe they won’t appreciate it, maybe I gave too much or too little, perhaps they won’t understand or I overstepped the boundaries, yada, yada, yada. This second-guessing is Pharisaical. These are the thoughts that talk you out of living spontaneously, spiritually, and in love. They are based in egoic materialism in that they attempt to convince you to rationalize who you are instead of striving to feel the deepest compassion, love and kindness that you are and to operate from that. If you were listening to your deep love (heart) what would you do today? Can you do it without second-guessing? Can you do it now? There are different levels of intuition. Some guide you from past experiences as mentioned above – watch out for the tall Italian guy - and there are deeper levels of intuitive knowing that help you cultivate your highest essence. To access these profound levels, you must become non-judgmental, non-attached to specific outcomes, and non-resistant to what is. If you have not developed these qualities, then that is the next work to do. Parting thought: Whatever work you do to strengthen your intuitive understanding will bring you tremendous rewards. As you move your awareness to deeper, more profound levels, you glean peace, joy, wisdom, health, abundance, and knowing. These are the greatest rewards you could ever want. Jean Walters has given over 35,000 Akashic Record Readings in over 35 years, has written best selling books, and consulted and coached thousands of people over her career. You can reach her at 314 991 8439 or jean@spiritualtransformation.com

Monday, November 26, 2018

See with Eyes of Gratitude: This creates miracles

Blog: Look with eyes of Gratitude! A space vehicle is propelled by rockets that fire in a programmed sequence in much the same way as each of us is propelled along life’s journey by other people or events that influence us. Sometimes these influences are profoundly positive and create major transitional moments. We look back at them as landmarks on the terrain of our lives. Other times, the person or event may appear negative or ominous. Yet, all serve as catalysts to bring about the change required at the time. They all help us to move along our path, just like the rocket. Everyone can recall events that were turning points and individuals who effected transformation. Your parents obviously fit this category. They provided your first boost into this world and their impact stayed with you. As their influence waned, the next rocket may have been a friend or teacher, and the next rocket, a spouse or mentor. Each person provided the exact encounter necessary to keep you progressing. Some people and events you welcomed gratefully and others caused you to cringe. Whether a birth or a death, a promotion or divorce, each shaped and molded your character, your understanding, and your wisdom. These occurrences are neutral. Your reaction determines how they impact your life, whether they detract or add value. You choose how you view these events in the same way that you choose how they affect you. You experience gratitude or become somber, humble, or bitter. For example, you are released from a job. You can see it as a doorway to another more exciting career, or you can spiral into victimhood. The choice on how to view the situation is yours. A driver cuts in front of you as you navigate through traffic. A humble person might recognize the driver as panicked or in trouble. He might get out of the way to make room so the other driver can be on his way. Someone else might judge the incident intrusive and decide to compete for the road. The first person does not take the incident personally and remains peaceful. The second one sees it as a personal affront and reacts with anger. In this case, the event colors his day. He will take his response with him wherever he goes. It will touch his interactions throughout the day. It will not add value. It will, instead, diminish him. And so it is with life. We choose to be enriched or diminished. Can you remember the end of a relationship? Were you grateful for having had the experience? Or were you mad that it had ended? If you think of it as a completed phase of your life, would you judge it differently? What does all this have to do with gratitude? The Universe is magical. It is ever providing the twists and turns we need to become the person we are to be. As you look back, see with eyes of gratitude all the experiences and people you have magnetized into your life to help you become the amazing being you truly are! I am grateful to you for allowing me to share! This excerpt if taken from my newest book, Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others Have and You can Too! You can purchase it on Amazon.com or http://www.spiritualtransformation.com Reach me at jean@spiritualtransformation.com

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Art of Givingness (the other side of thankfulness)

Sometimes people approach the holidays with resentment. They feel the season’s been commercialized; they focus on the buying and doing aspect of the holidays and lose the possibility of joy. Yet the principle of giving is inherent in the season, thus the potential for learning how to give is an immediate undertaking for everyone. It would seem that re-framing the way we interpret the quality of giving could change our response to the holidays. Happiness lies in the spirit of giving. Often this feeling of the spirit of givingness is felt more around the holidays than any other time, and this is a wonderful thing. Yet, we don’t have to limit our experience for we could make every day a kind of Christmas. The confusion lies in the idea that we must give “things”. For often with the giving of things, there are strings attached, and that takes away the joy. However when we give freely, without conditions, reservations, recriminations, attachments, we become the greatest recipients of our gifts because that kind of giving is accompanied by feelings of great joy. We can develop the SPIRIT of givingness and experience it daily. The greatest gifts anyone can give are time, energy, and wisdom. This is similar to the axiom that to teach a man to fish is better than to give him a fish. If you give a man a fish, he will need another in a few hours, for one fish cannot satisfy hunger for long. Yet, if you teach the man how to fish, he can satisfy his need for fish as often as he chooses. Giving in this way creates growth because it moves you out of your small (egoic) self and helps you see a bigger picture -- the needs of others. Plus you get to see the value of what you give. A few moments of support to someone in need is invaluable. Some words of support can save a life. This is the way we learn the true meaning of love. Giving your knowledge, experience and wisdom unconditionally leads to joy. This is not meant to down-play giving material gifts. What is important is that whatever you give comes from the heart. Then practice giving without concern for a return. Soon you will discover that your givingness fills you and that everything you need or want, you have. Jean Walters is a best selling author, teacher, counselor, and Akashic Record reader. You can reach her at 314 566 5231 or jean@spiritualtransformation.com

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Universal Law of Gratitude

The Universal Law of Gratitude The law of gratitude dictates that you value your current job position and customers. By doing this, new opportunities and customers readily present themselves. Gratitude is a law of nature. When we accept and are at peace with our circumstances, things begin to change naturally, easily. Sincere gratitude sows the seeds that blossom in abundance. It is a principle of nature and it is magnetic. When people feel acknowledged and appreciated, they more readily acknowledge and appreciate you. When you are grateful for all you have experienced and achieved, even the bad stuff, your life expands. Your understanding that hardship and challenge build the characteristics of strength and leadership becomes apparent. You need these qualities to achieve whatever goal you desire. There is a science to gratitude. As you explore the energy of gratitude, you will discover a great law of prosperity. When you genuinely feel grateful, your energy rises and expands. It aligns with your Divinity. It connects you to God. You can even feel it. Think of something or someone for which you are grateful. Notice the feeling in your body as you do this. It feels light and expanded. Now consider someone or something for which you feel annoyed, angry, resentful, or critical. You will notice your body shifting to a restricted state. The energy is tight. It might even burn because anger is inflamed energy. Be sure to bring yourself back to gratitude. As you observe more and more, your choice will be gratitude. You have the ability and responsibility to choose where you place your mind. You must develop the discipline to keep it focused on where you want it to be. That means what outcome do you desire. The mind has no choice but to abide by your wishes. For the most part, people do not recognize that they have this ability. This kind of mental training alters the projector of your life. As your projector changes, your life follows suit. Be willing to train your thoughts, and you will find the benefits astounding. When you generate thoughts of gratefulness, it is equivalent to having all ready received. Gratitude for having already received your desire immediately magnetizes the energy needed to manifest it in your space-time reality. The Quantum Field of energy, that in which we live, breath, and have our being, receives the impressions of your thoughts. As stated earlier, it is mutable, like Silly Putty. It automatically assumes the shape, intensity, and quality of your thoughts. In other words, your thoughts are a template for this mutable energy to take form. Magnetic thoughts of gratitude expand energy and bring more of what you appreciate to you. Have you ever wondered what your true capabilities are? According to philosopher, Goethe, “Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now.” Jean Walters is a best selling author of Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too!, Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live, and Dreams and the Symbology of Life - all available on Amazon.com You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com or 314 991 8439

Monday, October 29, 2018

How to Switch off Negative Chatter and Have More Fun!!!

