Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Surrender Experiment In Michael A. Singer’s latest book, The Surrender Experiment, he tells a story about meditating outdoors alone near a secluded lake in Mexico. All of a sudden, he heard men and horses approach. He remained in meditation and fought to stay centered. His rational mind went into fear and worry about what was going to happen next. “Who are these men? What do they want with me?” When he finally opened his eyes, he faced several men on horses who worked for the landowner and were patrolling the property for him. In broken Spanish, Michael communicated with the Mexicans. They invited him to their village to meet their families. He was afraid, but unwilling to give in to the fear. As he entered the village with the men, everyone welcomed him warmly. The people graciously invited him to eat with them. They generously shared their meager food supplies. They seemed excited to meet an American. Singer did his best to communicate his practice of meditation with the villagers. By the time he departed, they were fast friends. He felt humbled that his mind had gone into fear when confronted with a strange situation. Because he had determinedly stayed open to the new opportunity, everything turned out beautifully. This incident clarified to Singer that practicing non-judgment and staying open to love was being reinforced in his life. He accepted the situation and, thus, he was in a state of openness and love. The Mexicans accepted him in the same way. When fear enters the mind, reason is lost. The worst is assumed. In Singer’s case, it became his goal to expunge fear from his thinking and to listen intently to his inner Voice in making decisions. That became his practice. It can become yours, as well. Love, as a mental concern, is liberating. It causes you to recognize your eternal connection with Source. Through the attracting power of love, we draw a never-ending stream of wisdom and understanding that provides endless opportunities to learn valuable lessons.

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