Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looking Back to See Ahead Clearly: Processing 2011

At the end of a year and the beginning of another, it is a great time to look back and process your experience. Our goal here is to move ahead with clarity and gratitude and insure a new year of progress, joy, enlightenment, abundance and health. In that vein let us take time to consider the past year.

As we process the theme, lessons, and opportunities from 2011, we will be prepared to receive the gift of 2012. Answer the following questions, to process your year.

1. What did 2011 mean to you? What did you see as the predominant theme throughout the year? What experiences were most important and meaningful for you and how did they shape you? (What did you learn and how did you change?)

A. Predominant theme throughout the year was
B. Most important events, experiences were
C. What did you learn; how did you change?
D. What do your current lessons look like? (What are they?)
E. How did these experiences and lessons shape you? (What did you learn and how did you change?

2. What do you want to experience in 2010? (Experiences, desires, dreams, etc.) (These statements will determine your lessons and opportunities.)

3. What steps/goals will I need to commit myself to in order to achieve the above (2)? (This can be your resolutions or commitments to your self for the year.)

4. Your purpose in wanting the above (2) is

5. Appreciation of past experiences, opportunities and lessons puts them in perspective and also allow you to be open to the next situation, opportunity, and lesson. With this in mind, what do you most appreciate about your experiences in the past year?

6. Is there anything that you need to do to put closure to the year and be ready for a new year of exciting, grow-oriented, opportunity?
Anything else you need to add….

Resolution means to resolve or promise. Resolutions for the new year can work for you if you establish a bigger picture of why you want them By keeping in touch with your growth through the years, you can, with lucidity, calculate future steps. Then, as you maintain purpose, your resolutions become promises or commitments to yourself. and thus are easier to remember and keep.

Appreciation is a big part of growth. It paves the way for positive experiences. Without occasionally looking back, it’s hard to know where you’ve been or where you’re going. Do this with joy, acceptance, and appreciation.

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