Most people have been handed a lot of negativity as they grew up. The grown up (parents, teachers, television, everybody), not knowing the detrimental effects of put-downs or criticism, and being frustrated in their own lives, often and unknowingly, projected their own programmed fear to their children. “Are you ever going to get it right?” “What’s wrong with you?” “How could you be so stupid?” Or it could be subtle – a disappointed sigh or disdainful look. (You: Oh, I let them down again! I’m not good enough.) After a bit, we internalize the criticism and they don’t have to say a word because the negative “program” is imprinted in our minds and it becomes a default button when things go badly. At this point, the program has become a neural pathway in your brain and presents as habitual negative chatter. The question is: What to do about it? The answer is to reframe your limiting beliefs. Here are some steps to do that. First: recognize when you have negative chatter. That can be as easy as noticing how you feel. If you feel angry, resentful, victimized, even bored, you have negative chatter. Then notice your body. Where are you feeling tight? Clenched jaw, teeth grinding, knot in your stomach, lump in your throat, making a fist, tight shoulders or back? Your body never lies and it will always reveal your thoughts. Then, focus on one tight area and ask yourself, what have I been saying to myself? Do this as you release the tension. A great way to get in touch with your tension is to write about it. When you focus on your rigid jaw and ask yourself, what have I been thinking? Your brain dump can be, “I’m mad that I didn’t get the promotion at work. Or, I feel ignored at parties. I think I got a raw deal with something.” Brain dumping on paper is a great way to release negativity. You can keep a brain dump journal. When you have fully expunged the negativity, create a little ritual of tearing up the paper or throwing it in the fireplace. Some people go so far as to bury it. Your choice! The next step is where things get interesting because it involves two parts. Part one is actually confronting the negativity straight on. For instance, “I always get passed over for promotion” or “things never turn out well for me” is addressed with a question – is that true? It is up to you to come up with evidence of validity. And, if you do find legitimate proof, the next question is, “why have I chosen to direct my life that way?” Now you are moving into “victim” territory. Living with victim mentality is highly destructive because you have set a life course for disaster and unhappiness. Truth: Victims are NEVER happy and they are very often attached to their victim whoa is me life. It can be their claim to fame. I have actually seen people exit a positive, uplifting talk or workshop and immediately look for someone to tell their “victim” story. That person needs a hobby. You get the point. Once you have confronted your “story,” the second step is to make up a new one. Whereas the first part of the process is a brain dump, this part is a brain shift. You literally have to shift your mind to a positive possibility. If you don’t’ do this, your mind automatically defaults to our old negative position. That is because you have invested many years into the “poor me” scenario. Thus your new story will need a fair amount of reinforcement to become a neural pathway. Therefore, if your old rendition is, “I’m not good enough,” start your new tune with, “ I am more than good enough.” Think about your positive attributes such as kindness, gentleness, patience, generosity, being a good listening, keeping your word. (Everyone has positive qualities.) Follow that with what life looks and feels like to be more than good enough. Example: “people love to hang out with me.” Visualize people inviting you to hang out and laughing and having fun together. Visualize an active social life. Or, visualize people asking you for feedback or assistance at work and how good it feels to help them out and how much they appreciate you. Another example: “Things never go my way.” First step find the evidence. Is this a true statement? Why do I want to hold on this idea? What do I want my new story to be? Visualize a new scenario – serendipitous things happening all the time. People give you the right of way, you buy one item and receive two because today we have a special. Compliments fly at you from everyone! You get the idea. The next very important step is to ask yourself if you really want this new positive life and if so, why? It is vital to have positive motivation to keep yourself moving. If your intent to change is not solid, you will put out a half-hearted effort and then say the process doesn’t work. Truth: it only works if you work it. If you receive a lot of rewards for having a sad story, you may not be ready to change. Answer truthfully, are you ready to release negative chatter and move to a more joyful experience? Here is a summary of the process: · Recognize the negative chatter. Notice it. · Feel the negative energy and determine where the tension is in your body. · Challenge the negative chatter. Is it true? What is the truth? · Decide if you want to keep the “poor me” story going forward or create a new one. · Design a new story with positive feelings and affirming thoughts. · I’m adding a bonus step – be grateful. Grateful you noticed the negative chatter, you challenged it, and you are creating and experiencing a new outcome. Do this over and over until it becomes your default process and soon the negative chatter will be gone and your life is brighter and you are happy. Comedian Groucho Marx must have gone through this process because these were his thoughts about starting his day. “Each morning when I open my eyes, I say to myself, ‘I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead; tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” Jean Walters is a best-selling author, Transformational Coach, Akashic Record Reader. You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformaitona.com or 314 991 8439. Website: www.spiritualtransformation.com

Thursday, October 18, 2018

It never hurts to ask!!

Have you ever blocked yourself from going for what you really desired because it seemed too outrageous to attempt? Or has the fear of looking stupid, even though the opportunity was ripe, kept you from asking for what you want? If so, keep reading. There is an inventive fifth grade-writing teacher in Michigan who has helped his students get over these hurdles early in life. One of his class assignments is to write to local businesses and make “outlandish” requests. The teacher’s primary intention in making this assignment is to encourage students to make letter-writing fun. So, in addition to making the outlandish request, his students are to tell something personal about themselves and explain their project. The strange and interesting thing is that the kids usually get what they have asked for. Some of the requests from businesses that have been granted include a month’s supply of chocolate milk and a lifetime supply of french-fries. Thus besides providing the students with an inventive, fun writing assignment, the teacher contributes hands-on experience in one of life’s important lessons. That no matter how outrageous you might perceive your wishes to be, you might as well ask as you just might receive the very thing you desire. It never hurts to ask! What is it you want to ask for? Often we feel we must ask a specific person or business to fulfill our desire, but the truth is that you can go straight to the Universe. We live in a quantum field of energy that is ever ready to receive your request. Much like a shipping clerk that processes orders as they arrive, the Universe unequivocally, non-judgmentally, and unconditionally fills your requests whether they are positive or negative. That means if you are continuously thinking of getting sick, it processes that as an order. Or, if you are concentrated on experiencing joy in every aspect ofv life, it unerringly provides that opportunity. If you were placing an order on-line – Amazon.com for instance – you would be responsible for ordering the exact item you wanted. If you placed an order for a different book or shirt than the one you desire, that is what you will get. Thus, the concept of being clear and definite in your desire is relevant. Often, when I ask people what they want, they tell me “I don’t want to work long hours, and I don’t want a demanding boss.” It can be a bit like pulling hair to get some folks to confess, “what I want is to work three days a week and have a positive work community.” Whew, now was that hard? I think the resistance comes from the idea that it is not okay to ask for help or to want at all. Yet, nothing happens until you get clear on your desire. So, what do you want? Can you state it in clear terms so that a shipping clerk will know exactly what to send your way? “I want a lovely, fun-filled vacation in Hawaii.” “I choose a healthy, vibrant body that exudes well-being.” “I decree abundant creativity as I take on my next project.” “I choose fun, laughter, and joy as I journey forth in each day.” See it is not so hard. What do you want? Jean Walters is a best-selling author, Transformational Coach, Akashic Record Reader. You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformaitona.com or 314 991 8439. Website: www.spiritualtransformation.com

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Get Your Ego Out of the Way to Succeed BIG

