Wednesday, December 7, 2016

There are Heroes Everywhere Einstein’s Unified Field theory states that the Universe is made up of energy. Everything is energy (your body, furniture, books, car, house, ideas, thoughts) and everything is part of the Universe or the Unified Field. All energy equivocates to possibilities. We live in a magnificent field of possibilities. Yes, anything is possible until we create blocks and become resistant. This means we can do or be anything until we hold ourselves in a status quo or negative pattern and refuse to change. People become glued, hypnotized, into a set of possibilities that keeps them in stasis. They repeat the same thing year after year… same thought process, same behaviors, same outcomes. They say this is how it is; this is who I AM. It is their mental hypnosis. Creating just one crack in that veil can open the mind to greater possibilities. To say, Why do I have to do it this way? Why do I have to believe this or accept that? This questioning begins the crack. To stay in a repetitive pattern that does not produce joy, excitement, abundance, love, and clarity is disavowing the field of possibilities. Do something different. If you always vacation in the mountains, go to the beach instead. Or more boldly, leave the country. If you always eat hamburgers and pizza, order squid or Thai food. Jump out of the mold. Shake up your consciousness. Explore your adventurous Self. It is there. Wake up. There is more to life. Right about now the ego is saying, this gal is delusional. I am being practical, living within my means. I am following the rules and being a good person. That is what living the illusion is all about. Doing the same thing year after year and expecting a different result (joy, happiness) is the definition of insanity. Perhaps you have defined yourself into a corner. The corner has no light and no possibilities. Decide! Decide if this is enough. IF IT IS SO BE IT. IF NOT, do something different. Ask to be shown greater possibilities. Be willing to cross the line to an expanded life. The field of possibilities is vast.

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