Saturday, June 23, 2012

Everyone has Genius

Look for my next class which will be: Mediation, Dreams and Psychic Ability. In this class I will help you develop a grat meditation practice as well as techniques for working with your dreams (Yes, they are important and filled with wisdom). And I will help you develop stronger psychic and intuitive abilities. These are most important in learning how to be in harmony with our Greater Intelligence - the Universe. They will save you much pain, struggle and anguish as you use these amazing tools. I will send you the info on this class later in June and it will start in July. If you can't make all the classes, don't worry, I will email you the information covered. Lastly, please note the information on the 52 Weeks email class: How to Make the Connection to Spirit and Joy and Change your Life Forever. It is a gentle, step-by-step approaching to developing your own Spiritual practice that moves you into a non-resistant, non-judgment, peaceful state that creates a life of joy and freedom.

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