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but rather we have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle We can often do more for others by trying to correct our own faults than by trying to correct theirs. Francois Fenelo In our fear-based world there are many rules. Most of these are designed around the idea of survival. The interesting thing is that no one is going to survive. Nevertheless our instruction is to focus on the future, plan for it, and save for it. There is nothing inherently wrong with putting money aside and not spending every penny you make on sensory gratification (cars, costumes, accruements, chocolate). What is wrong is the continual focus on the future that keeps you from being present NOW. ure, if there is one, comes out of the present. What you do, think, and act on today will extend into tomorrow. But often by making the future the goal, we don’t invest in the present - our own state of affairs – what we are doing, accepting, and believing right now. This article is called get your ego out of the way for a reason. It is your egoic self (personality and sense of separateness from everyone and everything else) that has adopted a set of beliefs that keeps you focused in the past (guilt, remorse, why did I do that, say that, etcetera) and in the future (what if this or that happens) which, more than likely, will never happen anyway. Either way you are not present NOW. Thus we do our tribal planning for the traditional life - safe, comfortable, normal, not necessarily innovative, expansive or love-focused. People become entranced with their tribal traditions. (This could mean Germans do this, Italians believe that. Latinos follow these customs and Aborigines follow those. Some dance at funerals, while other are somber. Some groups believe you are to put food out for the dead, and others rotate crops in a particular way, or celebrate when the rain comes. Some might worship a rock and others believe it is important to sacrifice a goat to insure prosperity. These are tribal customs and beliefs. Man made them up; God did not. Every person has a dream. Something in their soul – a desire, an image, a hunch, a special interest, that is the key to their soul’s desire. But many are afraid to give it credence because it doesn’t fit the society norm r expectations of the traditional life – college, marriage, buy a home, children, good job, 401K, pension, retirement, die. We laud people who put their children first and deny their own happiness without realizing what consequences that particular model sets up for the kids. (Either entitlement or continued sacrifice.) Thus the pattern continues and the tribe expands and the beliefs get stronger. Then someone, a maverick perhaps, steps out of the tribal circle and says, I choose to go my own way and follow my dream. So he skips college, digs into his interest, perhaps starts a business, invents something, becomes an artist or musician, or nomad, develops a product, or innovates in some way. He begins his soul journey. This is a precarious position because when he changes the norms, he gets to deal with the ego and all its judgments. In other words, the maverick (or you) better stay strong, focused, and undeterred. Here is how it works. Your Inner Guide (Soul, Spirit, the Universe, God) is not happenstance. To be sure, you are not given a desire without also having the inherent talent and ability to fulfill it. Thus in stepping from the tribal group, and getting ready to be outrageous, you must be ready to take Spirit as your partner. It is your friend, comfort, and stability. This means that you as this innovative maverick no longer needs to heed useless traditional thinking and beliefs that serve no purpose or benefit anyone. That’s right – no more goat sacrifices and you can rotate the crops whatever way makes sense to you. Now, the independent maverick can give full focus to the urgings of the soul. That is when anything is possible. Authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson’s book, Chicken Soup for the Soul was rejected 144 times before a publisher finally read it, loved it, and published it. They did not doubt their vision or determination to get their book published. Their idea was to sell over a million copies by the second year of publication. They held no limitation as to its popularity. As it happened, Chicken Soup for the Soul was re-written into 149 variations and sold all over the world. It ultimately became a billion dollar industry. Yet they were told NO a lot. Another incredibly popular book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach went through the same process. It was rejected numerous times and finally published to become a New York Times Bestseller for many weeks. Many years later it is still a well-read book about living your dream. The issue, as you can imagine, is that visionaries create and often it is the traditional folks with their eye on the bottom line, who make the decisions. Yet, with persistence, someone gets the message and is willing to invest. We are continually faced with decisions large and small. All are important because they set you up for fulfilling your dream and your purpose in life. Think of each as another step along your journey. Marissa worked at a corporation for 30 years. This company had been bought and sold several times and with each new management team the corporate environment got darker, more demanding, and more negative. Because Marissa was a loyal person, took pride in her work, and wanted to stay at the company until she retired, she stayed and stayed and accommodated every change and each new leader until she finally broke under the pressure and quit her job. For over 30 years Marissa had practically walked on water to get her job done. She had become a human dynamo with accrued skills, talents, resources, and a huge database of associates all available for her own use. Yet, because she had stayed so long and was so loyal to them instead of herself, she had sacrificed her health and her energy and spirit was depleted. After about a year away from the turmoil, Marissa was feeling stronger, healthier and beginning to retrieve her energy. This is when she began playing around developing a logo and idea for a small business. She wanted to help people create ease and beauty in their homes and lives. It was to be a service business providing assistance with gardening, party planning, sprucing up people’s homes, getting organized, and other such things. Her timing was impeccable and the concept had incredible potential. The problem was that Marissa saw it only as a nice little side business while she envisioned herself as an employee working in another corporation and continuing to fund her 401K. Marissa had programmed her mind to be at the mercy of employers when she had the skills to be an entrepreneur. Another problem was that Marissa was smarter, savvier, and more talented than the requirement of the positions she sought. She no longer fit in to those jobs. Her tribal beliefs were: you work hard for someone else, put others first, pay off your house, and put money away and some day you will get to live. In other words, her attention was focused on everyone and everything other than herself and definitely not in the present moment. Marissa was so locked into traditional thinking, she did not even realize that she had a dream – her own business – and she also had the tools and resources to make it successful. When I saw her, she was devastated that she had failed at finding a new corporate job and she was mortified that she had been unable to fund her retirement for a whole year. In her mind, she was a failure! Marissa lived in the future in “good girl” mentality – in the ego. She had to step out of her grief to see the bigger picture. In her life she had asked for guidance from God, Jesus, and all things spiritual. Yet, when the guidance came she could not recognize it because it did not fit her picture. What she was really asking for was guidance to continue in her traditional way. Guess what, God/ the Universe does not hold man’s traditions sacred. It is not the way Spirit works. You want help – here is help. That job is not for you; nor that one, or that one. All was not gloom and doom in that there were people waiting to help Marissa. She had to get her pride (ego) out of the way. Finally she woke up to the understanding that God/ Spirit/ Universe had been assisting her all along the way. She had received answers to her prayers. She had created the dream, the resources and the customer base to manifest a wildly successful business and have a blast doing it. She finally got to work for someone who could and would appreciate her expertise – herself. The moral of the story is God has Its own solutions and ways of helping. Don’t go to God and declare I want this and it has to happen this way and with that person. Because you just might hear giant peals of laughter rolling through the heavens. Bottom line: God’s way is a better way. Get your ego out of the way. Jean Walters is a best selling author, Transformational Coach, and Akashic Reader. You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com or 314 991 8439. Have a great day!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Discover Your Limits

Have you ever wondered what your true capabilities are? According to philosopher, Goethe, “Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now.” Often, we are taught to play it safe. Don’t risk failure. Take the easy route. Do what you’ve always done. Yet no one discusses the risk you take by playing it safe. The biggest risk in playing it safe is that you stay small and mediocre. Yet there is something within everyone that wants more. You know that children feel this desire to stretch their potential when you observe their incessant curiosity and sense of adventure. They explore the world with abandon. “I wonder what’s on that top shelf.” They speculate what it is like to climb to the top of the tree and then they climb it. They marvel at the intricacies of a new game or adventure and then they jump into it. They consider momentarily what the new kid in the neighborhood might be like and then rush off to invite him to “ride bicycles, or play ball.” They ponder an idea and then enthusiastically take action. Embracing new sights, places, opportunities and friends is how children expand their worlds. As the process unfolds, they take on bigger challenges and tackle larger obstacles. And we encourage and applaud them. Why don’t we do the same with ourselves. After all, this process of discovery is how a person realizes the extent of his capabilities. It is not by shrinking from challenges, but by taking them on. We push farther, go over the next hill, learn a new skill, try on a new experience. It is the way all advances are made in the world. As we enter that which is not known, we open ourselves to possibilities and discoveries that we may never have considered. So, what is your next adventure? What would you like to learn next? The worst possibility is that you decide you don’t care for the new restaurant or sport; the best is that you open to a new part of yourself you never before knew existed. Either way, you win! “We only learn our limits by going beyond them.” Anonymous Jean Walters is a Transformational Coach, Akashic Reader, Best Selling Author, and teacher of Personal Development classes. You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com or 314 991 8439 website: http://www.spiritualtransformation.com

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Power of Focus - How to Move Mountains

