Monday, November 26, 2018

See with Eyes of Gratitude: This creates miracles

Blog: Look with eyes of Gratitude! A space vehicle is propelled by rockets that fire in a programmed sequence in much the same way as each of us is propelled along life’s journey by other people or events that influence us. Sometimes these influences are profoundly positive and create major transitional moments. We look back at them as landmarks on the terrain of our lives. Other times, the person or event may appear negative or ominous. Yet, all serve as catalysts to bring about the change required at the time. They all help us to move along our path, just like the rocket. Everyone can recall events that were turning points and individuals who effected transformation. Your parents obviously fit this category. They provided your first boost into this world and their impact stayed with you. As their influence waned, the next rocket may have been a friend or teacher, and the next rocket, a spouse or mentor. Each person provided the exact encounter necessary to keep you progressing. Some people and events you welcomed gratefully and others caused you to cringe. Whether a birth or a death, a promotion or divorce, each shaped and molded your character, your understanding, and your wisdom. These occurrences are neutral. Your reaction determines how they impact your life, whether they detract or add value. You choose how you view these events in the same way that you choose how they affect you. You experience gratitude or become somber, humble, or bitter. For example, you are released from a job. You can see it as a doorway to another more exciting career, or you can spiral into victimhood. The choice on how to view the situation is yours. A driver cuts in front of you as you navigate through traffic. A humble person might recognize the driver as panicked or in trouble. He might get out of the way to make room so the other driver can be on his way. Someone else might judge the incident intrusive and decide to compete for the road. The first person does not take the incident personally and remains peaceful. The second one sees it as a personal affront and reacts with anger. In this case, the event colors his day. He will take his response with him wherever he goes. It will touch his interactions throughout the day. It will not add value. It will, instead, diminish him. And so it is with life. We choose to be enriched or diminished. Can you remember the end of a relationship? Were you grateful for having had the experience? Or were you mad that it had ended? If you think of it as a completed phase of your life, would you judge it differently? What does all this have to do with gratitude? The Universe is magical. It is ever providing the twists and turns we need to become the person we are to be. As you look back, see with eyes of gratitude all the experiences and people you have magnetized into your life to help you become the amazing being you truly are! I am grateful to you for allowing me to share! This excerpt if taken from my newest book, Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others Have and You can Too! You can purchase it on or Reach me at

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