Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dreams Tell a Lot About Your Life

And they never lie.... by Jean Walters
Many people consider dreams frivolous and crazy. That is because they don't know the "dream" language. Fortunately for Joseph of the technicolor coat genre the Egypian Pharoah believed dreams were important. Thus he employed David to interpret his dreams which proved to have far reaching implications. For these interpretations allowed this ruler to prepare for a seven year famine. Therefore he was able to save his people from disaster.
We may not be facing such a great threat. Yet we have our own dilemmas and dreams can be instrumental in preparing us to make the necessary changes to transform our lives. On my website: www.spiritualtransformation there is a place to register your dreams and receive a proper interpretation.
The interesting thing about dreams is "they never lie." Thus your dreams are a commentary on your thinking and your life and they say it like it is. They are forthright, honest, objective and non-judgmental. Below are a couple of examples of client or student dreams and how they might provide some practical insight.
This is a very common dream. Almost everything has had a dream like it. It is stated in the first person, from the dreamer's perspective: "I am in a large school and I am lost. I've lost my class schedule and I don't know where I'm supposted to e but I know that I am late to class. I feel panicky and confused."
Does this sound familiar? This dream is a commentary on the dreamer's conscious experience in that he is feeling confused and a bit panicky about the situation he was in. He wasn't sure what he was to learn from it and why he was there, and at the same time felt pressured to produce. He needed time to process his situation and determine his own purpose for being there. (In the situation described, the dreamer's dilemma dealt with a work situation but the same type dream could occur in a relationship or any setting for that matter. Once the dreamer faced his own confusion, he could deal with his situation more appropriately and figure out ways to handle the pressure he was feeling. He ultimately restructed things so that he had a sense of direction and greater clarity. Again, the dream helped him prepare for needed changes in his life.

Here is another dream that delivers a different message. The dreamer is female and describes her dream. "I am walking alone on a train track and hear the train approaching. I feel fear and start to run along the track. The train is beaingdown on me. It appears it will run me down. Then I decide to turn and face the train fearlessly and stop the train with my arm outstretched. I do this and the train stops. I feel proud of myself."
In the dream the feelings of fear and intimidation are prominent. Given that the train is running on a track, the dream reflects that this one is dealing with a large organization (a train) and the path seems predetermined (running on a track). It appears to be bearing down on her. She could let it run her down or she chose bravely to halt the train by outstretching her arm. The result is that she has a feeling of courage and pride.
The dreamer confirmed that she has been involved in a large organization that was demanding more and more of her. She was feeling mowed down. Then she confronted the person in charge and the pressure was relieved. She was proud of her courage in making this confrontation.
The dream was confirming her feelings about he situation. It helped her to see herself objectively and recognize her courage and determination.
Being able to step back from life and see things objectively is a huge gift. It is the way that we can see ourselves and our responses more clearly and make corrections that can save us untold misery, plus make our efforts expansive and profitable.
If you have a dream that you would like to understand and draw forth its message for you, go to www.spiritualtransformation.com website and click on dream interpretation. It will walk you through the process of learning about your through your dreams.

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