Thursday, November 20, 2014

Become Secure in Living Joyfully In our quest for stability and security we create habit patterns, which over time are well established, seductive, and comforting. Just wishing for them to be expanded isn’t enough. Growth does not come to those stuck in habits without the willingness to push out their boundaries. In other words, change is our friend. In fact, being uncomfortable is our friend as well. When we graduate from school, we do not continue to return to that same school. We know that our next experience await us. Growth begins with mindfulness and awareness. Are there stories we keep telling ourselves? We can’t do this; we are not skilled enough, good enough? Do we limit ourselves? Is it time to question the validity of these stories? Are we still talking about the time in our youth when we were rejected or we lost our best friend? Do we use this as justification for staying stuck? When we are distracted by strong emotion, remember, it is part of the path. Can we learn to feel the emotion and breath it into our hearts and let it go? As we become the observer and observe the process, we are reminded that emotion is part of life and part of our path. It is energy that flows and we allow it to do that. If we can remember to experiment with our awareness like this, even occasionally, we are training as a spiritual warrior. And even if we are unable to practice when distracted, but we are aware that we cannot, we are still training. Never underestimate the power of compassionate awareness. Play and Laughter are vital to feeling good. In a society driven by a strong work ethic, people often aren’t getting enough endorphins surging through their body-mind. It is important to laugh and play during some part of each day. Fun creates balance and health It is suggested to cut loose every day – in fact, schedule it into your calendar. Here are some ideas: • Rent a stupid, funny movie and laugh out loud. • Turn on the rock music and dance for ten minutes. • Play with small children and let them tickle you. • Call someone up and tell a joke. Have them tell you one too. • Most of all don’t wait until you’re in a low mood to be playful. Spontaneity means being natural and playing is the most natural thing you can do. • Laugh for no good reason. • Finally let go of any fear of looking foolish. The only people that would criticize you are unhappy ones and you are releasing them from your life as you cultivate a lighter demeanor. ENJOY!!!!

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