Saturday, November 12, 2011

Living in the Vastrness

Here is a great little exercise to do to bring instant peace into your life. Think of a challenging situation or a difficult decision you are currently facing. It might be something that keeps your mind distracted or interferes with sleep. While you contemplate this challenge, write down the first answer that comes to your mind while you ask yourself these questions.

Regarding your situation, what would calm do?

What would peace do?

What would relaxation do?

What would joy do?

(You have also heard this as what would Jesus do or What would Buddha do?)
The more you contemplate the answers to these questions, the more you tap into the deep, inner wisdom of your soul. As you release tension (body and mind), you know you are on the right path as living a life of gentle flow is your confirmation of that.
Once you have relaxed and let go, give some thought as to the end result you want. Do this in emotional terms. What do you want to feel as a completion to your situation? Being clear and defined in your end (emotional) result will give you the resources you need to weather obstacles or setbacks as they occur.

Try to stay clear of the need to figure out how all of this is to happen. The ego loves trying to control all the details. Thus be committed to letting go of that need. The truth is that there are millions of possibilities to achieve your desire. Just recognize the result you want and let go. You are letting go to a generous, abundant, vast Universe that is unlimited in Its ability to navigate through myriad possibilities and resources and will assuredly navigate you to your result in some unexpected way.

The next step is to enjoy the process. Become the observer and be willing to laugh as the unexpected gifts of the Universe show up in your life. Follow your instincts and intuition as you are led to the right person, the right phone call, the right idea and strategy to accomplish exactly what you want. Everything is ALIVE and working!