Sunday, August 7, 2011

Expect innovative changes for everyone....

Recently a read an astrologer's interpretation of the astral events occurring in this time period. One of the things that struck me had to do with a long term change occurring now. It has to do with the planet Uranus (planet of quick changes, humanitarian issues, innovation, and genius) moving into Aries (the masculine sign of action, inventiveness, adventurousness, getting things done.) This event will continue for seven years. Get used to it!

This event is important because everyone has Aries in their natal chart so that we are all effected by this change AND the world is effected as a whole. When you combine the energy of Uranus with the energy of Aries, you get lots of action and movement. Both of these influences enjoy independence and the desire to do it their own thing in their own way and are not willing to respond to either bullying or being told what to do. Can you see how this might effect our world? We all have some of this within us.

We have been watching major revolutions all over the planet and even in our own country. We don't want to be told how to run our lives or what others think is good for us. We want to decide these things our selves. We see evidence of this in our political system when we are treated like children who don't know how to take care of ourselves.

There will be no denying that we live in a time of massive change. What we thought of as the status quo is no more. Be ready to move - energetically, spiritually, in your career, relationships and in all ways. Systems will change, organizations that have been around a long time could go to be replaced with new ones. There will be innovation!

This is the time for entrepreneurial endeavors. You may desire to start your own enterprise. You may have the energy you have been missing in the past to do that. Everyone may get an energy jump, or perhaps a bit more inspiration.

Choose how you want to experience these changes. As I have said many times, we can go easy or hard. When we cooperate with change, we learn to flow and life is easier and when we resist it, we deplete our energy and enthusiasm and feel stressed.

Here is hoping this bit of insight into the times in which we live might help prepare you for your journey and your own personal transformation. Blessings!!
Jean Walters, 314 991 8439 personal growth consultant and coach, Akashic reader, transformational teacher