Is it time to make changes… to shift your focus? Perhaps you need a larger picture, and the confidence to do what needs to be done no matter what. The process is transformative. Much like the caterpillar spinning a chrysalis to prepare for new life in the form of a butterfly, you are about to return to the memory of innocence, when life was fascinating and everything possible. It is your pure state of spiritual connection and knowing. It is the beginning. Babies find life fascinating. Every color and shape draws delighted smiles and coos – sometimes even screams of delight. As they grow, babies scramble to discover what hides in the wastebasket or on top of the shelf. They climb with abandon, seeking the next fascination. Hands in soap, mud or spit up – it is all the same -- a texture to explore or taste. They listen, touch, taste and smell. It is their process. They are unconfined by convention. Nor are they littered with mental constructs of limitation and fear. The inner need to discover, experiment, and experience is the freedom of the soul and this drive is alive within you as well. Returning to Spiritual freedom is our quest! As we develop, we learn through play. Children know how to play. They jump out of bed and know just what to do. Whether it is to challenge their friend to a game of skipping pebbles across the pond, or build a fort, or climb a tree, they are driven to adventure and their minds are open for what comes next. Children are beautiful, uncluttered, innocent and without knowledge. Yet, excited and willing to learn. They are shameless and guiltless in their urge for discovery. Before a child is programmed with the need for specific results, they approach life as a grand vista of opportunity – an adventure. What happens to dissuade this desire to venture into the unknown? What happens to daunt the spirit of curiosity? How did we forget to ask: What lies over the next hill? How do I get there? When do we lose the desire to enter the unidentified, and become enamored instead with the concept of safety? How did we buy into the idea of building some sort of kingdom to hide in and imagine life as a dangerous foe to battle and resist? So we ask, what is the way to relearn what it is to live expansively in the way of a child and open to the magic of curiosity, optimism and possibility? This is what we seek as we explore practices and techniques to achieve mastery, knowing, and connection. Directing your powerful mind is the key and the most important element in constructing this skill of on-going, never-failing connection. Your mind has the power to move mountains. When Jesus instructed his followers to have faith the size of a mustard seed, he meant to have focused mental control so that when you fix on a goal, you are assured of achieving it. When you set this resolve, the field of energy in which you live (the Quantum Field) has no alternative but to do your bidding. That means when you set your focus on limitation, it follows your bidding unerringly. Thus, whatever you focus on (positive or negative), you will achieve. What is it you truly want? On what are you willing to maintain focus? Jean Walters is a Transformational Coach, Akashic Reader, Best Selling Author, and Speaker. To get her newsletter sign up at http://www.spiritualtransformation.com or jean@spiritualtransformation.com or 314 991 8439

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Blog: Is this enough for me? (Tranformational Story) Dweisi Mfume appeared to be an ordinary child when, at eleven, his step dad, abandoned the family. Then when he was sixteen, his mother died of cancer. That is when his life spun out of control. Mfume quit school and went to work to help support his sisters. He worked as many as three jobs in a single week. He also began started hanging out on street corners drinking with friends. “I ran with the worst people and I became the leader, he recalled in U.S. News and World Report, "I was even locked up a couple of times on suspicion of theft because I happened to be young and black. And before I knew it, I was a teenage parent, not once but five times." Yet Mfume's life took a radica turn on a July night in the late 1960s. He had been drinking with his friends when suddenly he began to feel strange. "People were standing around playing dice and everything else, and something just came over me," he remembered. "I said, 'I can't live like this anymore.' And I walked away." Mfume spent the rest of the night in prayer. That is when his new life began and he proceeded to earn his high school diploma and pursue a college degree. Mfume went on to earn a graduate degree from John Hopkins University. Then he was elected to the Baltimore City Council, and then Congress. As a congressman, Mfume became one of the most well known African American politicians in Washington, DC. His next position was president of the NAACP. Kweisi Mfume.was the name he adopted in the early 1970s in an effort to connect with his African roots. His Aunt had traveled to Ghana and suggested the name. It is a phrase that translates as “conquering son of kings.” Mfume's story is your story and my story. No matter what our beginnings, we have within us a conqueror, not of people, but of ourselves. At some point, we must ask, “Is this enough? Am I fulfilling my destiny? And, like Mfume, we may decide to alter our identity and take a new path in order to do it. The question is: Is this enough? You have the answer. Jean Walters is a tranformational coach and Akashic Reader for 40 years. She is author of best selling book: Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! Also Dreams and the Symbology of Life (workbook for interpreting your dreams) by Jean Walters-Lucy You an reach her at 314 991 8439 or jean@spiritualtransformation.com
My Trip to John of God Martin Luther King Jr. said he went to the top of the mountain and saw the glory and was changed. In a similar way I went to the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil and experienced life as it is supposed to be. It was also transformational. The Casa (house), which is located in Abadiania, Brazil, is home to Joao de Deus (John of God) an internationally renowned spiritual healer. It is Joao and his many tireless volunteers’ purpose to bring healing to the masses and this is accomplished each week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It is on those days that thousands of people from all over the world arrive at the Casa. They seek respite from mental, emotional, and physical pain, confusion, addiction, illness and disease (cancer, tumors, headaches, paralysis and so on). My visit was in July 2018. My objective in going to the Casa was to deepen my spiritual connection and experience. The result was a shift in awareness that occurred almost immediately upon entering the serenity of the Casa grounds. It was like entering a cocoon of love where transcendence takes place, not unlike a caterpillar gestating to become a butterfly. Giving in to the process was easy, joyful and heartfelt. I was also taken back as I viewed hundreds of people, children and babies quietly waiting their turn to be in front of the healer. Peace was in the air. There were no harsh words, impatience, or dissension anywhere or in anyone. People moved quietly while dozens, perhaps a hundred, others sat in meditation. The mediums and meditators provided an important service for they established a high vibrational energy current that allowed the entities that incorporate in to John of God to do their healing work. These entities are previously incarned exalted masters, teachers, and healers. (Saint Germain, Dr. Augusto Almeida, Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi, King Solomon, Dom Inacio, and others. Approximately 60 in number.) Their energy vibration is high and the meditators support Medium Joao’s ability to maintain their incorporation. The energy throughout the Casa and grounds is profoundly peaceful and loving. There are gardens and an overview where you can gaze out over the surrounding countryside. There are benches where dozens of people sit in reverie or meditation. With each day the crowd grew to thousands. Some were clearly afflicted, children with birth defects, and others weak with illness. Because of the high-energy vibration at the Casa, it felt like you were under a protective umbrella or a spell and there was but one purpose – love. I found it easy to give up pressing goals and schedules and relax in peace. What a huge contrast from the rush-rush of the western world. There was a special place to pray called a “prayer triangle” (the three sides of the triangle stood for faith, love, and charity). People lined up to pray there leaving behind written requests for assistance. This special triangle represents a portal to an inner dimension where spiritual help is readily available. The environment of pure unconditional love was stunning, amazing, and even a bit shocking. It was akin to glimpsing the world the way it is supposed to be and the way it would eventually evolve to become. Within the energetic environment, there were profound changes occurring beneath the surface. The folks that showed up with healing and prayer requests from countries around the world took their turn to go before the medium, John of God, and they received interventions. Some were healed immediately and others who were working through deep, layered issues took longer. All healings were accomplished with the willingness of the individual to do his part. That meant to own his part of the problem whether that be a negative attitude, unforgiveness, self-hatred, addiction, or whatever. The entities see deep into the soul of each person and know what must be done. Incorporation can be a few seconds or a few hours. The stream of people in line that go before the entity measures up to 2000-3000 in a day. Medium Joao has no judgment toward anyone and turns no one away. This means sometimes he works into the night. He is also uncompromising in not taking payment for the healings. He knows that all healing comes from God and his part if offering his body as a vehicle for transferring energy to the afflicted. The entity that is incorporated sees past, present, and future of each person. He recognizes the disharmony and its cause and the correction must take place on every level. In other words, the body displays symptoms that result from fear, wrong thinking, anger, past karma, or misunderstanding. For that reason healing must occur on all levels – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. The volunteer staff that keeps the operation flowing and smooth suggest you ask yourself, Why do you want to be at the casa? What brings you here? And are you willing to do your work – to let go of hatred, prejudices, jealousy, victimhood, self-pity – all the negative emotions and misunderstandings that have displaced the perfection of the physical body and shown up in illness, disease and paralysis. If you are willing to become an open slate (clear space) for the entities to work, healing occurs. Sometimes it takes more than one visit to reconstruct a deformed or diseased body just as it took a long time to create such a disability. All illness, emotional upset, even spirit possession starts from erroneous thought. People then attempt to heal the physical manifestation without even dealing with its cause. That is why cancer can be healed physically and it returns. Its mental-emotional origin has never been dealt with. As you approach, the entities know who you are energetically, what you have experienced, and what you must do now. Because true healing occurs at deep levels of consciousness, I personally went through a variety of physical symptoms. At times I was quite ill. Yet through the experience I felt myself passing through many doors as I processed the changes occurring in my inner world. It was a bit of a crash course of awareness – the fast track, if you will. I was prepared for these changes. I wanted them. I had been doing research, and spiritual work, readings and even some mediumship for decades. So, I knew that I was being rebuilt from the inside out. I wondered how others who had not had the same exposure managed but I knew the entities work with each person individually for who he is and his level of understanding. That is what unconditional love is all about. My experience was a manifestation of my desire to grow to deepest spiritual connection with God. During the two weeks I spent in Abadiania, I felt my self being reconstructed. This awareness was confirmed with a vision prior to my departure to return home to St. Louis. My vision was of me unzipping and stepping out of my old self and into a new self. I was thrilled, as I knew it meant that I had accomplished my goal. When I returned home, I was a different person. My heart was opened. I was and am continually connected to the deep essence of love I discovered in Abadiania. It is my choice to live in this space and share it. That is what this story is really all about. Love exists. There are exalted people living in that space. The world is transforming and you can too. Jean Walters is a best selling author of Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! and Set Yourself Free: Live the Life you were meant to Live! available on Amazon.com Also, Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy. She is a transformational coach and Akashic Reader. You can reach her at 314 991 8439 or jean@spiritualtransformation.com

