Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blog: Hitting the Mark In ancient times an archer would practice shooting arrows at a target. His servant’s job, while fetching the spent arrows, was to ascertain the accuracy of his master’s aim. If the target was missed, the servant called to the archer, “sin”, which meant, he missed his mark. That is how the word “sin” came into beingo Today we use “sin” in other ways. Often it is used to condemn ourselves for failure that amounts only to inexperience. We miss our mark because of lack of knowledge, practice, expertise. As experience is gained, hitting the target or achieving the goal gets easier. Example, when you first drove a car, you were awkward and clumsy. It was hard to remember and perform functions with grace and fluidity. With practice, driving became easy – automatic. If you had condemned yourself for awkwardness while learning, expertise would have come slowly amidst many bad feelings. But viewing the process as an opportunity to learn opens the mind to objectivity and optimism. We tend to view mistakes as sins and judge them terrible, rather than inexperience. We expect perfect results immediately, instead of seeing that expertise comes with practice and determination. When a rocket is shot, radar determines whether it hit or missed its target. If the rocket misses, adjustments are made to correct the next one’s path. The goal and ultimate result is contact with the target. We can view our journey through life the same way. Corrections must be made. Perhaps daily. We may also choose a different target. Eventually we arrive at our destination. Making adjustments objectively, without condemnation, encourages progress. Criticizing yourself impedes it. Apply this principle to learning any new skill – cooking, accounting, communication, golf, investments, relating to people. Each area requires practice. With practice comes success. Are you hitting your mark? Are you enjoying your journey?

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