Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Persistence builds strength Botanist, Alfred Russell Wallace, a contemporary of Charles Darwin, conducted a laboratory experiment involving an Emperor butterfly. The butterfly was struggling to get free from its cocoon. Wallace decided to assist the process so he cut a slit the length of the cocoon to help the butterfly exit. “The butterfly emerged from the cocoon, spread its wings, drooped perceptibly and died.” Wallace concluded that the butterfly had been denied the struggle out of the cocoon and it had failed to grow. It entered the world lacking the necessary strength to survive. To be successful in life we must face our challenges squarely for it is in doing such that we build the vision, stamina, determination, and self trust necessary to navigate beyond them. To deny anyone, including yourself, the opportunity to grow, take risks, and learn how to accomplish is a dire mistake. Strength can be accrued only by facing our problems, learning through our mistakes, and starting over again. Experience is the teacher. As with the butterfly, the pain and intensity of the struggle is what builds personal stamina that translates into meeting goals and manifesting dreams. Although, we don’t tend to welcome adversity, pain or struggle, with a positive approach we can maintain perspective and recognize them as the way to expand and excel in life. With a positive mindset we not only defeat adversity but build the skills we require to fulfill our desires. Oprah Winfrey succeeded in becoming one of the richest women in show business after experiencing an abusive, poverty-ridden childhood and many difficult experiences such as incest, rape, weight problems and insecurities. Her adversities are what made her strong, and increased her vision. Yours can do the same!