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Truth Power

If you have ever fallen flat on your face or felt like a failure, you might want to remember this story because it involved a fellow who had the same experience. He was the pride of his wealthy parents who provided every advantage including the best schools, a law degree and even introductions to prominent people. Yet, beyond that, it was up to him to prove his mettle by becoming a capable lawyer. He had a terrible time in the courtroom. Easily overwhelmed, he was unable to stand up to opposition. His shyness and fear brought him to a wretched state of suffering, when finally he realized that there were people far worse off than he. That is when he began to turn himself around for it was then that he realized he could help alleviate the distress of others. It was at this point, when he took his focus off his own miseries, that he began developing a new philosophy called “Truth Power”. Through this philosophy, he was able to lead his native India to independence from the unfair treatments practiced under British law. His name was Mohandas or Mohatma Ghandi. In developing the philosophy of Truth Power, Gandhi incorporated the concepts he learned as a child when his father educated him in the importance of courage, generosity, and unwavering adherence to the principles of morality and truth. At the same time, his mother demonstrated gentleness, modesty, consideration, and the flexible strength that enables one to overcome through yielding. Both parents taught that if you want positive results, you must be positive, and that goodness, demonstrated persistently, triumphs over evil, even though it may seem to take time. Gandhi claimed that Truth Power would overcome opponents by changing them with respectful patient persistence – transforming them, not annihilating them. Repeatedly, he was told it would not work. Again and again, despite overwhelming odds, it did. In India, it led to democratic reforms; unification of political territories, parties; stopped civil war; revived home industries; emancipated the ‘untouchables’ from an unjust caste system; and freed the nation from British rule. What is your truth power? If you were to take your attention off yourself and face the world, what issue would you like to change? Do you have the courage to take a step in that direction? Jean Walters is a Transformational Life Coach, Akashic Record Reader, best selling author, and teacher for 40 years. You can find her books on Amazon.com Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others Have and YOU can too! - Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! - Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Steps to take to move ahead in your career!!

Assumption: The reasoning mind is limited as it only draws from what you are aware of intellectually and your experiences. To live a bigger life, you must move beyond the constraints of the reasoning mind to experience the expansive field of pure potentiality or limitless possibilities. It is a choice. If you say, “I don’t see how that can happen,” you are operating from the reasoning mind. In other words, how did Jesus walk on water and Sai Baba manifest jewels from thin air? They operated from a higher reality. They did not limit themselves to what everyone else thought was possible. We can do the same thing. Each day open your mind to the field of pure potentiality and ask what is possible today? Ask that your next step in achieving your intention be revealed. Listen! Listen to the signs, symbols, and soul urgings. Move! Take action as directed – do not get in your own way. Develop tunnel vision to proceed toward your objective. The pauper can become the prince; the homeless person can graduate college; the secretary can eventually own the company. Everything is possible - in Spirit. When others say NO, you say YES, and keep going. If necessary, block out the world so you can live solely in Spirit and Knowing – I decree that this (objective) is done!! Here are some steps to take if you are seeking your next work adventure. You can use this same process for any other intention as well. Steps to move ahead in career Follow these steps to open to your next career adventure: 1) Make a list of all your talents and abilities. Everything you've ever been good at. (Nurturing, organizing, connecting with people, baking a cake, selling an idea, climbing trees, giving orders, cleaning houses, technology, etc.) 2) Set the list aside - that was for your reasoning mind to recognize that you are multi-talented. Now, let go of analysis, figuring things out yourself, and reasoning. In other words, get out of the way. 3) Next. sit quietly and open your mind to Spirit and every thing that goes with it - the field of pure potentiality and limitless possibilities. Just be in space. Be there until you feel stabilized/grounded. By creating mental space for new possibilities to enter, you are allowing Spirit to provide inspiration. Be still and spacious and It will. Do this over and over and your next step will be revealed. 4) Visualize the kind of activity that would be fun to call work. Recognize that this activity is your True expression and it will generate wages/income. Do NOT concern yourself with HOW it will manifest or when, or who, or any other details. Just enter this picture and FEEL the excitement and fun. Give this exercise 5 minutes. You can do this twice a day. 5) Give thanks!! and let go. Get on with your day and do what is in front of you to do. 6) Do this again tomorrow and the next day. Spirit follows what the mind directs. If your are clear in your intention, opportunities will be revealed. Jean Walters is a best selling author, teacher, Transformational Coach, and Akashic Record Reader. check out her books: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! and Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and You can Too! (Amazon) Also, Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy (Amazon) You connect: Jean@spiritualtransformation.com www.spiritualtransformation.com

Thursday, June 21, 2018

From Limitation to Inspiration

There are many inspirational stories. How people survive challenges and become stronger and better. But there are none more compelling than the story of boxer, Rubin Carter, an innocent man wrongly convicted of two murders. Carter spent 22 years in jail. While there he continually fought to survive a battle against a powerful foe, prejudice. He could not defeat this enemy, as it appeared to be infinitely stronger than he was. And it seemed determined to destroy him but he did not give up. Carter’s survival method was to take control of his mind. Instead of giving in to rage and victim-centered thoughts, he developed his imagination and ability to focus his mind on something higher. As a result he transformed his hatred and anger into love. Carter’s story presents an interesting challenge: What does it take to survive such an ordeal? How does one develop the inner conviction, strength and mental clarity to win such a battle? The answer his story provides is that you do have total control of your mind. Yes, you can lose your property, job, family, freedom and even your life. Yet, you are the only one who has control over your mind and emotions. A power that can destroy your body still cannot destroy your mind. Carter took control. He learned to focus his mind and filter his self-talk. He taught himself how to look past wrongs and stay peaceful in the flurry of others’ hatred. He won his war. And interestingly, he was finally exonerated and released from prison. This makes me wonder if prison wasn’t his spiritual path to transformation? We have other examples of fortitude and determination. In his book, A Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl described his experience as a prisoner in a German Concentration Camp. He stated that his captors could administer physical torture and limit his actions but they could not imprison his mind. In his imagination, Frankl focused on being home with his wife. Surprisingly, Frankl was one of the survivors of the “death” camps. It would seem that he was victorious in a personal battle of self-control. These people present an important point. Our bodies may be limited, but our minds and imaginations can do anything. Through will and discipline, you can train your mind to perform the impossible. You can achieve greatness. Carter and Frankl could not walk out of their respective physical confines so they conceived other possibilities. By looking for greater lessons in their circumstances, they walked out of their mental prisons. Carter turned his animosity into love; Frankl imagined his way to freedom and then assisted others to search for deeper meaning. You have the same capabilities. You can move from the self-created prison of prejudice, anger, or limitation to comprehend and experience greater possibilities. It is a shift, a discipline, and a plan and it results in peace and personal contentment. Jean Walters is a St. Louis based Personal Growth Consultant and Life Coach. She ha performed over 35,000 Akashic Readings in her career. She is a best selling author on Amazon.com. Her books are: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life You were meant to Live! And Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible – Others have and You can too! You can reach her at 314 991 8439 or Jean@spiritualtransformation.com

