Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blog: Letting go – Moving on When you engage in self-criticism you keep your Light small. Your illusion is that you are to be external or materially perfect (per man’s definition), never make mistakes, and always know what to do. But the rules of heaven and the rules of earth are different. In our true state of divine perfection, we are beautiful, pure and innocent as a baby. In the earth we have adopted false guidelines that judge on the basis of having the RIGHT answer at all times, possessing a culturally deemed perfect body, having certain initials behind or in front of our names, having the correct life experience, and living in the right neighborhood – all external/material indications of having followed man’s rules or preferences. None of this is relevant in heaven or our inner perfected, divine state. Babies slobber, soil their diapers, and spit up on people and they are still beautiful. They put out their innocent, toothless grins and we all melt. We are like babies. (Maybe not toothless - but we are innocent.) Stop judging yourself. Stop judging others. Instead see God within each person as you do a baby. Everything is possible to a fresh, young life. We would not think of telling our young ones that they are incapable, stupid, or incompetent. We must apply this same logic to ourselves. We are the babies. If you don’t make a sale, that person or company was not yours. There are others waiting. If you lose a friend or other relationship, your time with that person is over, complete. It is time to move on. There are others waiting. If a tornado destroys your home (as it did mine), there are better arrangements up ahead. Don’t hold on – let go. There is a miracle in every step and circumstance. Continue looking for the miracle and keep moving. Don’t put egoic judgments on anything. People come and go – so do jobs, businesses, homes, and friends. The physical world is transient. The only constant is change. It has to change – the world is fluid energy, always moving you to the next step. If you judge harshly, the next step is lower energy – seemingly negative. Like a child who spills his milk and cries pitifully. He can instead wipe it up and start over. It is your choice. Embrace change, be part of the adventure. The Earth School is about transformation and growth. Anything is possible. The axiom is to devote 3% of your money and 3% of your time to growth and you will continue to move to higher, more joyful energy. Keep changing and growing, and enjoy the ride.

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