Thursday, November 20, 2014

The New Age – What is it? We are living in a time of rapid change and we better know how to handle it because right now, what seems to be real and stable is often gone the next day. The Universe is trying to help us move in the direction of our Highest Good. Our choices are to fight it or flow with it. As we flow with the Universe, there is conservation of energy and peace. When we struggle against it, we lose energy, experience confusion, and feel defeated. The truth is: the Universe always wins or I should say, perseveres. It sounds a bit like a battle but it really isn’t. The only reason it may seem that way is that we are being asked to change – change what? Possibly change everything - our modus-operand us, our beliefs, our relationships, our professions or possibly all the above. Wow! You say. Yes, we live in a time of immense change. We are moving into a kinder, gentler world and to do that we must release our aggressive, combative, competitive tendencies and that means the inclination to make ourselves do something, or be something that is not appropriate for who we are, plus we must let go of the idea of beating out the other guy. In our new world we will get along better and support each other. That means if you have been in a job that you have hated or that works against your values, you will be moving on. Or, if you are in relationship that doesn’t support or empower you – yep! You will be moving on. It really mans that we will be creating a more loving world. That is the great part! What to do about all this? It might be good to relax and learn to flow. Enjoy the ride. As stated earlier – the Universe does not give up, so you might as well go with it. Another idea is to sit in silence every day – or if you prefer – write a letter to God and let God respond – yes – through your own hand. “Dear God – there is some confusion in my life. This or that is not working; I’m in conflict. Please help me out.” Yep! Sit quietly and let your hand write. You will be pleased, perhaps surprised. Yes, we are all changing and it is good. Flow with it and see where you are to go and what you are to do and to be. It might be fun!

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