Monday, December 21, 2015

Everyone Receives when You Give with Right Intention I knew a man named Martin who owned a successful flooring store. He kept to himself most of the time and led a quiet life. One Christmas, he felt inspired, deciding to step out of his usual routine to do something audacious. This was for himself. Martin learned about a single mom who was struggling to meet her family’s needs. He decided to give her $500 anonymously. So, one night, he put five $100 bills in an envelope, along with a holiday greeting. He commenced to walk up to her house, placed the envelope in a conspicuous location by the front door, then rang the doorbell and ran to hide behind a bush. The woman answered the door and picked up the envelope. As she opened it, she let out a surprised and happy gasp. She called out to the night air, “Thank you!” Martin was so excited, he couldn’t sleep that night. As he told me this story, he beamed with joy. It was apparent that Martin got the greater blessing that night. We can all give as Martin did. In every day and every way and with every person we can give with Highest intention! Everything is brighter when we do!