Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Symbols are the Way the Universe Speaks to Us

Dream interpretation is only one way to work with symbols. In actuality there are symbols present everyday and everywhere. A couple told me that they were looking to buy a piece of ground in anticipation of building a new home. As they walked the property, a hawk flew overhead and dropped a feather at their feet. This was a sign to them and they knew that this was to be their land and they consequently purchased it. (In the book Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews, the Hawk symbolizes vision and guardianship. Through its flight it communicates with humans and the Great Spirit {Universal Intelligence} and it awakens and inspires us to our creative life purpose.) When the hawk appeared to the couple, they saw it as a sign of transformation. They were standing on open land with lots of trees and water. Living at that locale would certainly offer communion with nature and personal transformation. Someone else had two accidents within a week while driving to work. He began to look at his attitude about his job and realized he did not want to be there. He did not enjoy what he was doing; it was not a true expression of who he was. Thus he proceeded to look for other employment, something that reflected his values. With the intention of being emotionally and spiritually aligned with his work, he found a job that suited who he was. Since then there has been clear sailing on his drive to work. Another client told me about dozens of Praying Mathis that lived in her yard. According to American Indian lore, these insects symbolize the “power of stillness.” Thus, she felt reinforced in her meditation practice – “Be still and know that I am God.” Shortly after this sign appeared, she was driving north to her family homestead and there were dozens of hawks flying overhead. Since hawks represent “visionary power and guardianship,” she realized that she was being watched over and guided. Her job was to keep that space of stillness within so that the guidance could come through her. There is power in symbols and life is filled with them. There are symbols everywhere. Buckminster Fuller, designer of the Geodesic Dome, said, “The Universe is talking to us all the time. We must learn to listen.” Paying attention to our lives and recognizing that the Universe speaks through everything that happens, we are encouraged to be receptive to the symbols that are present to guide and help us. What symbols have shown up in your life?

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