Thursday, April 25, 2019

Conditioning for Wealth

Did you know that to be rich you must “become one with wealth.” That means you cannot see yourself as lacking and experience wealth at the same time. You must condition your thinking and feeling to be so comfortable with the idea of having money (as well as all wealth) in your pocket, bank accounts, and investments that the thought of poverty or lack is foreign, outrageous, and incomprehensible. The poor person who thinks of wealth fantasizes. It is a fantasy because to him the thought of abundance is outlandish, absurd. Often, we will affirm that he doesn't have money or can't pay the bills. Therefore when he, through a turn of events, acquires money, something happens to push it away. This something could be an unexpected event – car repair, illness, storm damage, refrigerator breaks, etc. In other words, an unforeseen happening that makes the money go away... disappear. The poor person holds such strong mental image of poverty that he, in effect, rejects money. Whereas, an individual who identifies with money (and all good things) and knows he will always have plenty, carries himself in a totally different manner. When this person acquires wealth, he is comfortable – things are as they should be. He is one with wealth. Having money is a natural state for him. There are no repelling, anxious thoughts influencing his consciousness and causing rejection of wealth. The wealthy person’s mind is conditioned to accept and attract creative ideas and solutions. “Of course, I have money. I should have money. It is right to be wealth (have friends, vacations, parties, time to relax, a lovely home and vehicle. This is right according to the laws of the Universe. The Universe is abundant and so am I. “ (There are millions of leaves on every tree and they are grown without any undue effort on the part of the tree. There are unlimited varieties of flowers, people, cultures, foods, places to visit, books to read, creative ideas to play with, inventions to launch, things to learn and discover available at any given moment. Whatever you need or want, it is available and possible. If you want to have an abundance of all good things, become one with the idea of wealth. LOVE the abundance you already have – friends, freedom, comfort, kindness, work to do, choices to make. Feel a sense of expansion and wealth. Revel in it, think it, accept it, and become it. As you do this, ideas will flow to you and from ideas come wealth. This is how you develop receptivity and conditioning for wealth. Make this a practice every day. Start with gratitude and become wealth. Jean Walters can be reached at - website: - 314 991 8439 She is a Personal Growth Consultant and Coach, Speaker, and Author

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