Monday, June 18, 2018

Failure is an Illusion

Failure is an Illusion by Jean Walters There are lots of things you cannot control – the economy, the way others think or behave, the price of eggs, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Kim Jong-Un. It would be easy to become so immersed in the number of items you cannot control that you forget what you can manage, and that would be YOU. In a fear-based culture, there is a societal tendency to dwell on negativity... What if this happens and what if that happens? People ruminate on negative possibilities. You might notice it if you watch the news (or even the day-time soap operas where everything is a tragedy). Unpleasant events dominate and it becomes vogue to talk about problems and it is easy to transfer this victim idea to yourself - poor me. “Wasn’t it terrible what Claude did to Rumania? She deserves to get revenge.” “Life is such a struggle!” “Blah, blah, blah.” Eventually with the preponderance of negativity, you get pulled down and feel lethargic, unmotivated, even depressed. Negativity results in loss of focus, movement, direction and energy BUT it doesn’t have to be that way. We have all experienced moments of loss or failure and it is the measure of a person as to how he responds to these. We can let each experience that turns out differently than we planned or expected to become a terrible tragedy. We can believe that with failure, we are losers. Or, we can deal with each experience (job, relationship, strategy, interaction) as an opportunity to pick ourselves up, learn something new, and take a different approach. As Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” In other words, no one comes out of the shoot knowing everything. For all of us, life is an ongoing experiment. Take note of the people who failed in their missions before they saw any glimmer of success. Bill Gates is a prime example. Even though he is one of the richest people on earth, Gates had his share of failures. An example would be his first business called, Traf-O-Data, which crashed and burned. Undaunted Gates and his partner Paul Allen moved on to form one of the most profitable companies in the history of the world – Microsoft. Former President Harry S Truman also failed in business. He and his partner Eddie Jacobson set up a hat shop in Kansas City. America was in economic decline at the time and the business failed leaving Truman owing $20,000 to creditors. Instead of declaring bankruptcy, he paid back all the money he owed. It took more than 15 years. It set his character. Truman was also defeated in his second term as judge in Jackson County, Missouri. Undaunted, he ran again and was elected Presiding Judge. Truman became known as a man of integrity. No doubt, his response to defeat fed into that reputation. We are all driving cars right now because of the genius of Henry Ford. His global vision was that consumerism was the key to peace. He acted on that idea by creating methods of mass production of inexpensive goods, high wages for workers, and systematically lowering costs. All of which resulted in technical and business innovations, including a franchise system for Ford dealerships. Yet, along the way, he had his failures. His Detroit Automobile Company went out of business and the Edzel car was not a market success. Each of these people did not let loss or failure get in his way. They saw each experience as a stepping-stone to the next one and got stronger, more creative and savvy as they went along. Albert Einstein failed in his college entrance exams; Thomas Edison had numerous (thousands) of unsuccessful experiments before finally perfecting the light bulb and other inventions. In fact, Edison used his failures to construct his successes. In his mind, each “failure” illustrated what did not work so he could discover what did. Abraham Lincoln failed in business twice, was repeatedly defeated for public office and had a nervous breakdown. These are a few of his many challenges. All of these people failed according to the facts. Yet, if you were to focus on their failures, you would never guess their impact on the world, which was far-reaching and profound. They literally changed we the way we live our lives. Gates, Einstein, Edison, Lincoln, Ford, and, indeed all successful people, refused to pay attention to their failures. They marched to the tune of their own drummers and lived their lives accordingly. They denied failure, refusing to let it define or stop them. The thing that holds people back is “what they think they aren’t.” (I’m not smart, inventive, social, graceful, clever, witty, etc.) If you turn this around, you can decide what you are and you thereby convert negative, static energy into forward thrust (movement and power). It can sound like this: “I am determined, persevering, good at math, science, conversation, polo,” etc.) You have to agree to a positive self-image to bring your energy up and tap into your source of inspiration and motivation. Motivation comes from within, not from outside people or sources. It is a force that moves you to action. Your belief about yourself is the starting point. If you believe you can achieve despite drawbacks and obstacles, you can. If you are sure that you cannot make it, you are also right. Your decisions profoundly influence the outcomes in your life. You can base your decisions on past mistakes or on what you want to happen and focus on the steps necessary to bring that outcome into being. Either way, you are in control. What you control is yourself – your vision, determination, and desire. Take command and alter your destiny. Then no matter how many “failures” you experience, you will move forward toward your goal. The edict is, “if you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way you are right.” Benjamin Disraeli stated it this way “The secret of success is constancy of purpose” and Audre Lorde stated, “When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” Psychologist, Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Failure is an illusion. No one ever fails at anything. Everything you do produces a result.” His idea is that if someone throws you a ball and you drop it, you did not fail. Instead, you say, “throw it again.” Soon you are catching the ball. You make failure illusions real by identifying with them. If you decide, “I will never be able to catch the ball. I am a failure at catching the ball.” Then you are a failure. Fear makes the illusion real. Fear can be eliminated by love. You can love the opportunity to learn how to catch the ball; how to write a letter; how to bake a cake, fix a car, or run a business. You can love the opportunity to be whatever it is that you want to be. Just keep catching the ball. “Fear knocked at the door. Love answered and no one was there.” Ancient wisdom Jean Walters is a St. Louis based Personal Growth Consultant, Life Coach, and Akashic Reader. She is the best selling author of Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible – Others have and you can too! and Set Yourself Free: Live the Life you were Meant to Live! You can reach her at 314 991 8439 or jean@ spiritualtransformation.com

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Think Outside the Box

Ideas that were once considered outrageous have become everyday events. The rule is that once a precedent has been set, strange though it may be, you have established a new norm. Helen Keller couldn’t see, hear or talk, yet she was one of the most fulfilled positive people of the 20th century. Steven Spielberg was a skinny, shy, unknown, mediocre student in high school and went on to become involved with five of the top ten grossing movies of all time. Oprah Winfrey grew up poor in an area where being African-American posed tremendous odds for achievement. Yet she became a popular talk-show host and a billionaire to boot. The same principle is true for each of us. Look back ten years and consider the changes you have made in your life. Things you once considered outrageous are now part of your everyday existence. Remember is Star Track how they talked to a voice mechanism strapped to their shoulder? Now we are talking to computers we carry around in our purse, on our belts or in our pocket. Big screen TVs, computers, smart phones, electronic messaging, talking to people around the world on Skype, global positioning systems watching our “enemies” as well as tracking stolen cars, and a couple of years ago the stock market hit highs (and probably will again) that many thought incomprehensible. It is true, you can’t think too big. What was once considered a disabling flaw or handicap is navigated with innovation and imagination. Take this principle to heart. What is it that you want that once you considered a pure fantasy. In 1994 George Rickles lost both hands and most of his forearms in an accident that brought his carpentry career to a dramatic end. Rickles’ determination to return to carpentry led him to be fitted with prosthetic hooks. Then Volunteers for Medical Engineering designed tools and a special toolbox just for him. With patience Rickles’ proficiency with his beloved power tools proves to be promising. There is a process involved in manifesting dreams. It involves taking one step at a time and accomplishing each with an air of optimism and determination. The first step you take is the one facing you right now. That one will lead you to the next one and so on. What is your dream? Are you ready to take the first step? What is your first step?? Jean Walters is has read Akashic Records for over 35 years, taught personal and spiritual growth classes: meditation, dream interpretation, , how to build your intuition, Breaking through barriers, Listening Beyond the Words, and A Course in Miracles. She is author of: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live; Be outrageous: Do the Impossible - others have and you can too! The Power of KNOWING: 8 Techniques to create Clarity and Confidence. Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy Available on Amazon.com

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Control or Peace - What shall it be?

