Tuesday, April 2, 2019

I AM the Light of the World - How to Live in the Light of Your True Identity

We have been trained to think of ourselves as human beings as opposed to spiritual beings and as such we have been indoctrinated with the idea of limitation. In other words, because the body is limited (it requires food, water, sleep, housing, relatively small) as we identify with it, we believe that we are limited as well. Yet if you realize the body is just a temporary vehicle while the soul or spirit is a forever vehicle, we can adjust our view to identify as Spirit/Soul and we release the concept of material limitation that we have learned and adopted. For instance, I Am the Light of the World places you in the internal realm of Spiritual Light as your true form and identification. The question is how to release the dense body as the limited concept of who you are, that you may assume the truth of who you really are as the Light Energy of your Eternal Being is the question. Start with identifying the mental architecture (beliefs and stories) that you have constructed and accepted. Through this mental (imagined structure) you have contrived a life as limited and difficult. Beliefs: “You must work hard; the body is frail and victim to disease and viruses; other people have power over you.” These statements relate to the limiting concepts that have been taught, repeated, and accepted. They are truth for you as you adopt them. This Body of Light that you really are is all-powerful and will accept whatever program you give it. A computer accepts whatever software program you install in it. You have the power to delete programs, edit programs, and create new programs. The computer is invented and developed on this original idea of the mind. Our Divine Light Body will also morph into whatever we set as its program. This gives us immense power to change, become, and expand. Because we have spent so many years repeating the program, “I am powerless, helpless, sick, weak, and struggling” instead of I AM the beauty and Light of the world; I AM powerful, omniscient, and without limit, we must now edit and install new software (beliefs and stories). What would happen if you addressed every situation with the mental construct of vastness, mutability, and power? I Am the Light of the world. All power is mine and every possibility is available to me. I Am open to receive the highest possibilities and solutions. Try it and find out. If you are determined and persevering in this new program, you would eventually (perhaps sooner rather than later) open to a new you. You would begin to live more in the Light than in the dense expression of materiality. Does this scare you? Does this excite you? Check your reaction to these ideas. Your reaction will determine your readiness. A faint heart yields faint results. You decide what will be. I Am the Light of the world will call your Light Spiritual Beinginess to your awareness. You can frame this new self as I Am the Light; I Am the inner essence of Spirit. I vibrate in joyful connection to Spirit. I Am Spirit. Adjust the concept in accordance with your understanding. When Jesus said I AM the Light of the world, he also said YOU are the Light of the world. He was speaking of bringing your sense of identity to the truth of your being. We are all Light conceived. The dense body proceeds or projects from that inner point of creation. We can place our focus at either place and that decision controls our destiny. Are you ready to release the heaviness of the mental constructs you took on as a child? If so you have a new way awaiting. Begin the process. State daily: I Am the Light of the world. All possibilities are open to me. The egoic self no longer controls with ideas of limitation. I open to my Greater Self and every possibility – I AM the Light. With each day of practice your identification with the limitless potential you possess will grow. By the way, Light and Love is the same thing. Which is to say that you are the Love of the world too. Jean Walters is a Transformational Coach, Akashic Record Reader, Author, Teacher. Her books can be found on Amazon.com. You can reach her at 314 991 8439 website: http://www.spiritualtransformation.com

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