Monday, July 3, 2017

Challenges Bring Out Inventiveness There were two birds flying over the desert – a hummingbird and a vulture. The hummingbird delighted in a beautiful cactus flower; the vulture scowled pleasurably as he located a carcass. Each found what he was seeking. We are like these birds; we always find what we seek. It can be a beautiful, fresh opportunity to express creatively and expand our talents, or we can focus on the past, lamenting what was and convince ourselves that our chances for happiness are gone. Getting stuck in old ways (carcasses) makes it hard to see present possibilities. Challenges bring out inventiveness in people. Often, when faced with a new opportunity, a kind of paralysis (born of fear) sets in. You realize you can’t address it the tried and true way of the past because a new challenge requires you to stretch the mind and imagination to meet it. But once you’ve accepted the opportunity, you can exercise individuality and creativity. Look at your situation and ask yourself how you can use it to your advantage, grow with it, find something good in it. Often we feel desolate when confronted with a new experience such as divorce, being between jobs, recovering from an illness, experiencing a death. Don’t let this limbo period get you down. Free your imagination to perceive the waiting opportunity. Do this by relaxing your mind, accepting your temporary helpless state and choosing to enjoy rather than complain. If you reckon only with the way things used to be or they way they’re “supposed” to be, you limit yourself. This is a vulture attitude dwelling in the past, feeding on death. You can be the optimistic humming bird delighting in a beautiful new opportunity (way, idea), daring to do things differently. What do you want, and for what are you looking? Keep yourself open to possibilities for expansion, new ways of doing things. Make sure you are not limiting yourself with vulture attitudes, tying you to old way. Every moment provides challenge. Are you using it to your advantage? Are you finding what you want? To learn more about Jean Walters' services and books, go to http://www.spiritualtransformation or Transformational coaching, Akashic Readings, Personal and Spiritual Growth Classes, and Inspirational Books 314 991 8439

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