Thursday, July 27, 2017

Big solar eclipse to present on August 21st There is lots of excitement these days about the solar eclipse coming up on August 21st This blog is to enlighten (sorry) you as to what to expect. We, in the Midwest, are particularly lucky as we are right in the line of being able to observe the eclipse for a long period of time – depending on where you are located it could be 2:36 to :44 minutes in length. Definitely be prepared with the right equipment so you don’t damage your eyes. The physical element is simply that the moon will move in front of the sun and block out the sun. You will notice a beautiful corona if you are able to look at the event. Nearly one billion people live in the path of the Great American Eclipse, but only 12 U. S. states will get to see the total solar eclipse. If you think of the sun as the center of our solar system and even consider it symbolically – the center of our being or God – this event will carry great significance. Be sure to pay attention to your emotional reactions during the event. You could cry or feel elated, or depressed, or who knows?? Perhaps a great epiphany! It is also good to know that a solar eclipse happens once every 500 years. Thus the next one will be in 2505. Wow! We probably won’t be around for that one. :-) Astrologically, eclipses signal change and since this is a big one – solar eclipse – it will probably suggest a big change for each of us. Pay attention to what in your life needs to change. Have you hesitated on bringing that change about? Is it time to take action? No doubt there will be a situation that will surprise you as well. Maybe a raise in pay, or a new friend shows up, or your child lands a scholarship he wasn’t expecting, or you find just the right house to purchase??? Point being – stay open and keep your mind focused on the positive. The Universe is always generous in offering grandiose blessings. Just pay attention and you will recognize what is being gifted to you. I will be outside checking it out. If you want to know the exact moment the eclipse will occur in your location, be sure to google it or listen to the news. ENJOY! Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to live! and Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! (find your passion) books are available on - Google author: Jean Walters

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