Do you think you need to be in control? If so, you are not alone. See if you recognize this person. Janine was having major health problems. It started with Crohn’s disease, then expanded to urinary incontinence and serious digestion problems. When I looked at Janine’s body in a psychic reading, I found an incredible pattern of tightness and rigidity throughout. This pattern seemed to echo a mental mantra in Janine’s mind: I have to fix it. I have to fix everything. I asked Janine, “What is it you have to fix?” She informed me that her husband, Jeffrey, was beside himself with the up-coming death of his dog, which had been his pal since childhood. Psychically, I checked this out and saw that Jeffrey had made peace with his dog’s terminal illness. He was ready to accept his pet’s demise. He seemed to be managing his sorrow well. Janine, on the other hand, was the one freaking out. Why… because she was not in control. She could not fix any of it. She couldn’t fix the dog, or the illness. She couldn’t prevent the dog’s demise or interfere with her husband’s sadness. The only thing she could control was herself and she was doing a terrible job at that. So, the bottom line was that Janine was ruining her own health by living in resistance to the natural flow of life. She resisted because she wanted things to be a certain way, and they weren’t. She told me she was exhausted. Well, of course she was. It takes tremendous energy to resist life. Every part of her mind and body was tight and unyielding. Would she end up losing her colon or have to have stomach or urinary tract surgery before she got the message? Let go! Let God! This kind of resistance is a learned habit. Janine held the idea that everything had to be perfect all the time. And perfect meant her version of perfect. I suggested that maybe everything was already perfect, and perhaps it was time for her to accept that. The opportunity for Janine is amazing. She can create personal freedom by letting go and bring peace into her life by accepting what is. Her situation is a gift. It offered potential for growth. You, too, can look for growth in your life. You are continually offered lessons to build character, strength, and skills and potential to evolve. As you work with each lesson, you expand in consciousness. The Universe is constantly guiding you. It helps you meet the right people to assist in your evolution and amplify the characteristics you have come into this life to develop. Examine your life now. Are you fighting life? Tell tale signs are defensiveness, excuses, need for control, and the tightness you feel in your body. Who do you want to blame? In what way are you angry or resentful? This is how resistance reveals itself. When you resist you bar Spirit from entering your mind and life. You are saying, “I want to be in control and I am not willing to be open to a greater way.” Water flows downhill, around tree stumps, and over rocks. Life flows in this way also. The stream trickles down the mountain. The wind blows where it will. Waves roll freely to shore. The seasons flow, one to the other. And so it is with life. This free flow of energy exemplifies our natural state. This is Spirit. It carries change easily, subtly, and effortlessly. We are to honor and trust this flow. As we recognize change as a natural occurrence, we allow it its due without resistance. These are signs of resistance. Do you recognize any? · Blaming others for your circumstances · Anger · Taking things, events, remarks, or actions personally · Always in a hurry · Trying to make others happy · Trying to make your children into what you want them to be · Stubbornly holding to your agenda when everything points to a different way When you stop fighting life, it is easy to accept mean-spirited folks for who they are: wounded. And the truth is, their unhappiness has nothing to do with you. You can choose how you feel with each event. In every example, you can choose to remain peaceful, to wait patiently, or be willing to see the Universe working for you. When you do that, you remain connected to Spirit and Joy and you develop knowing. Activity: Pay attention to your body and notice restriction. Mentally note what you are resisting. (Change, being wrong, accepting someone or something, whatever?) Your body will tell you by the pressure or rigidity you feel. Notice your reactions to events and people. Observe judgments and resistance in yourself. Discern when you want to fight, to be right, compete for the last word, or you have to win. When you discover these barriers, relax and breathe. Observe your anger and resentment. They will help you recognize victimhood. If you notice yourself being a victim, decide if that is the mental state you want to experience. Mark when you want to complain or feel helpless. Step back and decide if you are being honest. Are you really helpless? If not, do something to change things. Jean is a Best Selling Author or Amazon. Here are her books: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! and Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - others have and you can too! Also, Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy All available on Amazon.com Thanks, Jean

Sunday, April 8, 2018

How to Get from Where you are to Where you Want to Be!

