Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blog: Be Still and Listen The greatest problem with allowing your mind to be fixated with worry thoughts is that they act as barriers to the elevated vibrational messages of your Higher Mind, otherwise known as your intuition. Spirit is in constant communication with you but you let the distractions of the ego override this guidance. The ego wants to keep you small and under its control. Whereas Spirit holds no limit and anything is possible Spirit does not fight; it waits. Perhaps when you are done struggling and in your exhausted state, you will be still and listen. When you have an idea to hold an amazing seminar, paint a beautiful picture, redecorate your house, travel to a distant land, write a poem or run a marathon, what comes next? Do you check out travel agents or marathons or go to the paint store to start the process? Or do you begin the battle with your small-minded training – you are not a good enough artist or runner. Or you are too afraid? Hence you give in to the internal conflict and time waster. A better way – open your heart (feelings) to communicate with Higher Mind. Set the environment to do this. Be quiet or play light beautiful music. Soothe your soul. Walk quietly in nature, breathe, journal daily. What does the Universe want to tell you today? Open your heart and mind to miracles. Miracles are natural. Every minute you cultivate communication with your Inner Guide (Higher Mind), your rewards are exponential. This communication is the most natural thing there is. Babies and animals do it automatically. Perhaps we have looked with our physical eyes too much and now it is time to turn inward. Set your earthly tasks aside and listen. You will be guided. Set your fear and your trumped up inadequacy aside and absorb the love. Turn off your head; listen to your heart. Your consciousness will elevate, your guidance will grow in volume. You are capable of great things.

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