Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blog: Yes You Can, Laugh Yourself to Health Did you know that laughing has a healing effect on the body? People have overcome serious illness through the use of comedy. Laughing at old Jerry Lewis flicks or Austin Powers allows tension, depression and suppressed negativity associated with the past to be released, at least temporarily. Humor lets you see another side of life, form a new perspective. You let go of heaviness, intensity, smallness, anything that contracts or restricts you.. You may even reach the point of laughing at yourself. Every situation has a humorous side. Become an observer of life. Do you own laugh therapy. Stand back and instead of looking at how bad things are, train yourself to see absurdity. Observe the way people manipulate each other, rationalize, blame or get carried away with details missing the point. You have no control over others’ actions, and they surely bear the consequences of them, so you may as well notice and enjoy. Try to see a bigger picture of life. What is really happening? Keeping the purpose of an event in mind allows you to recognize silly actions or reactions – even your own. Enjoying life, keeps you healthy. How many happy people have you seen with serious illnesses? I’m not referring to clowns who crack jokes to cover insecure egos but well-adjusted individuals who don’t go off the deep end over inconsequential concerns, they maintain perspective, and play life as a game. Laughter and joy are health-producing stimulants. Joy increases circulation; laughter shakes your body, loosening and soothing tense nerves and muscles. Fun allows body parts to return to their natural rhythm and functioning capabilities. There is no muscular resistance to inhibit natural flows and processes. Don’t make your therapy a one-shot deal, but a way of life. I wonder when the next comedic movie plays?

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