How to get from where you are to where you want to be - health, abundance, and success! Or Are you Programmed for Success? The television blares. There is a commercial about antacids. The advertisement describes the stomach of a person with acid indigestion. “The tight, uncomfortable feeling, the accompanying headache and nausea…” Across the screen flashes the picture of an upset stomach. Little acid particles eating the lining of the stomach. It is graphic and compelling. You observe the discomfort of the sufferer – you relate to the animation and squirm with discomfort. The idea of acid indigestion has been properly implanted in the your mind and the antacid product flies off the shelf of the nearest drugstore. This scene captures an event taking place in millions of homes across the United States and the world, every night. People glued to their television screen being informed repeatedly that they could be the victims of indigestion, tooth decay, bad breath, or social exclusion because they don’t wear the correct deodorant, drink the right beer, or drive the coolest car. Television, radio, newspapers, billboards, and junk mail contribute to the bombardment on our psyche with the same mental, verbal, emotional, and pictoral suggestions. This on-slaught of negativity exemplifies misuse of mental energy or thought power. The advertiser’s insistent, often dramatic tone, creates an urgency to purchase the products that consumer had not previously contemplated. In some cultures this process would be considered “black magic.” That means it plants in your mind a condition or consequence, and because your guard is down, you succumb and make it your own. That is what mental suggestion is and why it works. People are most easily entrained into a thought condition when relaxing unconsciously as they listen and watch television. Of course that is not the only time, we let others take over and dominate our thoughts. Whenever our reasoning faculties are turned off, we are in a kind-of trance. Generally a person parks in front of the TV to relax and be entertained. They are tired, and don’t want to think, solve problems, or make plans. It is a great way to “tune out” for a while. Perfect! This fatigued state places the viewer in a beautifully vulnerable condition. The cute little advertisements flash on the screen with their catchy tunes and jingles. You mentally sing along. As you do, you have accepted their message into your mind. “You deserve a break today…” The cleverness of the lyrics determines how memorable the product is. “Have a Coke and a smile.” You grin a little. You wouldn’t dare have a party without it. The uniqueness of a commercial sets it more firmly in your mind. Frogs selling beer (that looks like fun). Skimpily clad models demonstrating exercise equipment (I want to look like that). Children looking like holocaust victims (their scary appearance grabs your attention). “You have got to help them.” Perhaps it is puppies with sad eyes. For the purpose of analysis, dissect a commercial. A typical advertisement for a “pain reliever” goes something like this. It begins with a detailed description of headache symptoms coupled with a human sufferer. You recognize and feel their pain as messages flash acrosss the screen. The graphics are followed by illustrations of the interior workings of the body. The messages portray how various areas are affected - the brain, nervous system, stomach, energy level, ability to enjoy life. Thus the initial problem, in this case a headache, becomes all inclusive. Your life is ruined. By the time the presentation concludes, the viewer is all in. He has engaged all physical senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing. He has identified with (remembered) the pain. Depending on the vividness of imagination, he could also have touched, tasted, and smelled the malady. Because his guard is down and he is receptive to being entertained or informed, the viewer is vulnerable. “You say flu season is upon us. Excuse me, I’m not feeling too good right now. I believe my stomach is queasy and my head hurts!” Black magic….is the negative version of a shaman or medicine man repeating, “You are well” while he moves around with drums beating rhythmically. In other words, you can program the mind with negative or positive suggestions. Black magic is negative programming. White magic is positive. What magic are you using? It may not think that much of an impression can occur in the space of 30 or 60 seconds, but, multiply this by the number of repetitions throughout the day, the week, multiply by 52 weeks in a year, and by the various sources this type of information comes to you and you begin to grasp the magnitude of this type of mental programming. Of course, this type of sensory involvement is not limited to the media because we are inundated with similar negative ideas from the people who love us most. The process takes place every day with friends, family and coworkers as we listen to and empathize with their stories of victimhood and powerlessness. They drank the kool aid and they are passing it along to you. Mental programming is everywhere. Everyone has their ideas of what to be afraid of and how one can become a victim of something. Its on the evening news. You know the saying, “If it bleeds, it leads.” (This is how the lead story is chosen for the nightly news.) Thus drama, pain, suffering dominate our nightly update of current events. And it happens right before we go to bed at night allowing the subconscious mind time to gestate the pictures and information. And, then there is everyday conversation, “Did you know the virus is going around; everyone is getting it.” “That person is a pain in the neck (or some other part of the anatomy).” “That pisses me off (a nice set up for a urinary tract infection).” “That breaks my heart” leading to heart problems or “That burns me up (good for stomach aches)”. “He/she makes me sick”. What is your mental program? Does is sound similar to this? We are constant receptors of mental suggestions – media, friends, books, school, relatives, etc. It reminds me of the iconic movie, Manchurian Candidate, about an American soldier captured by the communists and programmed day and night with a hypnotic technique until all his defenses are broken and he functioned totally from outside control/suggestion. His assignment is to kill the presidential candidate. He attempted to do this with robot-like precision until; of course, the hero of the story discerned the plot and saved the day (and the movie). Perhaps your worldly experience is not as intense as the Manchurian Candidate, yet it could be. Victims succumb to their victimizers as a way of surviving. The recent “Me too” movement is an illustration. To get work in Hollywood you must succumb to the whims of the big dogs. (And I do mean “big dogs.”) That ruse is now being exposed for what it is – a way to victimize and intimiate fledgling actors and actresses. The same things happens in homes and businesses everywhere. In most cases, we do not realize that we are being programmed, and we often accept suggestions that are not in our best interest. Our defense in preventing the same robot-like state as the Manchurian Candidate is to become conscious, completely awake and fully aware of what is going on around us. We must engage our critical faculty. We must decide what is correct and appropriate for ourselves. We must reject ideas that are harmful and detrimental. Murdering someone may never be a suggestion given us. Yet we are continually offered opportunities to destroy our capabilities, our potential for success, and our state of health. Allowing others to dominate your thoughts and actions is not beneficial. When you give in to other’s ideas of reality, you are relinquishing your own. You have dominion over yourself and you will never fully evolve until you have accepted that. Lisa Nichols, a world renown motivational speaker tells her story of going from a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur. She explains that her path to success started when she was broke, out of work, and had an infant son to care for. Her defining moment was when she decided that “no matter what she was going to make it.” It was at that instant that all the past negative programs of what she couldn’t do and why she wouldn’t be successful were trashed. She decided to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. It was through clarity, focus, and determination that she moved forward grasping opportunities to grow and thrive and build a business called Motivating the Masses Inc. which ultimately went public. She set her own mental program in place and defined her future to become an industry giant, an acclaimed speaker, and media star. And she was awake and aware when she did it. The point is that you can do this too. It means making your own decisions and setting your own course. You will have to discontinue letting media marketing tell you want to think, feel, and buy. And you may have to dismiss “friends” who cannot support a picture of your success. And when you do this, you will begin to see without blinders what possibilties exist, and just like Lisa Nichols walk through the dark times to build your dream and success. It all starts with being positive. I am talented and able. I can and will build my natural abilities to become the success I choose to be. I am continually expanding in joy, abundance, love and expression. Each day new opportunities are offered to be more of what I truly am…. successful, beautiful, appreciated, loved, talented, expressive and abundant. Bottom line…become successful based on your interactions, personality, and disposition, not because you use a certain toothpaste, have the right hair style or wear designer jeans. Buying into false standards leads to developing a phony value system that complicates your life and keeps you powerless. Roger Crawford was born with rare birth defects that included a thumb-like projecction extending diretly out of righ forearem and a thumb and one finger out of his left forearm. He had no palms. His arms and legs were shortened. He had only three toes on his shrunken right foot and a withered left leg, which was later amputated. The doctor said that Roger would never walk or be able to take care of himself. Fortunately, his parents did not accept this. They taught their son that he was ony as handicapped as he wanted to be and never allowed him to feel sorry for himself or take advantage of people because of his handicap. Thus to complete his homework, Roger had to hold his pencil with both hands, writing very slowly. As a result, he regularly got into trouble because his school papers were late. To remedy the situation, Roger asked his dad to write a note to his teachers requesting a two-day extension. Instead, his dad made Roger start writing the papers two days earlier. Again, his parents instructions: you are only as handicapped as you want to be. As a result of this mental, physical programming Roger got into sports. First football where one day the ball landed in his hands and as he was running for the goal post, another player tackled him by grabbing his left leg. His prostetic leg pulled off into the player’s hands and Roger hopped acrosss the finish line carrying the ball and making a touchdown. Crawford went on to become a tennis player and the first physically handicapped player to be certified as a teaching professional by the United Stated Professsional tennis Association. He currently tours the country speaking to groups about being a winner. Crawford lives by the mantra, you are only as handicapped as you want to be. Can you compare your life to Roger’s? He says everyone has handicaps. You can see his but others are not so visible. What’s yours? Is it time to dump mental programs and beliefs that keep you limited and small. Crawford was not allowed to feel sorry for himself. Is it time for you to give up victimhood as well. You design your mental program and you also design your potential for success just like Lisa and Roger. Consider the ideas and beliefs you have been tutored with. Are any of these harmful or limiting. The issue is whether or not you allow other people – writers, public relations people, smiley girls in media ads, the president, your mother, best friend, or anyone – dictate your mental, emotional, or physical well being. Discrimination has to be practiced daily. That includes being selective in defining your state of health. How do you picture yourself? Can you identify with vibrant health? If you surrender control over your health, the consequences are negative because you have given up self-determination. I have offered examples of mental misuse, which incorporates fear techniques to motivate people to achieve specific outcomes, namely, buy a product. Now, consider the fear that is programmed into the other areas of your life. “If you give yourself credit, people won’t like you.” “You must worry about what the neighbors think of you.” “Be afraid of strangers.” “If you don’t have a college degree, you will fail in life.” “Put your desires aside to please others.” “Don’t make waves or create conflict.” These are typical beliefs handed to most of us during our domestication process. All of them undermine personal power. They affect the mental state (producing confusion and insecurity) the emotional condition (creating fear and anxiety) and your physical health. If you choose to live harmonious, healthy lives, you must develop healthy attitudes and beliefs. Discrimination is the key. Eliminate exposure to negative suggestions. Learn to manage stressful emotions. Make up your own mind including what you will accept as truth. To do this identify how you have achieved your present state and then replace fear-based beliefs with the truth of your Divine Identity -- that you exist as the vibrant energy of the Universe. We have all been designed with the potential and capacity for health, wealth, self-esteem and success. Decide what these things mean to you. Set your own goals and never relinquish the right of choice to anyone or anything outside yourself. To accept the limitations that we are confronted with daily is nothing less than blasphemy. And to allow small, fear-based ideas to define your expression, identity and state of health is wrong. Jean Walters is a Amazon Best Selling Author of Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible. She has also written Set Yourself Free: Live the Life you Were meant to Live! and Dreams and the Symbology of Life by Jean Walters-Lucy. All available on Amazon. You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com