Thursday, May 16, 2019

God is Not a Personality

Even though many people have been taught that God is a man sitting on a throne tossing about orders (punishments and rewards) and you must stay on his good side, and, of course, there are various rules for doing that, it is NOT TRUE. God is not a personality. God is not a form. It is the energy of love, kindness, compassion that has the unlimited capacity to mold into anything you obsess over, dream about or ask for. You are never separate from this loving, guiding essence in that you are always in and of the Quantum Field of energy. It is that in which you live, breath, and have your being. In other words, you cannot sever your tie to God. You can ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist, you can create mental constructs that disavow the existence of God, but you cannot separate from It. Your power is in how you choose to interact with It. In other words, what you think and desire, and how you feel and react are what mold your on-going reality. God has no limitation or judgment on what you choose to create. You have been given free will to envision chaos and drama or peace, friendship, and joy. You were blessed with this gift of free will at the moment of creation. Thus, the question, where do you choose to place your attention? This is a crucial decision because what you focus on, you increase/create. Period! Most people focus on the past and it is no shock that today is a replication of yesterday and last month. Why? because you have chosen to obsess about the past. It is your focus. Also, there is a tendency to give other people power over your life. Someone doesn’t like you or disapproves and that becomes the point of focus. It can literally ruin your day! It is called “other” orientation and can be consuming. The truth is that you can be fine and even excellent if someone doesn’t like you. All great leaders have been disliked because great leaders stir the pot and provoke change. Many people are afraid of change and will fight to sidestep it. Thus they create chaos and drama because they begrudge change. Yet change is the order of the day and it cannot be circumvented anymore than you can avoid day progressing to night or night evolving into day Do you obsess over what happened yesterday, who said and did what? Do you run the previous marriage (relationship) or ex-spouse through your mind on a regular basis – reviving the past? If so, you are still married to that person and you cannot move on. Do you ruminate over the boss’s mood or judgment from a week ago and, in the process, disavow the present moment? Do you rebel against your situation without putting forth new, positive energy and focus? You are in control of your destiny. The only person you trouble is yourself. Is it time to release resistance or be right? If you choose battle, someone will show up to battle with you. And when you are ready (your timing) you can move on to the next phase of an expanded life... greater joy, new friends, new work, more opportunity– whatever. Is it time to take the next step? To do that requires letting go of the old ways and listening for new possibilities. It starts with you BEING a new possibility. Go to your heart and let your inner Light begins to expand. This is an internal process. The external will follow. You will be guided. The ego loves battle; the Self loves peace. Be peace. Jean Walters is a Transformational Coach and Akashic Record Reader. You can reach her at or 314 991 8439. Her books can be purchased on

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