Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How you keep yourself small and miserable

Have your heard the phrase: Don't hide your light under a bushel basket? In this blog, we explore how we do just that! The way we get in trouble and create ego-attachment, pain, and struggle in our lives is by trying to live by irrational belief systems. We have all been taught these and they are all based on the idea that we are separate from God/the Universe. Yet, we are NEVER separated from our Source. Jesus stated: “I Am that I Am.” Later he said: “You are I Am.” Thereby we know that we are the I Am Consciousness and anytime we choose we can look within and experience the Light and feel the Love of the Unified Field / God. Check out these concepts and see if any of them apply to what you were taught. It you have a similar program, please know that it is important to correct erroneous ideas as they interfere with living our fullness. We end of living a lie as accepting limitation is based on fear and NOT who we truly are. When we think rationally, we unchain ourselves from the ego and live in freedom. I follow with a few erroneous statements. Of course, there are many more, but you get the idea. When you discover these ideas in your thought, change them, remove them, move to higher ground. Here is a big one. ‘It is a dire necessity to be loved and approved of.’ People have given away their souls over this. “Beverly” wanted her mother-in-law’s approval so she became a people-pleaser. She showed up at all the events, contributed food and helped out. By doing this, she took away from the things she wanted and needed to do. It was time consuming. The bottom line was she didn’t really like her mother-in-law, “Shirley.” She found her to be tedious, picky and judgmental -- not fun. When I asked Beverly what would happen if Shirley did not like or approve of her, she had no answer. (The idea sent Beverly into a tizzy because it broke her rules of conduct.) When she settled down, she realized that it was a lie to pretend to like Shirley and another lie to care what Shirley thought of her. Her deeper truth was that if she chose the events she wanted to attend and whether she wanted to assist from her own heart’s desire, she could return to her authentic self. She not only did this with her in-laws but with everyone. The result: Beverly developed more confidence and self-trust, and had a lot more fun. Here is another common error: “It is awful, catastrophic or terrible if things do not go (or stay) the way I want them to.” Because the ego is so fragile, it wants to control everything. “The way I want things to go is the right way.” Think about the audaciousness and arrogance of this idea. We all have preferences because we want to live joyful, prosperous, secure lives. But to believe that we have the formula for perfect living is ludicrous. So, part of maturing is accepting that if things don’t go exactly as we dictate, it is okay. In fact, it could be an amazing gift. Do any of these beliefs relate to you? Jean Walters is the author of: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were Meant to Live! and Be Outrageous: Do the impossible - Others have and you can too! Available through Amazon.com Also, Dreams and the Symbology of Life (Handbook for dream interpretation) by Jean Walters-Lucy is available on Amazon.com Website: www.spiritualtransformation.com 314 991 8439 ____________________________